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Tips for Managing a WordPress Site for beginners

tips to manage a WordPress Site


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Knowledge of managing a WordPress site is an important skill.  This is because WordPress is one of the top content management systems. It boasts of an audience of over 35% of all website users. Noting that there are about 2 million downloads per year. Thus, you can consider the tool to create your site. If you are planning to join the WordPress community there are tips you need to know. Through this you will have a better experience with effective WordPress site management.

Using WordPress comes with many benefits. You get the ability to customize websites for different uses. Then you can add features like a blog, plugins, membership plans, and many more to your site. This content management tool is friendly and both experts and beginners can interact with it. But as a beginner, having some tips will help you improve the website faster. 

The good thing is that you can learn these tricks and avoid making common WordPress errors. In this article, we will look at the tips for managing a WordPress site. This will entail three important phases that start from development, then launch, and end with publishing.

Getting started with a perfect WordPress site

WordPress is software that is easy to install and start the development process. To manage your WordPress site, you need to do everything right after installation. Something to note is that there are two types of WordPress. These are and 

The difference between the two is in the hosting. will offer to host your site whereas with you get hosting services from a third party. By far is the best because you get to customize the site according to your business needs. Therefore, for his case, we will focus on

Here are quick steps to create your first site on WordPress. If you want a website fast you can check the WordPress Services for our offers. Let’s start:

create a WordPress site

Steps to create a WordPress Site

1: Choose a Domain Name and Hosting Provider

The first step is to choose a domain name. A domain name is like the URL to your site. You should choose an appropriate name that is easy to remember. Then look for a good hosting provider. The term hosting means to house your website. Thus, a hosting provider will offer your servers to store website files. 

Remember, to choose a unique name for your domain name. Next, add the domain name to your hosting service provider.

2: Install WordPress

Download then install WordPress and connect it to the website’s domain name. Most hosting providers have included WordPress applications and this will be easier to install. However, you can still add files from the official WordPress Page 

3: Customize the theme

There are dozens of themes available. Some are free to use, others are paid. Depending on the one you choose, the processes of customization are similar. The best way to choose a theme is to consider your business Niche. If it’s a fashion company choose one from the recommended themes.

4: Add Pages and content to your website

After the theme is up and running add pages to the site. Ensure you add common pages like:

  • Homepage
  • Contact Page
  • Blog 
  • Policies Page
  • And other relevant pages

Then add the content needed for every page. You can consider hiring a freelance writer from this. WordPress outsourcing will help you get all the resources you need. Ensure you do everything correctly for effective WordPress site management.

5: Install relevant Plugins

Then Install all the relevant plugins from the WordPress marketplace. Consequently, you should install only those that are useful. Plugins are important to improve site performance and user experience. The two steps to set up plugins are to install and then activate them.  Moreover, you can hire a team for a Custom Plugin Development project.

Additional Activities After Setting Up a Site

The following activities will be undertaken when managing a WordPress site after setting up everything.

  1. Add posts to the Blog Page
  2. Customize the website to be user friendly
  3. Optimize the website for high speeds
  4. Add tolls to help you manage the site.

Tools to help you in Managing a WordPress Site

In managing a WordPress site there are common tools that will help you do everything faster. These tools are efficient for scheduling activities, promoting content, automation, email marketing, SEO Optimization, and many more. You can choose the best. This will help you ensure you have effective WordPress site Management.

Tools for WordPress site Management

Top Five WordPress Management Tools

The following are the tools to use:

  1. MainWP – This is a powerful open-source solution that helps users manage sites. Users can manage multiple sites from the same dashboard. With this tool, you can perform many activities across your WordPress sites. This is in simple clicks. Additionally, it checks on security enhancements by alerting about outdated plugins.
  1. InfiniteWP – This tool is important for managing a WordPress site. It comes with many features. You can control multiple sites on a single dashboard. You can also add users to the platform to help you in different roles. The tool also facilitates backup activities.
  1. ManageWP – The tool is good for automating workflows and other repetitive tasks. This ensures even when you are away your sites are running well. You can use this tool to save time and do more. Moreover, you can improve security for WordPress multisite with subdomains by checking for malware using this tool.
  1. WP Remote – This is a flexible and popular WordPress tool that allows you to do more on a single dashboard. With it, you can manage multiple websites in the same place. This management tool is free to use but you can use the premium plan for more services.
  1. WP Umbrella – This is one of the newest management tools in the market. It is super easy to use and comes with a great user interface. The tool allows for the management of multiple sites on a single page. The tool will help to update and manage plugins and themes. 

Other Bonus Tools include:

  • iControl WP
  • WP Central
  • Glow
  • iThemes Syncs

Tips for Beginners on Managing a WordPress Site

tips to manage a WordPress site

Effective WordPress site management is vital to achieving goals for the website. There are many ways to manage sites effectively. However, the best way to do this is to use some tricks and tips. Consequently, doing this will reduce the management cost, time, and other resources. All this is without compromising on performance.

In this section, we will look into common tips for managing a WordPress site. This will help you optimize the site, improve performance and satisfy site visitors. Are you ready for this? Let’s start.

Choose a convenient Hosting

There are many hosting out there and are all good but some will be better for your site. This will depend on your budget, level of expertise, and usage. Therefore, you need to choose a budget-friendly site that you can easily navigate and configure all settings. Then also consider the purpose of your website and match it with the right hosting provider.

Regularly Update the Theme and Plugins

You should constantly update your site to the latest release. This includes the Themes and plugins. This will ensure you can manage your site’s security levels. Outdated themes and plugins are always a loophole for attacks. You can avoid such cases by regularly updating them. Use website templates that have a security guarantee. 

Backup your website and Content

You have to always backup your website. This should be regular maybe twice a week or more for a website with higher data/ information. Ensure the backup is done to secure servers. This will help you to retrieve important information in the future.

Do Keyword research for Website Content

When managing a WordPress site ensure you have a good content plan. Then ensure you use the right keyword research and analysis. This will help you optimize your site for ranking on search engines. Depending on the Niche you choose some keywords to be evident for every content.

Install Analytics Tools

Analytics will help you know how your site is performing. This will give you an idea of areas to improve on. There are many analytics tools like Google analytics that will help you in this. Add these tools to your website and ensure you analyze the figures. Consequently, doing this will help you have a great performance.

Here are some bonus tips to help: 

  • Always use alt text for the images
  • Edit the default WordPress Permalinks
  • Limit the number of plugins you use
  • Pick the theme carefully depending on your brand
  • It’s better to use the than the


WordPress is one of the best software for creating great websites and you too can create a great brand. You only need to be good at managing a WordPress site. But this can be a tussle when beginning. The good thing is that you can learn this. The above are tools and tips that will help manage your site. You can get these WordPress development services from our team and start your successful site.

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