AIDAF’s number one aim was to help children and families in societies that needed hope in Africa. Their priority was to provide up-to-date news regarding the economic, social, and environmental issues on the continent.

They arranged and hosted a series of programs throughout Africa which utilized International Governments and encouraged communities to take part in their projects. These enabled the community to invest and partner with authorities in order to improve performance.

AIDAF surpassed the boundaries, and not only improved humanitarian sectors such as government and non-government organizations, but expanded the community as a whole, enabling the system to run smoothly and efficiently.


AIDAF asked us to create an eye-catching and professional website to help promote their business. They had a specific design in mind, as that included top quality images, sliders, vital news on their upcoming events and programs for clientele.

They also requested we highlight some of the reasons why they are beneficial for both government and non-government organizations, and other necessary information to promote and showcase their services the best way they can.


We provided a platform that supported all devices, which ensured they never missed a client response. Their web not only looked professional, but also included a bootstrap grid with a unique slider to make scrolling and reading easier and more efficient.

This enabled readers to scroll through updated news feed, important events, and other vital pages such as contacts and feedback forms, which was essential when engaging with their clients. Other needed features which we included were a responsive layout, a custom forms, and a custom calculator.

We created a mobile friendly website to use on-the-go along with ensuring easy access for potential clientele. Apart from that, we provided quality service and competitive prices to suit their pocket and needs.


Once their website was up-and-running, they found that they received more views and an impressive amount of increased visitors, in turn, growing their donations and promoting their service on a positive scale. In conclusion, they were extremely satisfied with our services and significantly grew their activity which brought them a larger donations and a regular benefactor base for future services.