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Project Manager


  • Communication skills to work with clients to identify and specify the project requirements as well as maintaining customer communication during the life of the project.
  • Sense of urgency and dedication to meeting customer requirements according to project plan.
  • Experience in work for international clients preferred.
  • Ability to work independently on projects with minimal supervision or as part of a team, as needed.
  • Experience with fintech projects beneficial, especially in blockchain projects.

Wordpress Web Developer


  • Experience developing PHP web applications (especially with WordPress)
  • Knowledge of PHP object-oriented programming, including topics such as classes, inheritance, namespaces, traits, and interfaces
  • Experience working with SQL databases and queries
  • Experience doing basic web administration in Linux (eg, modifying and troubleshooting Apache or Nginx configurations)
  • Basic experience provisioning/configuring cloud computing assets (eg, via AWS)
  • Working knowledge of the design considerations of REST APIs
  • Ability to write standards-compliant, semantically correct HTML
  • Experience writing front-end JavaScript code (natively and with jQuery) to perform tasks such as event handling, DOM manipulation, AJAX requests, etc.
  • Ability to use browser-based developer tools to understand and debug rendering, network, and JavaScript issues
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Middle PHP Developer


  • At least 3 years experience with PHP
  • Understanding of HTML, CSS, is good to have
  • JSON, Javascript
  • MySQL
  • Good understanding of MVC, using latest framework trends
  • Able and experienced to work in existing code base
  • Strong work drive, drive to perform and grow
  • Clean and Clear coding
  • Working experience with the following Tools: Git, JIRA
  • Experience in working with API’s
  • 2+ years of business project experience
  • Professional attitude and work ethics
  • Good level of English or willing to improve