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When Is It Time To Redesign Your Website? Signs Your Website Needs Update

A website redesign process is different from an occasional fix-up of malfunctioning issues that pop up every now & then. Redesigning a website is a much more elaborate & time-consuming process. If a website faces several problems, redesigning a website will be more or less like building your website for the first time.

What is the Website Redesign?

As the name suggests, the website redesign refreshes a website with some improvements & it looks better than before. It is the same thing as renovating your house from time to time. 

website redesign
Website Redesign

In a website redesign, a website goes through a complete process to upgrade its functionalities. It includes improving the User-based experience (UX), refining the content & information, & more importantly, fixing any pending issues with the website. 

There are different steps you have to go through while redeveloping your website:

  • You can focus on developing a custom WordPress website to accommodate the latest trends & build a secure website.
  • You can concentrate on building customized plugins for your website to add unique functionality. Our WordPress Outsourcing Services can not only fix the problem with the current functionality of a plugin but can also develop add-ons and extensions.
  • If your website is aiming to increase the sales of your products, our agency also offers to add a payment gateway or integrate APIs from external services. The Plugin Maintenance Partnership feature ensures to maintain your existing WordPress plugin & check its compatibility with the newer versions of WordPress to foster smooth operation.
  • You can think of remodeling your website to turn its primeval design into something more contemporary & easy to navigate. 

Why Redesign Your Website?

After going through the whole process of remodeling a website, the question arises why redesign a website? You can most likely answer this by spending some time with your website. If you are not liking what you see or facing a glitch & you think this problem should resolve, you should consider redesigning the site.

The next question will be, how to tell when it is the time to redesign a website? So, here we are discussing some noticeable signs that your website needs an update.

If your website looks primeval:

Any website created in the 2010s is primeval that does not need a second thought to why redesign a website. Fashion & trends in the website designing department are changing every year, if not in months. It can potentially diminish the number of people who want to consider your content or brand. 

If the website is incompatible with mobile apps:

As a website from last decade could lack in its UX design & is maybe not compatible as mobile apps. The updated & new designs ease the navigation & improve the page layout. They are successful in drawing the attention of the visitors.

The website designers at our WordPress Outsourcing Services are professionals in optimizing UI and UX. They will assist you with this while integrating your Company brand and vision into the website.

If the content lacks updation:

If it’s been three years since you last updated the content of your website, chances are it may create a poor impression on the visitors. Old or uncontemporary content shows that you are ignorant about your brand. 

If your website is unsecure:

Apart from the content, new technologies & certificates are arriving regularly to keep the website secure. Often security updates are compulsory rather than a choice. Such as, a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is necessary for an HTTPS website & to keep that website safe from malware. 

You can take the help of security consultants at our Web Help Agency which provides WordPress security by conducting code audits & scanning the website for vulnerabilities. It will ensure the safety & security of your website. These services allow for great add-on features & customizability, which gives the ease of using social networks.

If the bounce rate is increasing:

The bounce rate on your website calculates the percentage of visitors who leave after a single page & without taking any actions. It means that the users are not interacting with the website & are not interested in it. 

If you are launching a new product:

If you are considering rebranding or introducing a new service, you should consider redesigning your website. As the new product or service may must a new format or function. It could also be possible that your current branding idea is not compatible with the new campaign.

If the website is lagging in SEO trends:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends or rules change with time. SEO techniques will determine how easily your website catches the attention of users. Some approach the websites are following include relevant (to your brand) keywords, short & well-defined alt text, & properly used HTML tags.

If there are too many dead links on the website:

Broken or dead links give an illusion of a normal link, but they do not send the visitor to the intended page & may show an error in loading the page. These situations create a negative impression on visitors who were initially interested in your services & were trying to navigate through the website. Not to mention, this can increase the bounce rate as well. 

If troubleshooting is taking too much space:

If several technical difficulties need constant troubleshooting then it is time to revamp your website completely. An ideal website should spend more time providing the website or product navigation & queries about business opportunities. &, complaints are filling the customer support links with technical problems which customers have to face on the website. 

If a website has low conversion rates:

The conversion rate calculates how many visitors have turned into your customers. After all, this is the ultimate goal of a product-based or service-based website. A high bounce rate is also a sign of a low conversion rate. 


Google Analytics can help you check the bounce rate, conversion rate, & analysis of online traffic that your website is receiving. Our Custom WordPress Development Services can help you develop the website from the ground up to create world-class sites. If you pay attention to the above-mentioned signs & fix these issues altogether, it serves the purpose of the website redesign process & answers the question, why redesign your website. 

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