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PeakHD was initially founded by Old World Industries, who believed that heavy-duty engines were critical when it came to the success of their customer’s ongoing business ventures. They’re a commercial and industrial company who valued scientific discipline and ensured the delivery of product purity along with superior performance.

They pledged to help customers make the best possible choices and continued to fuel new, patented technology in automotive, trucking, mining, construction, and agricultural products.

Over the 40 years, PeakHD has done constant research, development, and challenged their way of thinking in order to expand on their product lineup. They strived to provide their services to over 60 countries around the globe and were successful in all their endeavors.



PeakHD wanted their website to be exclusive, which was appealing to the eye of probable clientele. They shared their vision with us, and we put it into action, designing a site that not only looked specialized but provided an indispensable structure that promoted a successful company.

For readers on-the-go, they had the benefit of easy access when it came to sifting through imagery, relevant news on their foundation base, consumer products, and advantages in using their services.


Not only did we provide a device-friendly podium, which warranted PeakHD never missed a client comeback. If clients wanted to check on which new products or distributions were advertised, all they needed to do was use the bootstrap grid with its exclusive slider.

This quality site included access to a responsive layout which ensured positive correspondence with likely clients. They also had access to custom forms section, and a custom calculator to work out their expenses.



Once their website was ready to promote, visitors flocked to view their product line, in turn, enabling them to broaden their industry and attract potential buyers on a grand scale. They not only grew their activity flow significantly but trafficked a higher commercial and industrial audience with a steady customer base who were interested in their automobile and technological services.