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Why choose Ukrainian Developers for IT Outsourcing

Before now, companies placed high preference on location when they wanted to launch new projects. They see location of a project as very instrumental to the success of such project. But, since the internet came, everything has changed. Barriers location caused in business have been broken down with the emergence of the digital world.

Similarly, there is now a shift of focus to Price and Quality of a product rather than where it is made. Businesses now ask such question like “how do we get the best brains to deliver the best results?” This is one reason IT firms are now turning to Ukraine.

Ukraine is gradually becoming the hub of software development. It is not surprising why it is one of the best IT Outsourcing destinations in the world. Though, there are many software developers across the globe, Ukrainian developers have managed to win the lead. The reasons are evident.

Ukraine boasts of 185.000+ IT Professionals

The number of IT professionals has continued to surge in the country. In 2018 alone, Local software development community grew by a huge margin of 27%. And now, the industry employs over 185.000 IT specialists.

Just recently, SkillValue ranked Ukraine 8th among World’s Top Countries with the Best Programmers. The country won an excellent average score index of 91.26%!

IT Developers by Country

Education background

Ukrainian educational system offers lots of different career opportunities for students in the IT industry. And when these students graduate, it is very easy to join the hi-tech community.

More so, regional IT clusters partner with software development companies to launch educational programs at universities on a regular basis. They equally establish tech-innovation hubs at schools and colleges to incubate skills of potential tech-stars. Already, 122 of universities out of the 803 higher education institutions in Ukraine focus on IT studies. And combined, they produce over 20,000 IT experts every year.

Convenient Time Zone

Ukraine’s Time zone is very convenient and cope-able for anyone anywhere in the world. It is true proximity is still key in today’s global business. And communication is as essential as trust in business. Ukrainian time zone allows you ease of access.

Culture Compatibility

You can most possibly cope better in Ukraine. Majority of the IT experts have high proficiency in English and can communicate so well.

You can bet Ukrainians are peaceful and accommodating to other cultures, though they hold theirs in high esteem. And when you do have a contact with Ukrainians, you will understand why they cherish honesty so much.

Best Price/Quality Ratio

Ukraine offers better competitive price for outsourcing with greater productivity when compared to its neighboring countries of Belarus, Czech Republic and Poland.

With just $25-$50 hourly rate you can get a top talent. In fact, the average software developer takes a monthly paycheck of between $2,500 and $4,000 per month (taxes and social contributions excluded).

How to choose among outsourcing companies in Ukraine?

The number of top software companies that offer outsourcing in Ukraine continues to grow. To choose the right company for your IT outsourcing needs, you may want to consider the following criteria.

  • The location: there are different IT companies in all major cities, including many higher educational institutions that offer engineering studies;
  • The size: based on your needs, you can go for a company, or a startup, or a mix;
  • The range of services: based on the services you seek, you can find companies for mobile applications, web development, code-writing services, or for your product’s creation.

Sure, the best decision is to outsource to Ukraine. The country and Eastern Europe are moving with global tech trends.

There is much we can help you do if you work with us. You don’t have to spend time and resources searching for and training new staff. We will help you through all that. Reach us to learn more prospects of outsourcing to Ukraine.

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