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How to Quote a Website Project

When pitching for clients it is important to have a website quote. This is useful to explain to potential clients the specifics, packages, and prices for your services. This helps the client know what to expect and the charges they will incur.

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When pitching for clients it is important to have a website quote. This is useful to explain to potential clients the specifics, packages, and prices for your services. This helps the client know what to expect and the charges they will incur. Through this, you boost the confidence they have in your brand or agency. Moreover, when you quote a website it ensures what you work for is equivalent to the pay you receive from the client. Quotes vary in many ways, depending on experience, value, and also the work that needs to be done. For these, you need to know how to generate a website quote.

Knowing how to make a good quote for a website project will give you an advantage. It will let you win the client’s trust. Most clients value transparency and in case they find any gap be sure you will not strike a deal.

Now that quotes are vital for any website project, how do you come up with one? Don’t worry because this article will explain everything you need to know. At the end of this post, you will know how to quote a website project. Moreover, we shall give you tips that will increase the chances for the clients to take your offer.

The Factors to Consider when quoting a website Project

At one point you will need to make a quote for the website project. This can be after a client asks what you charge or when you are almost striking a deal and need to show the client what to expect. It can be a tussle to make this quote especially if you are a beginner.

Let’s say client emails, texts, or sends you a direct message asking for charges. How do you go about it? Well, coming up with straight figures and responding may not be the perfect solution. Instead, you should consider some factors to ensure you charge correctly and get value for your work. Here are some factors to consider that will help you quote better.

Overhead Cost

This is the cost that you incur to offer the services to clients. If you are a freelance web developer this can be the amount you spend on different softwares or tools. For an agency, you may consider the operation expenses, office furniture, etc. You should consider this amount to ensure you are operational. The overhead cost is what keeps you running and you need to consider it.

Then based on the projects you are likely to work on monthly. Distribute this cost among the number of projects and get the amount you spend per project. Now, this is the cost you should consider when quoting the project. A good website quote should cater to overhead costs, whether you work remotely or have a physical location.

Project Workload

This is a vital factor and you shouldn’t create quotes before you consider the workload. Consider the amount of work and time that the project needs. What is the complexity of the website you will make? Is it a business website, landing site, or a WooCommerce development project? Based on this make your budgeting and estimation on how much the specific site should cost.

Sometimes it can even be just a minor debugging that needs to be done. The client might have a list of what you will be expected to do in some cases. They want you to figure out what is right for them. For both cases consider the coding you will do. For WordPress services, clients might need more services like plugin integration. Ensure you consider all these and let them reflect in the website quote. For better results, you can give a breakdown of what you will do. This is especially for big projects.

Experience you bring

Here you need to consider the experience that you have to offer this client the best services. There can’t be a specific amount for this. It all depends on how much you value your services. Simply how much is your worth? This will depend on how much you have spent to get the skills, the time, and years of experience.

In some cases, you also consider some specific skills that are more relevant in one project than the other. For example, you may consider yourself better at an educational website than a fashion website. In such a case you quote a website higher for the section you are better in. How much should the client value your experience in this project? After getting this amount, consider it when making the project quote.

Extra Cost

At times projects have an extra cost that you will incur. This should also be part of the considerations. This can range from softwares or tools that you will need to work with. Sometimes you may need to do some outsourcing for services that may take a longer time for you to do it. Consider such costs in the quote.

For a custom WordPress development project, you will need outsourcing of developers. In such a case you need to consider what the outsourcing agency will charge and include it in the quote.

Other extra costs to consider are:

  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Website Content and articles
  • Security Configurations
  • Domain name Purchase
  • Subscription Cost

Pricing structures for a Website Quote

To effectively find how much to charge a project, there are pricing structures you need to consider. You need to check the pricing structure you will use for the project. This can either be project-based, hourly, or value-based. All these structures can work for any project, it all comes down to which one is more effective. Furthermore, choose the one that will give you more benefits.

Here are the common pricing structures to use:


Here you quote the number of hours you will take to complete a project. Then for these hours, you have an hourly rate. You come up with the hourly rate based on your experience and overhead cost. Consider the amount that you are comfortable getting paid. This is perfect for website consultations, and quick-off projects like debugging or troubleshooting.

Hourly pricing is not effective when working faster. It can make a client think the task was simple at the expense of your effort.


The project-based is more of calculations involving all the activities that you will do. Here you take the possible hours it will take to complete the project multiplied by the hourly rate. Then add some figures and from this, you get the project’s cost. It is more of hourly charges calculated beforehand. This is the best for complex projects.

This is better than the hourly price structure because here you don’t risk being paid less when you do a project faster.


Here you look at the value that you as a developer will give the client. This is best when you are already working as a brand. In such a case you consider pricing on the value that is associated with your brand. This is more of a project-based pricing plus an additional price for the value that you bring. For example, having worked for more years you can consider the consultation and experience that you bring to the table.

Our agency deals mainly with WordPress outsourcing services and uses value-based. This is because Web Help Agency brings on board a dedicated team best at working on such projects. Our specialization brings experience and essential values on top of the skills for better services.

When quoting for a website project we recommend the Project-Based and Value-Based Pricing. Only use the Hourly rate for simple tasks.

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5 things to Include when Quoting a website project

The following five common things will help you craft a better project quote for a website. This informs the client you know what you are doing and that they can trust you. These are:


This entails the schedule of a series of activities to be done from the start to the end of the project. This is done in a chronological manner. Start from the first stage of the development process and add the subsequent activities.


The price is vital in every project quote. It gives the overall cost of the project. This is after making the considerations evident in the project. In most cases it needs to be exact figures and not a range. The client will use these figures to compare with their budget.

Total Hours

In the quote you need to show how long the project will last. To come up with the total hours add the subsequent hours involved in various activities. The total hours should include the time for quality assurance of the project.

Scope of Project

Use this space to describe the work that needs to be done to come up  with the website. The features and functionalities that together make up the whole project. You should include them and also the price for every category. These prices sum up to the total project price.


For any project to be successful there are terms that should guide the process. This helps the client to know their role and the sme for service providers. Ensure you mention the key rules to avoid unexpected project risks.


Quoting a website project is an important step to securing more clients. Whether it is a WordPress project, WooCommerce, etc. you must give a proper quote. The quote should be professional and should include the important components of the project that the client needs to know. This makes it realistic for the client to spend their money on the project. For this, you need to know how to quote a website project. Above all the ways to do this in a more fruitful design.

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