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The WordPress Website Migration Checklist You’ll Always Need

For people who don’t know, an website migration is while you circulate an internet site from one web website hosting surroundings to another.

Web Site migration can be a challenging prospect, mainly if it is your 1st time. There is indeed a lot at stake, but don’t worry. We’ll assist you in making sure your migration went as planned so you’re not stuck with a big problem server or a constrained server.

While there are numerous ways to migrate a website, including using a plugin and hitting a button, use this WordPress website migration checklist to begin the process seamlessly or without incident.

What is website migration?

Website migration relates to the procedure of making setup or technological changes to a website. Simple website upgrades are not assumed website migration, as was previously stated, as site migration generally entails substantial changes to the website’s framework, Ui, data, locations, and layout.

wordpress website migration checklist

Even though moving your website could be necessary to solve an issue, if it isn’t done correctly, there are hazards involved, including the possibility of losing some or all of your website’s functionality. 

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SEO Guidelines for Proper WordPress Website Migration

The following WordPress website migration checklist is designed to help customers at every point of the project, from pre-migration preparation through everything you need to know when migrating, and also to avoid common mistakes and errors.

So let’s get taking off!

Pre Web site WordPress Migration Checklist

Prefer the ethical method: Manual migration vs migration with a tool.

Migrating an internet site manually is a time-eating process. You may also spend hours migrating your vintage web page to a brand new one, handiest to overlook a critical step or pass a particular record with a purpose to reduce to rubble the complete process.

To avoid this, you can always hire us for WordPress migration. Our team ensures that we migrate all of your documents and databases properly.

Set the adequate criteria for selecting a migration device

There is a collection of plug-ins available withinside the market for internet site migration. However, you need to prioritize standards for choosing a system based on your lack.

One-click-on WordPress migration system fulfills all the standards and is as smooth as possible! Plus, net web website online migration is unbuttoned with all types of equipment to be had through WordPress.

Put up a brand new WordPress web website online

Earlier, you were ready with the proper WordPress migration plugin, and you want to ensure that you have a brand new space to which you’ll migrate your website online. You can moreover want to shop for a brand new space or put it up in case you already have one.

put up a brand new wordpress web website online

Without this step, your internet site will not have any extent to migrate.

Install WordPress in the new location

You want to get your new space up and run lengthy before you begin the migration technique. For this, you should first set up WordPress, which takes only minutes.

Get FTP credentials on your new site.

The FTP credentials are critical to migrating your internet site, and you need to hold them accessible earlier than you begin the migration technique to avoid setbacks later on.

The diplomae comprise the server address, port digit, username & password. To get them, you can touch your website hosting issuer, who will offer FTP, SFTP, or FTPS credentials relying on which protocol your internet site uses.

Take a sparkling backup simply quickly than migration.

Migration is a complicated process. Unfortunately, regardless of accuracy, you can leave out something essential and become with an internet site that is damaged or inaccessible.

Post Website Migration Checklist

Update DNS access

Later departing the site, you may replace the DNS entry, ceasing to function, which your clients will be directed to in your vintage internet site. DNS entry may be up to date from your internet site host admin panel, and the procedure is typically one-of-a-kind for every site host. Once up to date, the improvements take 48 hours to evaluate.

Examine the brand new internet site.

Later migrate and remodel your DNS entry. 

Look at it in case your internet site is working correctly. If you’ve got a massive place, it’s no longer reasonable to check it thoroughly. However, do  take a look at all crucial pages and posts for any troubles

Plan your website online’s URL architecture

Similarly, make specific to carry the URL configuration equal to the antique one. 

Modifying too different URLs or losing posts or pages from the antique web 

Website online at some point of migration can also cause engines like google to determine it’s a very new website, imposing you to now no longer best lose site visitors and, additionally, the rankings.

plan your website online's url architecture

Inspect inner hyperlinks for a replace

Once you factor your antique URLS into brand new ones, your inner hyperlinks will redirect to the brand new URLs. Though this develops a server load that holds back your internet site and affects SEO. To keep away from this, replace all of the inner hyperlinks for your database with the usage of the hunt and update system.

Set up a brand new webpage for SEO

Set up brand new belongings on your new webpage withinside the Google Search Console. Don’t forget to put up the brand new sitemap. You need your webpage to be listed efficaciously earlier than the launch.

Some services by WordPress for website migration you need to know:-

Custom WordPress Development

Unlock the total ability of WordPress via way of means of growing custom plugins and API integrations. 

WP Security

Ensuring the protection and protection of your internet site ought to continually be a pinnacle priority. 

WP Engine

WP Engine offers controlled WordPress hosting, taking pictures of 5% of all online site visitors at the websites it hosts.


What is the exceptional manner emigrate a WordPress internet site?

Ans. The most straightforward manner of applying an internet site migration tick list is with a plugin that gives a one-click characteristic to emigrate your WordPress web website online from one host or server to another.

exceptional manner emigrate a wordpress internet site

Can you migrate your complete WordPress web website online to a brand new internet site?

Ans. Yes, you could flow the complete WordPress web site Checklist  if you want to migrate.


To ensure that the site migration procedure doesn’t cross awry, comply with the complete WordPress website migration checklist we’ve created with the whole lot you want to recognize and emigrate your internet site successfully. Use plugin available for all on wordpress  for your backup and migration needs. In this manner, your internet site is continually secure with an offsite backup, and also, you get 0 downtimes throughout the migration.

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