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The Best WordPress Project Management Plugins and Software

wordpress project management plugins


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This article summarizes the best WordPress project management plugins currently available. Pick one and begin organizing, refining, and putting WordPress website projects into action.

Plugins are simple pieces of code that open up new tools and functionality. They might be aesthetic, offering you features that enhance the look and feel of your website, or they can be practical and give your customers and visitors new capabilities.

For instance, WordPress project management plugins are tools several WordPress users download. These plugins are helpful for content managers and bloggers who need to monitor many campaigns running on their sites.

This allows marketing teams to anticipate audience engagement opportunities and provide content ahead of schedule.

Top 5 WordPress Project Management Plugins

Planning, organization, and the discipline to follow policies and guidelines are essential components of project management. These elements work together to ensure that teams meet project deadlines while remaining within their allotted budgets.

In most cases, this requires collaboration among numerous team members to accomplish the goals and aims that have been established.

Because of this, WordPress Project Management Plugins for project management are essential for teams working in web development, social media, advertising, real estate, and a wide variety of other fields related to small businesses.

WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager

One of the most well-liked project management plugins for WordPress is WP Project Manager. It is open source and can compete with comprehensive project management tools.

Its fundamental features, for instance, allow for the development of projects, user assignment, chat, media files, and the posting of comments on tasks or projects. In addition to the basic features, the paid version includes monitoring milestones and a drag-and-drop calendar.

To track more site activity, you may also implement add-ons like WooCommerce and BuddyPress. After a product is purchased, the WooCommerce integration produces projects, and the BuddyPress connection creates tasks for various internal teams.

This improved set of tools allows you to monitor your site’s activity with ease.

SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project & Document Manager is a plugin for Document, File, and Media managers. Unlimited numbers of papers, records, files, media, movies, and photographs can be maintained and managed by remote file and media management.

To share, organize, and manage client, student, and supplier papers and accounts, regulate individual documents, and choose particular file sharing of documents, you can build an unlimited number of folders and subfolders using an easy online method.

The plugin shows you how to share remotely with customers, sales teams, and vendors. WordPress users may add and alter project/document folders thanks to a simple interface, easy access to template modifications, and manageable features.



WP-Client is positioned in the market as a comprehensive business plugin. However, what exactly does that imply? In a nutshell, the WP-Client plugin is a client manager that includes features for sharing files, sending messages, monitoring discussions, and sending invoices to clients.

Therefore, it is a reliable plugin you can find help with if you have an extensive client list and necessary components such as exchanging files and billing customers for their services.

But since we’re talking about plugins right now, you might wonder how the WP-Client plugin fits into the category of project management plugins.

There are many extensions available for WP-Client, but one of them is referred to as Project Management. It helps you manage projects with teams and include your clients, which is simply what we need it to do. Therefore, it fulfills our requirements completely.

To reiterate, if you don’t need a client manager, you should search elsewhere for employment opportunities. However, for those who wouldn’t mind getting two different small business plugin choices in one package, this is a beautiful chance.



One of the top WordPress project management plugins for sports teams and competition managers is SportsPress.

This WordPress plugin manages sports-related tasks like organizing games and keeping tabs on your team’s performance.

You may make team profiles and player lists using this freemium WordPress plugin. By distributing players to specific teams, you can manage them more effectively. You can also browse the list to get a general idea of all the teams in your league.

Display expected content soon on your WordPress site to inform users and players. By putting Google Maps on the website, you can include a countdown clock, tournament standings, and details about the event’s location.

You can also monitor and keep track of each player’s development. It will help you understand your team’s performance and the areas where they may make improvements.

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A freemium WordPress plugin called Zephyr Project Manager has many functions ideal for teamwork.

Its user interface is straightforward and uncomplicated. Users can establish many project categories and assign various colors to keep them distinct and organized.

The project manager for the company and other users each have a dashboard that they can use to explore this WordPress plugin. They can picture the jobs and projects they have already finished and the ones they have coming ahead.

Zephyr Project Management is a fantastic plugin to install for organizations of all sizes since, unlike other WordPress project management plugins, it does not place a cap on the number of projects.

New project creation is a relatively simple process. Provide Project’s information, including its name, categorization, and description. The projects can also be ranked according to their priority: low, medium, high, and crucial.

White-label options for outsourcing

WordPress work includes WordPress outsourcing services. Your concept is our code.


These project management plug-ins offer a mechanism for handling tasks and projects. While some were created specifically for WordPress, others need third-party integration. 

To help you manage your entire organization, they nevertheless typically include similar features like file sharing, project status, and calendars.

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