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There are a lot of activities involved in the development process of a website. This is an important process that needs to be done professionally. This is to ensure the final product that the development team will be hosting, will accomplish the objectives. These objectives will help the business to scale up. For that, you need a great business website or a great website for any other reason.

The development of a new website comes with many benefits. But, for this to be achieved you need to ensure the development process is in check. Ensure that the designers, front-end developers, backend developers, and content creators do their job well. The good thing is that all this is doable with a good collaborative development team.

In this article, we will look at the development process of a website. This will help you prepare well for your next website project. Moreover, to ensure you get a cool website that when hosting you will be happy. Let’s journey together in the process of designing a new website.

Preparation for web development process

Preparation for the development process for a website

A good business, company, enterprise, or development team should always sit down and prepare for the development process. Doing this at the initial stage always makes the whole process to be professional. Thus, coming up with great web solutions. This is what you want, right? 

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Hence, let’s look at how you need to prepare for the development process.

Know the Website Purpose

This should be one thing you need to know beforehand. The purpose of the website should be at the back of your mind. This makes it simple to decide the other things. For example, the choice of the color to use is primarily based on the purpose of the website. Thus, you need to know the purpose of creating a website.

The purpose of the website in most cases is the objective and the goal of the business. This is unless you are creating a website for a campaign or a promotion. Ensure you don’t start before you decide on the purposes.

Set clear Timelines

The timelines are important for any development process. This is especially software development. This is why you need to come up with a clear schedule for everything. This will ensure the hosting process and the launch of the website is done on time. Moreover, it gives a clear direction to the development team. Consequently, this ensures you allocate time accordingly to every phase.

There are many ways to do this. But the best one is to consider the final product you want and approximately how long it will take to design it. You can learn more about how to Estimate a Custom WordPress Project.

Know the Target Audience

The best websites in the world are the ones that meet the needs of their target audience. Consequently, this means that whenever site visitors come to your site for a product they get it. If they come for answers they get them. To achieve this, you need to know your target audience. This entails a lot of information like:

  • Their age
  • The niche that interests them
  • The gender
  • The country and location

When you have these details, it will help customize a cool site that will be perfect for the audience. For example, if your business is an international one then you have to blend in all the needs of the audience. This involves things like language. If it’s a regional company you must give the target audience a platform something they resonate with.

Site Accessibility

As you prepare for the development process of a website you need to look at the way the site will be accessible. A site can be private, public, or limited to a given region. All this needs to be considered before the development starts. For example, if you are seeking to find new customers through the site you can consider making the site for a specific objective. Consequently, is unlike when you offer membership to a predetermined audience.

When you know the type of accessibility it will help you during the design and hosting. Especially in the hosting part to limit the access to the URL.

The Development Team

The last but most important thing to do when you prepare you are designing a new website is the development team. You need to have an all-rounded development team to work with. You can check the following website design services for the best team of designers and developers.

It’s not a requirement to have your full-time development team. This is because you can consider outsourcing for a distributed team to work on your project. 

Website Development

The process of designing a website from start to Hosting

Now that we have learned what to do to prepare for the development process of a website. Let’s now journey into the process of designing from the start to the hosting stage. These steps will give you a good view to manage your team. Moreover, it will help you know what the agency services you ordered entail.

Step 1: Choose the right Framework/ website platform

Depending on your plan choose a good framework to use for your website. There are many frameworks to use for developing cool websites. Frameworks help you to build custom websites. But you can save on time, cost, and other resources by choosing a website platform. Many such platforms help you build websites faster. Examples are: 

  1. WordPress – Perfect for online stores with WordPress, especially if you want to migrate Shopify to WooCommerce.
  2. Wix – Perfect for small business startups
  3. Shopify – Good for online shops
  4. WooCommerce – Perfect for online stores with WordPress

Step 2: Sign up for the services

The next important step is to sign up for the specific services. For more information, you can visit the official websites or go through their documentation. This will help you learn how to sign up. The majority of these platforms offer both paid and free plans. But, WordPress and WooCommerce are open-source sites that are free to use. Nevertheless, you will need a hosting site to install the WordPress files and start working on your website.

In the development process of a website always ensure you consider all the costs beforehand. Check for reviews and enquire with professional agencies on the best platforms. This is to avoid hidden charges. Moreover, to ensure professionalism.

Step 3: Choose a unique and relevant domain name.

The domain name is a vital component of any website design. It is the name, the title, the identity, and the link (and many more) to the website. You need to ensure you choose a perfect domain name. In the article Things, you need to know about Hosting a website. For example, we learned more about domain names. The domain name is a unique easily remembered name to represent your site. The domain names make part of the URL.

Therefore, you need to choose a cool domain. There are many domain name service providers out there. The good thing is that with some website outsourcing services the agencies will do all this. additionally

Step 4: Pick a design template you love.

The next thing is to pick a website template. Like the domain name, the template is a great identity for your site. You want to be sure your site stands out to the audience. It is a key element for any good website to have a cool template. This helps it to convert site visitors to customers. The platforms above have thousands of themes that you can use. 

Ensure you choose the themes that have a design for your Niche. Moreover, consider up-to-date themes. If you want a website built from scratch ensure you get to know the Programming Languages you will need. You can use the prototyping tools available to simulate how you want the site. This will help you choose the best theme.

Creating a Cool WordPress Website

Step 5: Upload and format the content.

After choosing the template you are now ready to format the website. Add the pages you will need and the relevant content. Ensure you include every detail that will help the audience learn about your business, services, or products. At least you should have enough content to prompt the site visitor to the call to action.

Consequently, as you progress add and update the content. This will ensure the information about your company/ enterprise is the correct one. Moreover, our agency can help you choose the website integration tools you will need.

Step 6: Preview, Host and Publish your website

After doing all the developments from the designing, development, and coding for the site. You now need to preview your site and ensure everything is working right. Preview all the components and features to ascertain that they are working well. Consequently, the best way to do this is to visit the site like a visitor and rate your experience. If it’s good you can now proceed to host the website.

Hosting a website requires you to choose a good web hosting provider. Then after that, you can now publish your site. After publishing, share it on your social platforms to start getting visitors. Good website management is key after the development process of a website.


Designing a new website is a great deal that will bring a lot of benefits to your business. Nevertheless, it is vital to ensure you do this in the right way. This will ensure you tap into all the benefits. The development process of the website above will help you do this. Contact us for more information and great website solutions.

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