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How To Set Up WordPress Multisite With Subdomains

WordPress is a piece of software that is used to create and manage our websites. It is an open-source content management system. Numerous people use WordPress for their blogging, business, and other purposes. It is known as one of the biggest self-hosted content management tools in the world. Let’s explore all about WordPress Multisite with Subdomains.


The main reasons for people choosing WordPress are cost-free, open sources, modern, and versatile features. Besides these reasons, they prefer WordPress due to its extensible, accessibility, and user-friendly properties. It is free for the user to download. It was created by thousands of volunteers, which is why anyone can participate on that platform. Thus, such reasons made WordPress cost-free and open-source. It has features of those websites that are considered standard in the website world. That’s why WordPress is modern. WordPress can run different types of websites on any device; Thus, it is versatile and user-friendly. WordPress’ extensible properties are due to its added custom features done with the help of plugins.

There are two elements needed to build a website with WordPress. Those two elements are the domain name and the web server. We can even add subdomains and make it multisite. Likewise, WordPress can be multisite with multiple domains. Hence, WordPress Multisite with subdomains, and WordPress Multisite with multiple domains. But, if we get confused about WordPress, we can check in with the web help agency. Here we provide a great range of services to the WordPress developing team. Our services include custom development and plug-in development. We can even have help in outsourcing WordPress from this same agency.

WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite is a platform that allows us to build a different sub-site from our existing website. It allows us to run, and administer several other websites after installing the WordPress.

Domain And Subdomain

The domain is part of a web address that, we used to find our website. It is associated with the numerical IP address of a website. Every website got an IP address, but many of us find it hard to memorize the full IP address. Thus, the domain came in handy at that time. So, in actuality, the domain is connected to an IP address, resulting in finding some particular websites with ease.

Moreover, an actual website or URL contains a protocol, a domain name, and a path. Hence, Domain is a part of a complete web address. A domain is a creation of two or three words separated by dots, and there are two parts in a single domain. Those are the second and top-level domains.

The second-level domain is a part that comes before the ‘.com’ part. For example, in ‘’ WordPress is the second domain. The top-level domain is the part that comes after the second-level domain.  In the instance of ‘’, the domain that came after the second-level domain WordPress is .com. So, “.com” is the top-level domain. A top-level domain is like a big ship that carries the whole part of the content of our website.

wordpress multisite domain and subdomain
WordPress Domain

The subdomain is the part of a larger domain, which is added and appears before the second-level domain. Subdomain uses the main domain and adds a prefix to signify a separate section of our website. More than that, when we say separate section, it means a completely separate entity by search engines. It is done by separating the websites by dividing them clearly and giving them their specific target audiences.

However, if we carefully analyze it, there isn’t much difference between them. The only seen difference is that subdomain depends on the main domain whereas the main domain is independent.

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Setup WordPress Multisite With Subdomains

WordPress comes with a free domain. The ‘WordPress’ is its second-level domain and the ‘.com’ part is its top-level domain. We can add different subsites and multiple sites to our WordPress. This can be done with WordPress Multisite with subdomains and Word Press multisite with multiple domains.

To set up our WordPress Multisite with subdomains, we need to follow the following four steps.

1. Start with a fresh page from a WordPress site

2. Enable multisite

3. Network Setup

4. Enabling the network.

Begin With The Fresh Site

We should first begin putting on the fresh website. When the new websites started to run, we will add WordPress Multisite and other domains.

Enabling Multisite

To enable the multisite, we have to start by changing the WordPress configuration at wp-config.php. That will result in having us an SFTP credential from the option’s menu. By using that credential, we will log in to the configuration, and enable WordPress Multisite with subdomains. We will find a bit saying

wordpress enable multisite
Enabling Multisite in WordPress

“that’s all. Stop editing! Happy Blogging’ and here we will add ‘Multisite’ before that and Define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);

Network Setup

After following the steps, we will look for the ‘Network Setup’ option under the Tool menu.

wordpress network setip multisite
WordPress Network Setup

Here we will select between subdomains and subdirectories according to our choice. Then we will click the installation button.

Enable The Network

After clicking the installation button, WordPress will produce some code that adds to wp-config.php., and access. However, WordPress must require some validation. To deal with that, we have to add the hostname record directed to our web server in the DNS tool.

Then, we go back to the make some changes, and we will have the following result.

/** Multisite */

Define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);

Define(‘MULTISITE’, true);

Define(‘SUBDOMAIN+INSTALL’, true);


Define(‘PATH_CURRENT_SITE’, ‘/’);

Define(‘SITE_ID_Current_SITE’, 1);

Define(‘Blog_id_current_SITE’, 1);

/* That’s all, stop editing! Happy Blogging. */

We will save the changes that we made in the config-php. Ultimately, the multisite network enables. We need to log in to the ‘My sites” option in the dashboard. Thus, we are ready with our WordPress Multisite with the Subdomain feature to use.

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Setup Multisite With Multidomain

For WordPress setup with multi-domain, we will follow the same step as above till the network set up step. These steps will be followed by going to the all-sites option located in the WordPress admin sidebar. Then, we will click on the edit option.

In the Site Address, we will put our subsite domain in the existing one. For multiple and additional subsites, repeat this step.

After that, we need to generate SLL Certificate for our multisite. This step follows the next step of requesting to redirect HTTP to HTTPS with the option of Force HTTPS on the tools page. In the final step, select the requested domains.

With this, we will have our WordPress Multisite with multiple domains.

Summing Up

We will have our WordPress Multisite with subdomain and with multiple domains if we follow the above-mentioned step. This will result in having us build our WordPress with various domains than the main domain. Those subdomains will do part of the work by contributing to the main domains.

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