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Website Design Problems – How to Avoid

In this age of technology having a cool and user-friendly website is important. This helps to boost the business operations of a company to the internet. With this, the company can serve a larger audience. However, for the website to bring more sales you need to ensure the design is appealing to customers. This is done by using website designs that are user-friendly and informative. There are common website design problems that can lower the effectiveness of a website.

A development team should avoid these website design problems to make the website stand out among customers. This will make it a guarantee that the customers like the design and they are persuaded to buy. At Web Help Agency we have done tons of WordPress services and we know some common problems found on web designs, for instance. So, we will discuss them in this article to help you design better websites.

Website Design Problems

List of the 6 Common Website Design Problems

Here are the web design problems that occur in most web development projects.

1. Leaving the customers’ needs out of the design

This is common in web designs. If you fail to consider the customers’ needs you will not be competitive enough to get sales. It’s good to beautify a website, but, doing this without considering the site visitors is a bad step. So, consider what the customers find to be important in the niches of your business. Then look for creative ways to present that on the design. If you are using WordPress there are dozens of plugins that can help you to present what matters to customers. Better yet you can get a good software solution from experts including plugin development teams.
Thus, the goal is, to ensure potential customers get adequate information to lead them to make a purchase.

2. Too Much Information on the Web Design

The web design should inform the potential customer about the products and services, but don’t overdo the presentation. The design should encourage the web visitors to stick to the site and check out the products. When you keep the visitors focusing on the design too much, they may end up not finding the call to action. This is why you need to give moderate content.
Point to note, include only the necessary information and avoid going into details on the design.

3. Complicated website navigation Interface

Moving from one page to the other should be simple. This is through features like the navigation bar and backlinks. Unfortunately, most websites are difficult to navigate through. In such cases, the visitors don’t know where to access the products page, contact page, etc. This makes them leave the site without meeting your objective. This is why at Web Help Agency we recommend using tools like Figma, Adobe XD and Sketch to make the designs on how the pages will link together.
Tip always ensure your website navigation is up to date when you add a page or a feature that potential customers may need.

4. Poor Color Consideration

This is a common problem in most web designs. This is mostly for companies that are not sure of the theme colors to use. So, this makes it unprofessional and difficult to go through the site. The Web Development Team and Graphic designers need to plan and work on the web design and the logo that contains a great color combination. Through, this the dedicated development team will know which colors to use. Moreover, ensure the links, buttons, paragraphs, headings, and background contrast well.

5. Choosing between Landscape and Portrait Images

This is common that most websites use images that don’t fit accurately. This is caused by a poor choice of images between portrait and landscape images. So, there are many sites out there that offer great images. Thus, you need to know which place needs a portrait image or a landscape one. This will ensure customers are happy and they experience a taste of professionalism. When outsourcing your WordPress development services ensure they are aware of which images to use.

6. Not focusing on Conversions

In conclusion, most sites focus on the design part and forget the conversion part. Most websites have this web design problem and it leads to low sales. So what should you do? You need to prepare the website design to make it both user-friendly and convincing to site visitors to become customers. As a result, we recommend using WooCommerce for your online store. This tool is great and comes with features to boost conversion rates.


There are many common website design Problems that every web developer and web designer should avoid. So, this is to ensure the website gets sales and makes the business competitive. The above are the common web design problems and the solutions. Finally, at Web Help Agency we value creating an ecosystem of websites that bring profits.

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