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Top 10 components of a great Business website

elements of a great business website


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Our agency like any other web development agency will insist on having a great business website. This is a key necessity to tap into the wide range of opportunities available on the internet. Consequently, the current world of technology has focused on a new way of conducting business. Thus, it is of great importance to have a business website with great and friendly elements.

Business websites help enterprises to connect with virtual customers and clients. Moreover, websites are also a great attraction for physical customers. For example, customers looking for your business address.  Isn’t that interesting? Plus, not forgetting the ability to undertake internet marketing through the website.

If you need a website, we can help you get one quickly with our professional WordPress Outsourcing Services. With such a website you can now learn the key elements to having a great business website. This article will help you to know the vital features of a great business site.

elements of a great business site

10 Top Components of a Great Business Website

A website component is any feature that is added to the frontend or backend code of a site. Such components are what we call website elements. Such elements are available in many formats and designs. Henceforth, there are many elements that you can add to a website. The elements help the website to be appealing and also guarantee top speeds & security.

Among all these elements many will help you have a great business website. Whether you are using website platforms like WordPress or other tools, the elements are important. Here is a list of the top 10 important elements. These elements are proven to be associated with great corporate sites.

Good Design

First on the list is having a good design. This is from the first to the last page of the website. Doing this increases the user-friendliness of a site. Hence, this leads many users to be confident in doing business with the company. The process of creating a great website starts with the UI/ UX designs. The Designer should do a good job and ensure the designs are a representation of the business.

It is from such designs that web developers will come up with a great site. Moreover, the designer, front-end developer, and backend developer need to work as a team. This will ensure the objective of the business is the priority. A good design should present a business well, impress users and additionally, cause the site visitors to act to the call of action.

A good website design
A good website design

Catchy Blog and Blog Post Titles

Blogs, as we learned in the article Ways to market a business on WordPress, are vital for marketing a business. This is why you need to include it on your site. This will help you create a great business site. However, what matters more is the content you publish on these blogs. Thus, after adding a blog element you need to ensure the content is great. 

Consequently, part of the content is the blog post titles. You need to craft great blog post titles. This is to attract site victors to read your articles. Ensure you use the correct keywords in the title. Nonetheless, don’t create misleading titles to attract people to read the article.

Use of Clear Images

An image speaks a thousand words; thus, we cannot ignore the importance of images on any website. Images will help you to communicate more and create a lasting impression on customers. Consequently, this will help you to have a great website and also present your brand correctly. People easily relate to great image designs, hence, most sales are achieved depending on the image quality.

Therefore, you need to use clear images with high quality. The best way to do this is to design images to contain some information about your products or services. This will lead to more opportunities. Nevertheless, don’t use too many images, because this can lower the site’s loading speed.

A clear Call to Action

Achieving the goals and objectives is the core purpose of any great business website. This is done in many ways, one of these is through the formulation of a call to action relating to the goals and objectives. For example, if your business is about publishing books. You can have an objective like increasing book sales. For this, you should include calls to action that will lead to the achievement of the objective. Something like a link to your service page or a contact form for clients to fill out.

Additionally, the call to action needs to be clear and direct to the point. This will avoid confusing the victors about what they should do. These calls should be chosen in the correct way to ensure they are effective.

a call to action

Thus, when creating a Work breakdown structure for the website project ensure there are call to action.

A Friendly Website Theme

Another important element is the Website theme. Your website needs to be thematic and this shows to order on your site. For this, we recommend using WordPress because it offers thousands of themes on a variety of topics. You can get such a website through our WordPress development services. We will assign your business site with the correct theme. Friendly themes will do you a lot of favors e.g.:

  • It will give your business a unique brand identity
  • A friendly theme will show order on your site
  • It brings the correct blend of colors, fonts, etc.
  • Themes are easier to customize and use
  • It contains great features like buttons, forms, etc. 

Must be Interactive (Use of Animation, Videos, Visuals, etc.)

Interactivity is an important element of a great business website. When you make interactive sites, site visitors find the site interesting. There are many ways to do this. An interactive site includes:

  1. Captivating Animations – These are interactive elements that give different motions to images, texts, and other UI components. 
  2. Informative Videos – Websites can also use videos to interact with users. These are especially informative videos. Consequently, are not only useful to interact with users but also useful for marketing. 
  3. Illustrations – These are some creative image designs that use cartoon-like components to represent different people, objects, items, etc. 
  4. Captions and Menus – Captions are an interactive way to add meaning to tables, images, and other items on a website page. Additionally, menus are also necessary for interacting from page to page. 
  5. Engaging Visuals – This entails great graphics that are well-designed to present products and information. Web designers use this to shift the visitor’s focus to the elements. 
  6. Scrolling effects – These are special features added so that when scrolls up or down an artistic display is shown. This is especially useful for the landing page.

This is a vital component for great business sites. The development team should ensure they add several interactive components to the site. Additionally, developers can embed components e.g. YouTube videos.

beautiful  homepage design

Clear Homepage Information

The Homepage is the place to give the site visitors a positive impression. Additionally, it is the page to show that you are ready to solve their problems through amazing solutions. You need to customize it with all the important information about your products and services. Moreover, include all the information users of the products and services you offer will be looking for.

Like in Human-Computer Interaction, websites should be deployed in consideration of the visitors’ needs. For example, if a certain question is common from users of the services in that niche. You need to answer it even before they ask. Such actions will lead to great customer service. Consequently, helping you achieve objectives.

The following are bonus elements to include in a corporate website: This will ensure the website stands out.

  • Mobile Responsiveness – This is the concept of having a site being friendly to mobile users. Consequently, doing this allows for the majority of mobile users to access and navigate the site.
  • Comprehensive Contact Details – A clear list of contacts is also an important element for any business site. This is useful to offer support to users. Moreover, users can inquire through such. Thus, great customer satisfaction.
  • Smooth Navigation – Having a perfect navigation system is key for great websites. This involves items like a search bar, footer, header, etc. This is to allow smooth navigation which is key for a successful business website.


Achieving a great business website is a process that entails a lot of handwork and determination. This is done by ensuring the elements for a great business site are present. This will ensure you can market your enterprise.  Moreover, your brand will grow when you have a well-customized business website. You can get your professional website today with the above elements and start enjoying increased customers.

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