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Inhere Studio


Inhere was founded by two young but experienced specialists who have an understanding of the fast pace growing nature of our world today. They are London’s first drop-in meditation studio which was launched in 2017 and are kickstarting a brand-new studio in the city of Fitzrovia. The founders have developed this establishment through a series of personal research, practically proven practices and proven results from their research. The underlining aim of this project is to give people who are so preoccupied with their busy schedules and can’t find a place an opportunity to have a quality relationship with their mind. Establishing Inhere brings together the love for beautiful spaces, busy cities, the science of the mind and the wonder of sitting in silence.

They work with a well knowledgeable and experienced team who recognize the need for people to have a quiet time for their minds to travel and unravel potentials. They create the necessary environment for these clients to come and have an experience of a lifetime and this makes the establishment a sought after by people from all works of life.

Inhere is a place to be and a trial will leave you wanting nothing but make it part of your recreational schedule place for regular visits.


Inhere requested that we create an attention-grabbing, specialized and proficient website to help depict the concept of their business. Because of their conceptual ideas and uniqueness of their services, they had an unambiguous perception of a mind-map layout in mind showcasing their uniqueness as a company which included top quality images of facilities and their exclusive environment, sliders, dynamic news on their upcoming events and specialized programs, the scope of their client base, their service structure, not precluding their customer service approach.

Because of the concept of the business they (Inhere) came up with and the novelty of it in the region of establishment, they requested that we acme the concept of their business and highlight the reasons why their product and services are beneficial for their clients who live or work in a fast paced environment, for residential homes or those who are working in offices with tight schedules and also adding necessary information in their site to endorse and their product and services the best way that both current and proposed clients can a first-hand understanding of their services at a glance because of its novel nature in their niche.

They also requested we showcase that their main aim is to build a strong customer relationship with their clients especially those with a tight schedule to help them navigate through our proposed plans in helping them access their functionality.


Our web designs are built in such a way it is supported by all devices used in accessing our client’s site to help in proper optimization and ensure that unseen responses are visible in any device used. Because we are excellence driven and Inhere is a company concerned so much about excellence, we made their (Inhere) website very proficient for use and ease of access are granted to their prospective clients who are basically on the move or have tight schedules which basically gives them limited time to peruse. Therefore, we built-in a bootstrap grid format with a slider which is clearly designed for smooth scrolling, ease of access and proper readability.

Our excellent and proficient structure included a portion which can allow our readers to scroll at ease, helping them get new updates from researches done concerning their services and portals that enable them to have a personal relationship with the company. These portals have in them a feedback mechanism, custom form section, and a responsive layout to provide the platform for interaction between the company and their client making it the number one mobile-friendly website created.


Our client (Inhere) was enormously gratified with the results they witnessed when their website was launched and gained more traffic than ever before. They were so impressed with the number of clients who visited and subscribed to their services. They recorded progress in the number of visitors that traffic their sites on a daily basis. The excellence exhibited on the site and the ease of access was reported to have been a contributing factor to these tremendous achievements.