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WordPress for Nonprofits: How it Benefits Your Organization

These days every organization needs a marketing strategy to reach its target audience. In the age of the internet, digital marketing is the go-to strategy for most organizations. Digital marketing begins with establishing an online presence, and there is no better tool for this purpose than a website.

This is true for nonprofits as well. Marketing your nonprofit will help increase visibility, reach, and sympathy for your cause. If you connect with the right audience, not only will your donations increase, but also the support for your initiatives. A website will establish your online presence and communicate your message to the world.

wordpress for nonprofiters

If you are struggling with creating a website, we suggest using WordPress. WordPress is the internet’s favorite platform for blogging and developing websites. It is cost-effective, customizable, easy to use, and ideally fits various business needs. 

Using WordPress for creating your website might seem like a daunting task. So, we are here with a complete WordPress guide for nonprofits. This guide will solve all your queries and give your digital marketing strategy a running headstart.

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Why should you use WordPress for your nonprofit?

Let’s get to the main reason for creating this WordPress guide for nonprofits. So, here are the significant benefits of using WordPress to create a website for your nonprofit-

Limited Cost and Effort for Set up-

A nonprofit has limited funds, and you probably don’t want to spend them on developing a website. Thus, the cost is the most critical consideration for any nonprofit activity. You can set up your website free of charge or for a minimal fee. This ensures that donations received are used for worthy causes rather than administrative work. 

Various themes, plugins, and an easy-to-use user interface mean that you don’t need much time or expertise to launch your website.  

Wholly customizable-

It is probably the second most important reason you should use WordPress to set up your website. A website for nonprofits has some specific requirements, and making sure that all of them are incorporated into your website is crucial. 

It’s a good thing that a WordPress website is entirely customizable. You can edit everything from themes, fonts, and colors to functionality and sections. You get many pre-made theme options and plugins to work on and customize every aspect of your website. 

In case existing plugins cannot customize your website according to your needs, you can also use a WordPress developer. 

WebHelpAgency provides custom plugin development services for WordPress. We understand your requirements and create plugins especially suited to your purposes. You are also assigned a dedicated team of developers who will take care of maintenance, customization, and extensions for your plugins.

Easy Donations-

In this WordPress guide for nonprofits, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention this benefit of using WordPress. Donations are the backbone of every nonprofit organization. However, online donations are a sore spot for many users because of the risks and ambiguity associated with making a donation online.

easy donations

Special plugins are available for easy and hassle-free donations. You can customize plugins like DonorBox, GiveWP, WPF Forms, etc., to receive donations through your PayPal account also. These plugins ensure that you are receiving secure and regular donations.

Hassle-free Operations-

On-the-go upload options are available so that you can spend more time working and less time updating members about your activities. You can easily add volunteers and admin members so that they can add pages and website sections easily once your website has been published.

There are constant updates in WordPress. You can take advantage of these upgrades for minimal cost to improve the quality of your website.

Complete Ownership-

Often times creators don’t own their websites. The host usually owns the website, and the creators own the content. 

However, that is not the issue with WordPress as it is an open-source code that anyone can easily use and modify. Thus, your website will be owned by you, and you can take the content to any platform.

Plugins for Functionality-

A WordPress guide for nonprofits will be incomplete without discussing plugins. Plugins are codes that improve the functionality of your website. Special plugins are available for improving your nonprofit’s visibility and reach. WordPress has the maximum number of plugins available on the internet.

plugins for functionality

You can use plugins for purposes like content creation, SEO, website analysis, speed improvement, increasing visibility, improving ranking, and online marketing. Some popular plugins are- Yoast SEO, WP-Optimize, WP Rocket, Rank Math, Google Analytics, etc.

WordPress Platforms

We cannot end a WordPress guide for nonprofits without discussing the two platforms available for creating websites. These platforms help develop websites that differ slightly in ownership, prices, and capabilities.

However, before choosing a platform, Make sure that you read the pros and cons of both to make an informed decision.

It is a self-hosted, free website creation platform. Thus, it is an ideal platform for any nonprofit. What we mean by this is that you will require a web-host provider and a domain name to launch your website using

You will also have to be more hands-on when creating a website using this platform. Your team will have to keep up with updates and maintenance. However, since the website is self-hosted, you will have complete control and ownership. 

You can easily customize themes, layouts, and content. You can also start an online store to sell merchandise or use some other method to monetize your website. This will help generate more funds for your nonprofit.

The opposite of, this platform hosts your website for you so that you don’t have to purchase a domain name or spend money on a web-host provider. Another significant advantage of creating a website using is that you don’t have to take care of maintenance work or updates.

However, you will have to pay if your website has more than 3GB of data and you want additional features. If you choose to create your website with the free version, WordPress can advertise on your page and lose some control.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is WordPress a good website creation tool for nonprofits?

Yes, WordPress is an excellent tool for nonprofits.

Why should I use WordPress to create a website?

You should use WordPress because it is customizable, beginner-friendly, and cost-efficient.

What to include on a nonprofit website?

You must include an About Us page, a Donation page, a page linking your social media handles, a page describing your initiatives, and a page mentioning any notable associates.

How can WordPress be good for my nonprofit website?

WordPress is good for your nonprofit website because it creates and manages websites for any kind of scalable organization, including nonprofits.

Why should I create a website for my nonprofit?

You should create a website for your nonprofit so that more people can become aware of your work and connect with you. A website will also lend credibility to your nonprofit.


We have completed our WordPress guide for nonprofits. A website will improve the reach and visibility of your cause, and generate funds and donations for your noble work.

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