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Eticore is a privately owned corporate trust and financial company founded by Belinda Smith, whose goals were to provide commercial services for organized liabilities and managed investment vehicles, which included accounting and administrative functions.

Their team consisted of qualified members with over 40 years’ experience ranging from debt structuring, market capitalization, to funding management. Eticore covered several jurisdictions which included Hong Kong, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, UK, and their main base in Australia.

They provided extraordinary service, standards and culture for all their stakeholders, not to forget their clients, employees, shareholders and many others who were interested in being a part of their visionary endeavors.


Eticore approached us and requested we make them a website that was both professional and unique. We gave them a range of designs, and they chose to use our quality images and sliders.

They always promoted their upcoming financial services, so it was vital to include this news on their site, in turn, attracting more clientele who were interested in using their exclusive funding opportunities.

Apart from their specific needs, they also requested we highlight their shareholder vision, which opened new doorways for their team to expand and reap the many benefits they offer.


Their platform was user-friendly, which included a bootstrap grid. For more natural scrolling and reading, we added a slider. This was accessible when looking through their news feed and essential financial services.

We included other vital pages for them based on their contacts and feedback forms, which enabled them to engage with their clients. Other necessary features included a custom CSS section, responsive layout, custom forms section, and custom calculator.

We created a mobile-friendly website to use on-the-go along with ensuring easy access for potential clientele. Apart from that, we provided quality service and competitive prices to suit their pocket and needs.


Thanks to our services, they not only noticed a considerable increase in their site views, but their analytical service for structured debts and investment vehicles also grew immensely. They promoted their management, accounting and modelling services on a higher level, and this concluded in customer satisfaction.