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The development process of a website | From the Start to Hosting

There are a lot of activities involved in the development process of a website. This is an important process that needs to be done professionally. This is to ensure the final product that the development team will be hosting, will accomplish the objectives. These objectives will help the business to scale up. For that, you […]

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Tips for Managing a WordPress Site for beginners

Knowledge of managing a WordPress site is an important skill.  This is because WordPress is one of the top content management systems. It boasts of an audience of over 35% of all website users. Noting that there are about 2 million downloads per year. Thus, you can consider the tool to create your site. If […]

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How to Start an Online Business?

Many people are convinced that running an online enterprise only requires you to have several online resources, a website, and an online marketing team. On the contrary, there’s so much more involved than they can imagine. In fact, starting such a business requires additional expenses in a bid to come up with an effective online […]

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