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Patrick Crean founded Marlet in 2014, and this property group became one of the most significant development companies in Ireland. Their primary goal was to integrate rapid changes into their system, which ranged from residential to office designs. They steadily evolved and maintained deadlines when meeting the standards of a demanding pace of the future.

They had a professional team that was knowledgeable in the client’s needs and came from several industry-leading companies. This enabled them to provide additional ways when carrying exemplary development for people to experience.

Marlet also offered an exclusive funding arrangement and had accumulated a matchless and assorted portfolio which made them one of the leading property development groups with an outstanding track record.


Marlet asked us to create an eye-catching and professional website to help promote their business. They had an explicit design in mind, which included top quality images, sliders, dynamic news on their upcoming proposals and expansions for clientele, not to mention their exclusive funding arrangement.

They also requested we highlight some of the reasons why they are beneficial for those living in residential homes, or those working in offices, along with incorporating the necessary information to promote and showcase their services the best way they can when it came to property development, enabling them to help clients evolve with future times.


Our web design supports all devices to ensure unseen responses. We made Marlet’s platform proficient and easy to access for those on the move. This included a bootstrap grid with a slider for was explicitly designed for smooth scrolling and accessibility.

This efficient structure not only allowed readers to scroll at ease, but allowed them to get regular news feed updates, engaging pitches, and pages that enabled them to communicate with the company.

These pages included feedback forms, a responsive layout, a custom forms section, a custom CSS, and a custom calculator, which was vital for interaction between client and company, making this one of the number one mobile-friendly websites.


Our client was extremely satisfied with their results once their web was underway and received more views than before. They were so impressed with their successful visitor progress and reported that their workflow and development opportunities, along with their promotional services had amplified tremendously.