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The key elements of a website design to Improve Performance

There is no doubt that web design is an important aspect of any website and this creates an emphasis on the benefits of having all key elements of a website design. This ensures that the website stands out and offers a great interaction to users. Consequently, you will meet the goals and objectives for your site. 

Research done showed that 50% of consumers believe that a website’s design is crucial to their buying decision. This indicates that creating a web design is an important phase of website development. Thus, you need to create the best designs. 

In this article, we want to discuss the key elements of a website design that will improve its performance. This will help you ensure you deploy and publish a great website. Moreover, you will have a good representation of your brand. This translates to more customers, leads, and clients.

The Top 10 Basic elements of a website design

Let’s look at the basic elements you should consider when creating a website design. Each of these elements contributes to the overall user experience. Thus, you must ensure all the elements are present. 

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Moreover, these elements also contribute to the ranking of the site. This is important to push your business to a wider audience. Are you ready? Let’s start/

key elements of a website design

Friendly Website Design

We cannot exhaust the points emphasizing the importance of a friendly design. When designing the website, the needs of the user should come first. The site should be friendly for them to scroll around. A good design makes them interact more with the features on the site. As a result, they stay longer and this improves the chances of attracting the customer to make a conversation.

The friendliness of a site is also important and influences activities like ranking on Google and increase in recommendations & backlinks. The best way to ensure the website design is friendly is to consider the user’s needs. Ask the question: what is it that they want to see when they visit? For a friendly site ensure the following are present:

  • Interaction – The website should interact with users and have events that impress users.
  • Usability – The user should easily use the site. They should not struggle to understand the Niche or the language.
  • Flexibility – A good site should be flexible to users. For example, recommending similar articles.

Quality Content (Content is King)

There is a common saying that content is king. This is true when it comes to the elements of a good website design. The content matters a lot. For the users to understand your business they will have to read the content on the website. This is why it is essential to include relevant content on the site. This should be on all pages of the website. Especially pages like about us, policies page, etc.

You should provide interesting content to keep the visitor on the website. Moreover, you can consider creating a blog for articles. This will improve the rate of returning customers.

website search engine optimization

Perfect SEO

Search engine optimization is vital for any website design. When creating a web design, you should consider strategies to improve SEO. Basically, SEO improves link popularity, content relevance, etc. This is to make the site pages to be relevant, easily findable, and popular on searches. Thus, this element is important for a website design and should be key for the pages, and articles.

With a perfect SEO, the site will be recommended to many users on similar topics. There are many ways to improve the SEO of any site. Here are things you should do:

  • Optimize the images to load faster
  • User relevant keywords in your content
  • Add internal and external links to the articles and pages
  • Use Plugins like Yoast for WordPress to assess SEO
  • Avoid mixing up topics on your website

Mobile Responsiveness

This is an important element for any website. Most users in the modern world use their phones to browse. Hence, there is a higher chance of a user visiting your site through their phone. Thus, you need to be ready to give them a good experience. For this, you need to ensure that the site is responsive. As a result, the users can navigate through your site on their phones. 

There are many strategies to improve this. Additionally, You can get WordPress project development services that ensure you get a responsive site. The other way is to use strategies like mobile-first to design the Frontend designs.

website visual design

Visual Design

The visual design is also one of the elements of a website design. This focuses on features like color, font, image sizes, and other elements that affect the website’s view. This is very important and needs to be appealing to the users. Web designers should ensure everything is in order. Furthermore, the color combinations should represent the brand correctly.

A simulation of the website can be undertaken through a Website Designer or UI/UX Designer. They will use tools like Figma or Adobe XD to create the designs. This will give a visual design sample of the expected site. These improvements can be undertaken at an earlier stage. Moreover, for greater results, you can opt for Adobe XD to WordPress and Figma to WordPress form a team of experts.

Navigation Features

When creating a web design you need to include the navigation features. These are important elements of the website design. They highly affect the user experience and the interaction of the website with users. If a website visitor wants something they should easily get it. The best way to improve this is to ensure you highlight the links and buttons.

Moreover, you should include all important links in the footer or header. These are the areas most site visitors will check when they need to access a page. A good design should give users an easy time navigating through.

element of a call to action

Call to Action

The call to action is a vital element when creating a website design. When visitors come to your site at the end of their visit there is an action you want them to undertake. Consequently, there are objectives and goals to achieve when they visit. This is the call to action and it is important. You need to include it to ensure the users are satisfied.

This can be:

  • Making a purchase
  • Subscribing to the Email Newsletter
  • Enrolling in some services
  • Feeling a form or giving feedback
  • Making a donation to your organization
  • Subscribing to the Website Membership Services

Accessibility of Information

Not all users on your site are coming to explore the products or services you offer. Some already know what they need. For example, what they need is to grab your business phone number or address. For this, it is vital to have a page/ section for such information. This is to ensure they are easily accessible to users on the website. 

All the information needs to be in one place. Therefore, you should ensure you add the search feature to your site. This will make it better for the visitors to look up such information. For example, the following are pieces of information that need to be accessible:

  • The business phone number
  • A customer care Email Address
  • The Social Media Account Handles
  • Shipping Information (for sites involving shipping activities)
  • Necessary certifications

Brand Presentation

When creating a brand you need to use all channels available to present the brand. This is why a brand presentation element is key in a web design. You need to make brand awareness through its elements. Some important brand features are:

  1. Logo
  2. The Vision And Mission
  3. The Core Values
  4. The main area of operation
  5. The Business Model that you use (B2B, B2C, etc.)

All of these are important for web design. This helps to improve the confidence that consumers/ customers have for your company. The better the brand presentation the more confidence they have, Consequently, the more likely you get sales.


For any site, Speed is very important. Research done by HubSpot shows that 88.5% of website visitors will leave a site loading slowly. This is an unfortunate experience and can affect the business performers. To avoid the chances of such improving the speed is important. This is to ensure the site loads faster. Besides that, it will attract many site visitors to your website. 

Speed also affects the SEO performance of the site. A faster site will score more on SEO than a slow site. Subsequently, it will improve that recommendation rate for other similar visitors. You can hire an expert to undertake WordPress Outsourcing Services. This will ensure you have a great site built by a great team.


To summarize, here are many elements in a web design that need to be there for the website to perform. This consequently facilitates the use of the website to improve the company. The above are important elements you should include in your web design. Ensure you consider them in your next project. Moreover, you can get WordPress services with the above elements in the web design from our team.

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