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The Key Website Quality Control for your Site

In most cases, before you launch your website it is good to do some checks to ensure the site is ready to go live. This process is known as quality control. This ensures the design of the website meets the standards to boost the enterprise’s online presence. Moreover, it guarantees that the site is compatible with major browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and Microsoft Edge, etc.

At Web Help Agency we ensure that this process is done together with our clients to ensure 100% satisfaction. The whole development team is also part of this process. This includes the designers, system analysts, developers, website managers, etc. They are responsible for evaluating the website from its early development process to the final development phase.

Website Quality Control

Key Quality Control to Undertake

Here are the common website quality assurance features to check that ensure the site is ready for launch.

1. Checking the website compatibility on different devices

After publishing your site to be available using the website’s URL, you will soon start getting visitors. These visitors will be accessing the site using different devices. If your development team is not keen on factoring in every device. Users will have difficulty accessing the site from different devices. Thus. in the quality control phase the team should ensure the site is accessible on all devices.

2. Removing Broken Links

The presence of broken links from one page to another or one article to another can be disappointing. This can lead to users leaving your site. This is why you have to ensure all the links are working and leading to the right page.

3. Proper Processing of Forms

The forms are very useful to help site owners get information from users but can be a headache when they are not functioning correctly. Imagine a user signing up to your web app only to come later to log in and the site fails to respond. This can be dissipating and you have to avoid such by all means.

Hence you need to do all tests to ascertain the form receives information. Moreover, it should send the data to the database correctly.

4. Removing unused lines of codes

Having many lines of code that the site is not using only makes it load longer but also causes difficulty in the debugging process. This is why a web help agency recommends the removal of any code not in use. You can also comment on the code.

5. Ensuring the site Loads Faster

It is estimated that users tend to leave a site that loads for more than 3 seconds. You, therefore, don’t want to waste any opportunity from a website visitor. This is why you need to ensure the site is loading faster. This quality is also useful for Search Engine Optimization to place the site top on the searches.

6. Guaranteeing the User’s data Security

Another key Website Quality Control is ensuring the safety of users’ data. This is especially when asking for their email and payment details. In this stage we recommend a security audit to be done to ensure hackers cannot penetrate through the system in the future.

Final Remarks to Quality Control

WordPress sites or any other website must undergo quality control. This will ensure it is ready for launch. This process is easier when you assign every team member to undertake quality assurance of their part in the website development.

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