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10 Most Common Website Code Issues And How To Fix Them

Website code issues: Today’s world is fast-paced and competitive to a high level. Companies and Startups rat race blindly to optimize their website and spend money like water for it.

Yet, they fail to understand the fundamental issues with their websites. As long as there are existing website code issues on their webpage, no amount of money can help ace the SEO target they wish to achieve.

website code issues

We have jotted down the most frequent and regularly occurring website code issues and an easy solution to them to ease your burden of work.

Fix connection errors

Most Common Website Code Issues

Puzzling Robot.txt files  

Is your website non-indexed on Google and thus not appropriately optimized? This might be because the web crawlers are hindering the codes that need to be executed.

website code issues


To eliminate such website code errors, look for the “Disallow/;” text in the source code and remove it. If still unable to, talk to your web developer.

5XX Errors Of Terror

Seeing triplets like 506, 508, etc., might make you terrified and frustrated. Well, these website code issues are a terror only till you understand them. 2 of the primary issues relating to 5xx errors are:

website code issues

Bad Gateway error 502-

This error might pop up when the website cannot connect with the external source or gateway within the permitted time limit. 

Solution – 

When this happens, reload the page. If the issue persists, consider checking the error log and rectifying it. This should make the error disappear.

Variant Negotiation error 506-

Sometimes the negotiation process, made to be transparent content, cannot end in the intended manner, leading to website code issues.

Solution – 

Go for the correction of server permissions. Here, try to revert all recent changes to the original ones.

Lack Of Robust HTTP Security

The security and protection of a website are of utmost priority. The audience will bounce back without thinking twice if the page is not secured. 

HTTP and HTTPS, though similar, are different. Use the latter and not the former.

HTTP Security

Solution – 

The only way to fix this problem is to get the SSL certificate for your website.

Assure your website WordPress security with WebHelpAgency.

Devastating NOINDEX 

What can be more devastating than working hours on your website only to find most of its content wiped out clean from Google Index? This is one of the worst website code issues that can appear as it negatively impacts SEO to great lengths.



Though you can go about manually scanning and rectifying the NOINDEX code to INDEX or just removing it, there is a better option.

The SEO Audit report by WebHelpAgency can lighten your burden with just a click.

Sluggish Page

It’s a real nuisance when the loading page takes seconds to open up. The audience bounce rate is unsurprisingly excellent in such events, which is a bad call for you. Also, it dramatically hinders your SEO ranking.

website code issues

Solution –

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far. Google PageSpeed Insights is here for the rescue. This is a great tool built just for this task.

Links Rendered Broken

Do you remember how annoying it feels to click on a link only to find it not responding or the webpage is inaccessible? This website code issue can instantly crash your SEO and leave you broken.

broken links

Solution –

The best way to counter is to check your internal and external links manually, but the fastest way is to customize your plugins for up-to-date performance.

Bland Visuals And Absence Of Alt tags

What is the most appealing part of any website? It’s graphics and images. The Alt tags are HTML accessibility to encode these graphics with the optimum keywords for maximized SEO. Missing or misplaced Alt tags are, therefore, a disaster.

website code issues

Solution –

Although it is pretty easy to add HTML code while revising the code, it is preferable to undertake an SEO audit to better deal with the problem.

Misleading XML Sitemaps

An XML sitemap is a moderator to provide the correct hierarchy and information in the context of your website. It would be detrimental not to include or wrongly set an XML sitemap from an SEO point of view.

XML Sitemap

Solution – 

It is a task requiring minuscule effort to correct such website code issues. You can easily use WordPress plugin customization to help you out.

Implementation Of Unstructured Data

It would be funny to see the garnishing step right after the ingredients list required for the recipe. Such errors happen due to the presence of unstructured data in the code that messes up the sequencing of the words. Naturally, Google cannot optimize the website as a chaotic mix of data gives no sensible result.

Unstructured Data

Solution –

This is an error to be fixed manually by rechecking your content with the help of an SEO analyst by your side.

If you cannot set up a website or implement the changes on your own, I recommend visiting WebHelpAgency as they are proficient players in this field.

Rel=Canonical True And Real

With the rise of plagiarism-filled content, it is necessary to differentiate and isolate the original work and rank it using SEO. The rel=canonical is an essential tool to help achieve that goal. It helps the algorithm identify the original content and thus SEO it.

website code issues

Solution –

 The correct way is to change the source code. Google has a dedicated guide to rl=canonical changes for the website.


In the end, it is notable that many errors plague us during the task of website creation and ranking, and it is possible to apprehend them using either our source and skillset or the help of agencies working in this domain, such as WebHelpAgency, that provides a one-stop solution to website code issues relating to SEO.

I hope no error proves troublesome ever again. 

Alex Founder Web Help Agency



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