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WooCommerce vs Shopify: Which One is the Best? 

Woocommerce vs Shopify is the biggest question of 2022. Here know which one is the best. Hosting a website requires a web hosting platform, and a web hosting platform makes the operation process more accessible and publicly available. 

According to the statistics, the global e-commerce marketplace will expect to reach around $8 trillion in revenue by 2025.  

WooCoomerce and Shopify, how do these platforms bring a solution for an e-commerce industry?  

woocommerce vs shopify

In this topic, we will examine woocommerce vs Shopify.

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WooCommerce and its insights

WooCommerce is an open-sourcing plugin in the WordPress application that enables the creation of a well-built e-commerce store.

To operate WooCommerce, install of WooCommerce plugin on WordPress.


The WooCommerce store build-up platform started its journey in 2011. Eventually, it became a quick solution for e-commerce store build-up.

Shopify and its insights

Shopify has features for store creation, development, customization, redesign, and selling of products through its platform.

In the e-commerce industry, the Shopify platform is a widely used platform around the globe. 


 It originated in 2004. Shopify is one of many features of the store builder. 

WooCommerce vs Shopify: Contrast core elements

Operation processModerate levelEasy to handle
Blog  Available     Available with limitations
Themes    Unlimited (Freemium) Freemium
Mobile friendlyAvailable with theme typeYes, available
Email Newsletter optionAvailable in Plugin Available
SEO  Feature Available  Available
Storage aidOn the basis server category Unlimited
Payment Gateway  Available  Available
Trail versionNot applicable14 days trial period plan

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What are the essential aspects of e-commerce services: WooCommerce vs Shopify 

It may be uncertain about choosing the accurate e-commerce platform to build an e-commerce store. 

WooCommere or Shopify is a good choice for the query. But how to check which is better? 

woocommerce vs shopify

Thereupon selecting the right e-commerce platform, check these key points: 

Handling Technique

WooCommerce is a platform quite smoothly handles the operational process. If one individual is experiencing the WordPress platform, then they will not worry about the handling process. 

One must follow the proper guidelines to install and management of WooCommerce. 

The use of custom code in the WooCommerce store website is anxiety. Who is not a developer, but one can still hire a professional to do it perfectly? 

Shopify’s e-commerce platform is similarly convenient to operate. The instructions-based guides surely assist the users in creating accounts accordingly. 

In Shopify addition of other relevant applications to the store is possible. 

Smooth of access

An online store service provider or e-commerce business owner will check the response to the customer, process order listing, and whether the dealing vendor process works correctly or not. 

But it can be possible through automation and an e-commerce store that can supervise the essential checklist. 

Although woocommerce vs Shopify, WooCommerce has good management in products, marketing, and payment processes, and Shopify provides in-built automation and order management process smoothly. 

Integration with worthy tools

An e-commerce store is unable to drive growth and service management. A worthy integration tool notable for CRM tools, store management, automation, and marketing to build the business effectively. 

WooCommerce platform integrates tools like Zoho, Zapier, Live chat, and more. Shopify permits integration in contrast with WooCommerce with tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, Mail Chimp, and others. 

The adaptability aid

The e-commerce platform is similarly vital in the expansibility of the online store with the proper steps.

WooCommerce is an open-sourcing platform that includes payment scalability and inventory management. 

In Shopify, similarly, a few more features, such as integrated POS programs, quick deployment, smooth management, and Facebook ads to scale the business perfectly. 

In-built custom and design 

The user interface plays a crucial role in an e-commerce or online store to drive traffic and attention from customers.

Whereas woocommerce vs Shopify, Shopify excels in design and themes, including advanced themes. 

Yet, WooCommerce has limitations in the customization of themes. 

The features of hosting, SSL 

So that the hosting, subdomain, and SSL features are equally important. Therefore woocommerce vs Shopify, Shopify facilitates the addition of hosting and subdomain options for every different plan. SSL certificate benefits from the Shopify platform. 

On the other hand, WooCommerce lacks hosting and subdomain benefits, nor does it include an SSL certificate. One needs to add these services individually. 

The add-on service 

For woocommerce vs Shopify, both platforms have supplied store design and product creation, display of products, handling the payment methods, tracking orders, selling, and other essential functions. 

WooCommerce serves a wide range of add-ons and extensions. Meanwhile, Shopify has relatively fewer quality applications in comparison with WooCommerce. 

Payment attribute 

In the discussions of woocommerce vs Shopify, both platforms facilitate 100 plus payment gateways. The central payment integration platforms are Paypal, Stripe, credit and debit cards, and square.  

While WooCommerce does not charge the transaction cost from the customers. 

Shopify platform rates 2% for every transaction using a third-party payment gateway.  

The simplified Shipping process 

To point out,  woocommerce vs Shopify offers shipping charges based on the quantities, country, and international product delivery. 

In WooCommerce, a store owner requires to purchase the e-commerce plunging individually. 

But Shopify requires an advanced application to add to the store to get the smooth benefits of the Shipping process. 

Bilingual Assitance 

At this point, woocommerce vs Shopify, the Shopify platform is less adequacy in multilanguage-based online store operational process. But an advanced language-based application can handle the issue, but the plan needs to pay individually. 

While Woocommerce is a step ahead in delivering the solution, the multilingual plugin tool with yearly or on-time payment is a reasonable price to access the benefits. 

SEO favors 

Another critical point in the context of woocommerce vs Shopify, SEO plays a crucial role in the online store. SEO techniques drive audience exposure and bring a good sales ratio. 

Shopify platform provides practical SEO benefits, but it provides the features of customization and store optimization, which require an upgrade to develop a store effectively. 

WooCommerce is a good way and option to use plugins of SEO tools for better optimization of the store. 

The cost 

However, online store creation requires a reasonable budget to invest and initiate the e-commerce store. 

The WooCommerce platform is free but will negatively impact the online store as it is a long-term process. 

The basic plan of WooCommerce starts at around $10 per month. 

Shopify does not offer free access but is limited to 14 days. Shopify’s basic plan costs around $29 monthly, excluding transition fees. 

Dropshipping assistance

In dropshipping WooCommerce drop, shippers must use any advanced and paid version plugin.

WooCommerce permits using a range of plugins to import products straight from third-party sources, the AliDropship plugin among them. 

Shopify platform supplies the aid of integration of several applications from the dropshipping sector. AliExpress dropshipping is one of the widely used platforms. 

Service Assistance

WooCommerce platform is an open-source plugin, and one of the drawbacks is the absence of official-based service assistance. One must take assistance from the website’s relevant guidelines and video content. 

Shopify platform delivers effective performance in service assistance with 24/7 hours. Shopify has service facilities that can access through calls, live chat, and email. The social channels of Shopify respond to the customer based on their queries. 

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Ultimately, woocommerce vs Shopify this all about the context. Select Shopify if you are searching for better service assistance, a well-built store with solid design, templates, customization, and easy access. 

Go for WooCommerce if your budget is limited, set up a store with multi-language benefits, and wish to have complete control over the hosting and store design. 

As an initial phase, WooCoomerce is a good choice compared to Shopify.

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