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Website Problems and How to Solve Them

Designing a great website that will attract more visitors is the goal of every web development team. All IT departments want to ensure that their company has a website that will have a friendly user interface. This gives the organization more benefits like customer satisfaction, an increase in sales, and positive reviews from customers. But, this is only achievable when you solve the common website problems that can make it fail to satisfy end users. These problems are in both the UI and the backend side of the site. To achieve this the team should be ready to solve the problems.

So, to help you have the best functioning website, we have this article to show you the common website problems, and the solution to each. This will ensure you avoid them and help you troubleshoot them if they occur.

Website Problems

Here is a list of this website problems, and the remedies:

1. Poor Website Design

Everyone loves to see something appealing to their eyes. This is the same for the visitors visiting any website. The common problem that most web developers make is using poor color combinations. This entails the text color, button’s background, title colors, page background, etc. It’s either the colors don’t match or the color is out of order. Another issue is using a low guilty logo or placing it in the wrong place. All these issues lead to poor website design.


The solution to this is to ensure you do the UI/ UX design of the website using tools like Figma and Adobe XD. This should be before the development process starts. This will ensure the choice of color combinations is perfect, and the logo is well done. Outsourcing a UI/ UX designer is a great way to get these designs.

2. Long Loading Time

This is a common issue, where most web applications take a long time to load. Remember, it takes site visitors an average of 3 seconds to wait for a site to load. Sadly, some sites take longer than this. This can cause a poor user experience for potential customers. This also affects the website ranking on search engines like Google.


The perfect solution for this is to reduce the file sizes on all pages, mainly the homepage. Then use different tools to measure the loading time, do this as you make adjustments until you have a faster loading time. On WordPress, there are plugins like Yoast to facilitate this.

3. Use of substandard Images

A famous quote says that Pictures speak a thousand, compared to words. This is why most web experts maximize the use of images. The only problem with this is that most images have low standards. This can cause the customers to hesitate to purchase anything from the site.


The solution to this is to invest in professional Photographers. At Web Help Agency we also recommend using tools like Sketch to edit images before uploading them.

4. Poorly organized Landing Page

The landing pages are the most important part of any website. It needs to be great to attract a visitor to look at the other pages. The problem is that some landing pages don’t meet high standards. The common issue is the poor presentation of information. When there is no order on your home page it is a bad image of your brand.


The solution to this is to simplify the content and the message on the page. Also, be clear and straight to the point. A call to action will work to prompt the site visitor to do something.

5. Inadequate Information and Contact Details

Websites are the best places to attract customers from different geographical locations. This can help you make more sales, whether it’s a WordPress, WooCommerce, or custom site. But, a simple mistake that web owners make is failure to include contact details. This makes the website visitors doubt the genuineness of the site.


The solution is to ensure you include valid contact details. Then you can include a “Contact Us” page where the potential customers can leave a message. Make it better and add the Social Media handles. Finally, some plugins implement chatbots, and you are free to use them.

6. Poorly Written Web Contents

It is a common website problems to find substandard articles. This can either be the blog posts, about us articles, FAQs, Terms and Conditions, Policies, and other content. So, the common issues are grammar errors that lead to few potential customers understating your business. This can make them seek the service or product elsewhere.


The solution to this is outsourcing professional freelance writers to do the writing. Then use editing tools to edit the article before publishing.

7. Poor Integration Services

In our earlier article, on planning website integration for WordPress sites. We did a summary of the major benefits of Integration. This is a great way to offer more services, but, when the platforms are not well connected to the system. This makes it difficult to manage everything.


Only use the website integration that is easy to implement. Then train your team on how to use the services, before implementing them.


Finally, there are many common problems that a web development team can solve. So, this can lead to problems, but luckily there are solutions to this. At Web Help Agency we know that these solutions work. You can trust the above solutions. In case of an issue get in touch with us.

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