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The Best WordPress Plugin for Your Project

There are about 50 thousand Plugins in the WordPress Plugin Database. These Plugins are useful to make the complex features you need in your site become a reality. It is a long process to write code from scratch. The solution for this is to install plugins to apply different functionalities. Here you make use of someone’s lines of code to implement a variety of features. This saves time and helps you focus on the essential parts of the site. The best WordPress plugin for your project will depend on a variety of things.

WordPress Plugins are popular for a different range of services. This is from E-Commerce activities, debugging, form functionality, Email marketing, and many more for both WordPress CRM and WooCommerce. These Plugins come in different levels from the basic to the advanced ones. You can select any plugins you need. At Web Help Agency we use and recommend these tips to get the best custom WordPress development Plugin for Your Project.

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Finding the right fit WordPress Plugin for Your Project

Installing WP plugins is a simple process, but the most priority comes in choosing the right plugins. There are many plugins out thus, you need to look at the best and avoid those with little or no advantage.

For example, you want a feature to allow site visitors to enroll in Email Subscriptions. So you go to the Plugin repository and search for ‘Email subscription’. You will realize thousands of plugins will appear in the list. What next after this? How do you choose the best one for your project?

To help you decide on the best WordPress plugin for your project let’s look at the common attributes to consider. This will ensure you incorporate the best features into your site.

WordPress Plugin Description

The description of the plugin is essential to assure quality. This gives a clear overview of what the plugin does. Plus the technologies it uses, and the guidelines to note. From this, you can decide if these are the services your site needs.

To get more details click on the Plugin title. This will give you more details including screenshots. The secret here is to find the one that covers the needs you want.

Avoid Plugins with the following traits:

  • Too many unrealistic features
  • Unclear descriptions with too many gaps
  • A Plugin that does not include the services you need
  • Unfriendly UI from the screenshots

The Reviews and rating

In the WP plugin Repository, there is a 5-star rating system. It shows what other users think about the plugin. Click on the start to get a detailed report of the reviews. The best WordPress Plugin for Your Project should have more positive reviews. this will show there is a user that found the plugin to be helpful.

Reviews are a perfect way to know if the plugin solved the user’s problem. A Plugin with many positive reviews and a bigger star rating should be a perfect one to use.

Release and Last Update Date

The best WordPress plugin for any project should be up-to-date. This is to ensure the plugin has the latest security features. From the plugin page, you can check the last updates. This will show the developer is always updating the code to improve efficiency.

A plugin with the latest update date shows that the developers are focusing on the app. This is essential when you need support. Always avoid plugins that were updated a long time ago. Such WordPress components can have some loopholes for bugs.

Number of Active Installations

If other web developers are using the plugin, this is a good indication that the plugin is fantastic. At the bottom left corner, you can see the number of active installations. The more active installations the better the plugin.

A good plugin will be common to most WordPress developers. This can have hundreds of thousands to millions of active users.

For accuracy, we recommend you also consider the release date of the plugin. This is because a new plugin can have few active installations but has the best services.

WordPress Plugin Compatibility

WordPress is open-source software that comes up with new features every day. This allows for new skills and experts to come on board. In the process, new technologies and features are used. The introduction of new features means some plugins will be outdated. It is good to check whether the plugin is compatible with your site.

If you check from your dashboard that an application does not support the WordPress version you are using. This is a sign to avoid it.

Some key areas to use WordPress Plugin for your project

There are common areas at Web Help Agency that we encourage the use of plugins. These are:

  • Marketing i.e. Email Marketing
  • SEO Features
  • Debugging
  • Chat Bots
  • Security Plugins i.e. password encryption
  • Page Builders
  • Data Management Plugins i.e. Forms


WordPress Plugins are very important for WordPress development projects. Being able to add features without having to write the code is an unmatched advantage. But, you have to ensure you use the best ones. The above are tips to help you get the best WordPress plugin for your development project. You can also outsource WordPress Plugins development services from us at Web Help Agency.

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