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WordPress Templates. Pre-built Template or Tailor-Made Solution

WordPress is one of the greatest platforms to consider for a website. If you are thinking of using WordPress there are two common ways to do that. One is using the prebuilt WordPress templates and the other one is to use custom-made solutions. The Pre-built WordPress Templates are available in the WordPress and WooCommerce ecosystem database, for download. Then the custom solutions/ Tailor-made are specifically made for a company. These are self-coded by the organizational WordPress developers. So which one should you use for WordPress and WooCommerce, off-the-shelf templates, or custom solutions?

At Web Help Agency we recommend tailor-made solutions and most of our WordPress Developers are trained for this. In this article, we will feature the need for a custom website. We don’t mean that the pre-built templates are not good. But, in some cases, they will not meet the enterprise’s demand.

WordPress Templates

Off-The-Shelf WordPress Template

These templates are useful for new companies and upcoming eCommerce stores and have a design that is easy to set up. The only downplay is that it is not convenient for implementing specific features. Let’s dive deep and look at the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of WordPress and WooCommerce Templates

  • Access to many types of designs for different niches.
  • The templates have an affordable cost/ sometimes no cost is needed
  • It is easier to implement and debug errors
  • The templates have a short implementation time ( installing, few edits and the website is ready)
  • It does not require coding and programming skills (little interaction with the code).

Limitations of the WooCommerce and WordPress Premade Templates

  • These designs give little control over the security verification for a website
  • Limited options to add custom features
  • Templates are sometimes not compatible with some plugins
  • Data migration involves many procedures and is problematic
  • Templates are not convenient when creating a brand design different from other sites.

The best case to use off-the-shelf themes?

Templates are good to use when on a limited budget. This is because they are cheaper to use. You just install, edit and launch the WordPress website in a few clicks. Isn’t this amazing? Well, it is but only for a few web activities, at least that’s not bad for a start. Furthermore, if you don’t want to outsource a web development team. This can be a quicker and hustle-free alternative.

As you work on the actual site, you can use this for a temporary site, to give your web developers time. Then if the site is not for commercial purposes, using templates has no harm.

The solution to the limitations by Premade Templates for WordPress and WooCommerce

We can’t dispute the significance of pre-built templates for sellers, bloggers, and enterprises. Though the model can be challenging to use. This is why custom solutions are a gem for several cases. Here are the solutions that tailor-made themes offer for the limitation in pre-made solutions.

It solves the issues of security verification. With custom solutions, you get more control of your WordPress website and your eCommerce site.

  • You get full control over your site’s backend and frontend designs.
  • This gives you the freedom to use a wide range of plugins available in the WordPress marketplace.
  • It gives you a simpler option to migrate your site soon.
  • When you are using the website for commercial purposes. With this, you can include SEO tools, payment integration, membership services, etc.

The Custom Solutions for WordPress and WooCommerce

Tailor-made solutions are also known as custom solutions are convenient in most cases. In this case, you hire a team of developers to work on a WordPress theme that will match your business model. You can also outsource to join your distributed team. The developers will do the research, come up with designs, do the coding and launch the website from scratch. Our team at Web Help Agency has been doing this for some years now. This is a better model.

This solution is convenient when you want:

  1. To meet specific requirements – When your website or online store needs to accomplish some requirements you need to have a web app that will be solely designed for that.
  2. To integrate other systems – There are many systems out there that can be incorporated into a WooCommerce store or WordPress website. Custom solutions are convenient for such integrations.
  3. To have onsite SEO services – Your website’s SEO is a great concern. Achieving this in normal Templates is achievable but not for larger activities. In such cases, you will need tailor-0made designs.
  4. To use the channel for new clients – Most clients are careful when looking for services and products. Whether you are a B2B, C2C, or B2C company, the way you present your brand is important.
  5. To have full control – Custom-made websites give you full control. This lets you decide everything. This is great to avoid any harmful risk that comes with little control.


The greatest way of getting the best out of WordPress and WooCommerce is to choose a solution that helps you achieve the objectives. This is why you need to know what works for you between pre-built templates and custom solutions. If you need a tailor-made solution you can get in touch. If you decide the off-the-shelf theme is what you need, it is still a great option. But be sure to choose a reliable provider.

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