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Quickie is a workout website operated and managed by fitness partner Sharon Portnoy that provides a short home workout plan that brings results with little or no supervision but dedication to the routine.


Quickie asked to create a website where client has a workout method that enables the consumers subscribe to any of the challenge plans convenient for them, where payment can be made by secure credit card purchase.


We did responsive and adaptive web design for all screen sizes. We implemented a responsive  bootstrap grid system which is impeccable, in that our Image sizes are optimized, HTML, Javascript and CSS are compressed to enhance loading speed.

We  incorporate  unique sliders into all kinds of websites, especially businesses wanting to show relevant content or showcase professional portfolios.

We also have a responsive web design layout that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes.

We can help you set up Cron , which on trigerring, payplans helps you do the following tasks;

-Sending activation/expiration mails

-Expiration of subscription

-Retrieving payments from payment gateways

We offer a free and open-source web service that lets you quickly create a custom embedded calculator.

There is registration with payment API which allows buyers to place sales directly on the seller’s website and as well makes it easy to securely accept online and mobile payments.

Information is well organised with good use of headlines and sub-headlines. And there is a personal cabinet  for clients.

The efficient structure not only allowed readers to scroll at ease but allowed them get engaging pages that enabled them to communicate with the company.

These pages included feedback forms, a responsive layout, a custom CSS which was vital for interaction between client and company. There is a FAQ page to address the frequently asked questions . Most importantly, you get to chat with the administrator, making this one of the best mobile-friendly websites.


The flexible workout plan, direct call button that allows access to the fitness partner and the questions and answers segment leaves the client impressed and happy with the results and feedbacks they get.