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The Top Tools to Manage a WooCommerce store

The goal of every WooCommerce store owner is to get the right tools to manage a WooCommerce store they own. This is to make work easier, increase sales, reach more customers, etc. Luckily this is possible on WooCommerce. It is a great platform with many tools that help get the best experience. Consequently, WooCommerce boasts around 24% of the E-commerce market share. This is because of the many Plugins and tools the platform provides. 

The tools perform great activities that reduce the cost of operation and save on time. To utilize these tools, you need to know how they work and configure them for your website. Afterward, managing a WooCommerce store will be simple. Moreover, you can create your brand easily and start reaching thousands of consumers.

You need to be careful to choose the best tools that will offer optimal services. Moreover, you need to know if the tools are paid or free. In this article, we will look at the top tools that you can add to your store. Additionally, we will look at the considerations when choosing a WooCommerce store tool/ plugin.

WooCommerce Store Tools

Types of tools for WooCommerce Store

Store admins have a lot of things and tasks they need to do in the stores they manage. These tasks can be overwhelming and this is why different developers in the World continue to come up with different types of tools. These tools range in different areas and come in to solve different problems. Besides that, some will come in to improve some features.

In this section, we will look at the types of tools available. This will help us when we narrow down the discussion on the top tools to Manage a WooCommerce store

Product Marketing Tools

Capturing customers to buy your products and services from your store is essential. This is a continuous activity that continues all through from the launch of the store.  For this, marketing is a vital way to bring more customers. Thus, it’s important to have product marketing tools that will help you increase sales.

The tools are present on WooCommerce. This will help you manage marketing activities. The tools are designed to use different algorithms that boost sales. This involves activities like users’ behaviors when they visit the store. For example, mouse clicks/ movements. Eventually, such information is then processed to come up with solutions.

These types of tools include dozens of plugins that are present through any WordPress website development service. Examples of these tools:

  • WISDM Scheduler Plugin
  • WISDM Dynamic Pricing Tool
  • Jilt
  • Flexible Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce
  • AutomateWoo
  • MailChimp
  • MailPoet

Customer Experience Management Tools

Strategies are vital and are a core need for any business. One of the most important strategies is to manage and handle customers well. This increases the number of returning customers and reduces customer inconveniences.

Research done shows that it is more profitable to retain customers than to find new ones. Thus, a business should build a system that makes customers feel appreciated. This starts with giving customers an experience they are happy with. Consequently, you can give them discounts and a bonus for referral. Tools for all these are available for download. 

You can even give Members services that can include offers like faster shipping, reduction in shipping fees, etc. Here are tools to help you manage customers:

  • Product Recommendation Engine
  • LiveChat
  • Smart Coupons WooCommerce
  • YITH FAQ Plugin
  • WISDM Product Enquiry Pro
  • WooCommerce Points and Rewards

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WooCommerce Store Plugins

Tools for Tracking Deliveries

Keeping track of deliveries is a process that entails a lot of activities. Despite the tussle, the truth is that you need a way to do the tracking. You should come up with a strategy to help customers know their products are on the way. 

Especially when numbers increase. The rate of customer queries, refund management, and shipping requests will all increase. Thus, shipment tracking plugins come in handy. These tools will indicate the status of a product and give estimates on when the product will reach the customers.

This will accordingly give you a good time to avoid some questions. Moreover, when customers know the progress of their product it boosts their confidence. Here are tools to help you actualize that: 

  • Order Delivery Note
  • Status and Order Tracking
  • Shipment Tracking

Tools to Simplify Store Management

Another set of Tools to Manage a WooCommerce store is the ones to simplify store activities. As you build your brand it comes a time the business becomes large. This can be a challenge to manage everything. Luckily, there are handy tools that come in to stabilize the situation.

Having the right tools will save you time and also help your dedicated team or distributed team handle tasks faster. This will allow you to focus on other core areas of the business.

Here is a list of the plugins to simplify managing a WooCommerce store: 

  • TradeGecko
  • Zoho 
  • WooCommerce Stock Manager
  • eSwap
  • WooCommerce Smart Manager

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Store Security Tools

The security of a store is important. You want to ensure the data from users is safe. Moreover, to guarantee them safe transactions at all times. For this, you need to have tools to help improve security. 

Additionally, you need to avoid data breaches of users’ data like passwords, card numbers, etc. For instance, a customer should be confident they are transacting safely and that there is no possibility of a data breach. The good thing is that WooCommerce Development ensures your site is safe.

But, it’s a good idea to add some security features like:

  • Jetpack
  • MailCare Security Plugin
  • Wordfence
  • BulletProof Security
  • iThemes Security
  • reCaptcha for WooCommerce

7 Best Tools to manage a WooCommerce Store

There are also some general tools for WooCommerce that will help you manage a store more effectively. The tools in the previous sections are equally important as these. 

We have collected together the best tools that will help you in general services. This will drive your brand to the next level. Additionally, his tools are efficient for website Integrations. Are you ready? Let’s dive into it.

Tools to Manage a WooCommerce store

1. Google Analytics

This is the leading platform when it comes to analytics. Google Analytics is a great tool for E-commerce stores around the globe. Indeed, the tool will help you to analyze some key areas of your customer’s interaction. Furthermore, it will help you understand your customers. 

The tool can give you insights like:

  • The most visited page in a day
  • The busiest day with the most traffic
  • Total number of people visiting your site
  • The source of your store’s visitors e.g., search engines, social media, etc.
  • Track ads activities

You can simply add the tool to your store from the WooCommerce Plugins.

2. Vimeo for WooCommerce

Videos are incredible tools for marketing in this new era for stores. Dozens of people learn the benefits of products through videos. Thus, you need to make the most out of it. The Vimeo WooCommerce extension is an exceptional tool that allows you to create and embed videos in your store. All this is without the need for expert skills.

3. Canva

Graphics designing and eCommerce shops work together hand in hand. The designs help you have great flyers to show you products on social platforms. You therefore should have a design tool. Consequently, Canva is one tool you can use conveniently. It is a tool that users can use with basic skills. You can use the tool for creating posters for campaigns, Ads, Emails, and more.

4. WooCommerce Payments

This is a convenient payment gateway that you can use inside the WooCommerce store. This allows you to manage payments within your store. The best part of it is that you don’t need to pay setup fees. Moreover, you can integrate with payment options like Google pay, apple pay, etc. 

Furthermore, it can process payments for 130+ currencies. With this tool, you can manage everything on payments and get statements on all transactions.

WooCommerce Payment Gateway

5. WooCommerce Tax

Paying taxes is an important aspect for any store owner to ensure you follow all the regulations required. With WooCommerce Tax, you can calculate the taxes. You can consequently, bill the customers the taxes they should pay for every order.

There is a lot of math involved in taxes. Thus, the best way is to automate the calculations beforehand. This tool will help you do exactly that. Besides that, shop owners need to consider the customer’s location. The tool will help you do all that

Some additional tools you should also consider are WordPress & WooCommerce Mobile App. This will help you manage your store from any location. Another tool is the WP Super Cache which helps you improve on speed.


Managing a WooCommerce store is a vital area to realize profits in the WordPress sites. The best way to do this is to use the Tools like plugins that help you get the most from your store. The above tools will help you create a great brand for your store. In conclusion, you can get the following solutions: Custom WooCommerce Plugin Development Services and WooCommerce Store Enhancement.

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