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What do you need to know for your small business website hosting?


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Whenever new clients, particularly those who have never owned or operated a website in the past, come to us, one of the main questions they ask is what web hosting entails. This is among the vast array of web-related services that we provide to our esteemed customers. Some other clients also approach us not only with operational websites but also a host of their choice that they’re willing to continue using. Since it’s clear that not many people are conversant with what website hosting means, we decided to put together some useful information regarding the subject, as well as the services you can expect from us. Also, read on for a chance to learn several useful tips for picking the right hosting provider for you.

What Types of Website Hosting Services are Available?

In the modern world, owning and running a successful website is a plus for any business. The reason is that these platforms provide a broad reach to customers across the globe, thanks to the Internet. So with the growing demand for websites, the number of hosting services/packages has also skyrocketed. What this means is that there’s a wide variety of such services in the market today, ranging from those that can break your bank to pocket-friendly ones. It‘s safe to say what you get depends on your budget or what you can afford.

Away from the price, different hosting providers package their services differently. Some companies may include extra services such as backups into their hosting package. Others may also offer such services at an additional cost. Therefore, you must understand what you will be getting from the hosting provider you choose.

  • Shared Hosting

This type of website hosting is one of the cost-friendly options available on the market today. In this case, a hosting provider leverages a single server to host numerous sites, and the number can hit thousands. Since shared hosting is considered an entry-level hosting solution, what you can or cannot do using this service is limited. This factor rules out this option as an ideal hosting solution for any website with a considerable level of resources or content.

Shared hosting services also pose a risk to your website, as you may lack knowledge regarding the other emails or websites hosted on the same server. It may limit your website’s performance, particularly if other users are overworking the server. These qualities make shared hosting unsuitable for eCommerce sites.

  • VPS Hosting

VPS or otherwise known as Virtual Private Server hosting entails a mid-level type of website hosting package that is somewhat more exclusive compared to shared web hosting. The beauty of going for this package as opposed to shared hosting is that the traffic and actions of other customers do not severely interfere with the performance of your site. Furthermore, using VPS hosting allows faster load times. This is among the leading hosting packages we offer to our clients.

  • Managed or Dedicated Hosting

Tired of sharing a server with other websites? Then, managed/dedicated hosting is the right option for you. It involves renting or leasing a dedicated server and other related hardware. Although managed hosting typically means you have to part with some extra money, you’ll be able to achieve full control as well as avoid other hidden costs associated with unmanaged hosting options. It also enables you to get rid of the need to recruit system admins, database admins, and other people to assist you in managing your servers.

  • Cloud Hosting

VPS hosting and cloud hosting are similar. Nevertheless, the difference between the two is that the former devotes one server to your website, whereas the latter spreads out your website files across numerous servers that work together. Since this new type of web hosting service leverages shared resources to ensure the proper functioning of websites, it can be relatively costly compared to the other options mentioned above.

How do you Pick the Ideal Hosting Provider or Service?

When you are considering getting hosting services, you need to make the right choice for the success of your website. To eliminate the burden that comes with making this decision, here are several pointers to help land the best hosting service or provider.

  1. When starting small with massive ambitions of expanding shortly, make sure that you don’t rapidly outgrow the hosting service you purchase. Go for a package that will support you when starting, and as you expand.
  2. Pick a hosting provider with the necessary software to meet your website’s needs, for instance, a WordPress site calls for a mod-rewrite facility, an MYSQL database, and a PHP-based server. Make sure the software your provider offers you is appropriate from the start.
  3. Make sure your hosting provider addresses all your security concerns- security is a vital aspect, primarily when your site is operating on a shared server. Asking questions will help you understand the security measures put in place to safeguard your site and visitor information from being compromised by other users on the same server.
  4. Customer service and support– What happens when you encounter an issue after purchasing hosting services from your preferred provider? You need to deal with a company that delivers excellent customer support services in case of need. Look at the reviews left on a hosting provider’s website by past or existing customers to assess their credibility. Furthermore, ensure the provider you deal with can answer your questions or pick up your phone whenever you call.
  5. Price – If you consider going for cheap hosting services, make sure you know what you’ll be getting. Maybe the reason could be that you cannot shift to a different hosting provider or the price increases annually. Bear in mind that free or cheap website hosting comes with limited reliability.

By now, it’s our sincere hope that the above information has helped you in one way or the other to make the right choice regarding website hosting. In case you have additional questions that have not been adequately addressed here, kindly feel free to contact us.

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