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How To Make A Real Estate Website With WordPress?

Want to start a real estate website but don’t know where to start? Well, you have dropped by at the best time. For starters, we will discuss some of the most important elements that are the base of a real estate website. We must remember that a real estate website should be reader-friendly rather than complex. If you’re wondering how to build a real estate website, continue reading.

start a real estate website

Once we have gathered all the layouts and dimensions of the web page, we can initially create a brand portal that directs readers and clients to our services. If you want to start a real estate website, then continue reading.

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Components needed in a real estate website

A real estate website is more than a page of blog posts and residential information. Let’s get through some of the important elements that make up a real estate website.

Real estate listing 

Your real estate website needs to lead on residential information from people living in different areas. Hence, you must first bring in clients interested in listing their residences.

real estate website develoeprs

Convincing clients to use your site is a mandatory task.

WordPress forms

For your website to start previewing data, it has to be signed in through several forms. These forms are also required for bringing leads, inserting customer information, etc. 

Lead magnets

A lead magnet compels users of your website to share information, like their email addresses, in return for access. This could be a piece of content like a newsletter, whitepaper, or ebook. Content not only raises awareness but also informs and piques the curiosity of potential customers on your real estate page.

Email Automation

Email automation utilizes a marketing automation forum to send automatic messages so that the right people receive information at the right time without executing the work manually. This can ensure sending accurate data to your clients. 

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IDX and Real Estate Website 

Realtors, brokers, and their teams use the software standard IDX, or Internet Data Exchange, to view recently updated listings from MLS (multiple listing services). IDX allows real estate websites to view residential listings with updated information taken directly from MLS.

real estate website on wordpress

You can present a variety of properties using IDX, which will help you get more leads for your company.

Adding paid themes to make a real estate website on WordPress

First and foremost, you have to decide on a good theme. Real estate websites frequently need a lot of specialized functionality, making it challenging to build them from scratch. This is where themes come into work. You have various alternatives while choosing these paid themes.

Although there are many “flexible” themes available that cater to numerous different businesses, for the time being, we’ll just concentrate on themes that are particular to the real estate industry.

wordpress website

The fact that real estate-specific themes have features that are beneficial to the industry is another reason to utilize them.

Using website plugins to make a real estate website on WordPress

The strategy with this method is really simple. Like any other WordPress plugin, the real estate listing website plugin is downloaded and installed before being customized as needed. Before making a decision, you must conduct an extensive study because the plugin you select will determine how your website functions. There are more than 40 plugins accessible in WordPress plugin directory.

Let’s see the best wordpress plugins for business.


Given that it provides a variety of capabilities in a single plugin, Estatik is unquestionably the king of all real estate plugins. Additionally, you receive listings and multilingual assistance. A responsive layout with a photo gallery is certainly provided. You can even integrate social media or make a presentation.

IMPress listings

A real estate plugin with a stylish listing management system is called IMPress Listing. The plugin can assist you in integrating MLS and offering status tags for all your listings, such as a map, address, country, price, and many others. Additionally, IMPress Listing has many great features, like automatic map inclusion.

Easy Property Listings

Another strong and fully adjustable WordPress real estate plugin is Easy Property Listings. It makes creating a real estate website simple without editing code or switching WordPress themes. Managing your properties is relatively simple because of the user-friendly listing management interface. Its user-friendly layouts allow websites to be displayed in a grid form.


To build and manage real estate websites, WP-Property was created. It might be employed as a management tool, a manager for property listings, or a livestock inspector. You may customize your filtering with the WordPress real estate plugin by quickly entering precise search parameters. The features may be changed to list a wide variety of goods, making it perfect for building a website for making hotel reservations, buying used cars, and finding real estate discounts.

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WHA is a web development company. We help our clients with the utmost expertise in the field of web page creation. 

Our custom WordPress development services increase the client’s website’s content management functionality. Our plugin development service is also top-notch, which is mandatory to make a real estate website on WordPress. With our services, clients can expect a web portal that is user-friendly and viewable to web page visitors. 

We provide services like website migration and e-commerce development to make the client’s website more visible online. Hence, with our services, your goal to make a real estate website on WordPress will take flight in no time. 


Making a real estate website on WordPress is more than just promoting properties. There is an entire deal in dealing with the management of the portal. Hence, proper assistance is required in the first phase in order to start a real estate website. Through all the suggestions provided in this article, you can get through the hassle of web development, which can be difficult initially. 

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