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Women In Digital

Women In Digital

Women In Digital originally started as a mentoring program to inspire and incorporate the participation of women in the digital world. They aimed to keep readers at the forefront of Digital skills and knowledge, offering services like Digital Agency, workshops, training, and mentoring.

They had a team of advisory board members who provided strategic leadership on all their expansion and performances, which ensured Women In Digital equal opportunities when it came to sourcing the future female leaders within the company.


Women In Digital were keen on promoting their business with a creative and specialized website. We took into account their specifications which included top sliders, related industry awards updates, attention-grabbing imagery, and pledges which offered career opportunities for women.

This also included their pipeline projects which aimed at donating 10% of all their earning profits to needed organizations. In addition to their requests, we emphasized the beneficial reasons why readers should engage in their online material and communicate with them.


We provided a platform that supported all devices, which ensured they never missed a client response. Their web not only looked professional but also included a bootstrap grid with a unique slider to make scrolling and reading more comfortable and more efficiency.

This enabled readers to scroll through updated news feeds, valuable workshops and mentoring, and other vital pages such as contacts and feedback forms, which was essential when engaging with their clients. Other needed features which we included were a responsive layout, a custom forms section, and a custom calculator.

We created a mobile-friendly website to use on-the-go along with ensuring easy access for potential clientele. Apart from that, we provided quality service and competitive prices to suit their pocket and needs.


Once their website was up-and-running, they found that they received more views and an impressive number of increased visitors, in turn, growing their international community and expanding their meetups at events, therefore enabling them to broaden, inspire, and train more potential employees on a positive scale.

In conclusion, they were delighted with our services and significantly grew their activity which brought them a broader audience and a steady flow of like-minded interested parties on their WID job network.