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9 reasons why eCommerce websites fail and are unsuccessful

E-commerce has been revolutionizing the way people shop. More than a billion global shoppers now make purchases on their smartphones, tablets, and computers every day. 

E-commerce is rising rapidly, with more and more people purchasing products online. In fact, according to a 2014 report by ComScore, almost half of all US consumers (49%) say they made a purchase using their mobile device while watching TV at least once in the last month.

There’s no question that e-commerce is growing – a trend likely to continue given the increasingly connected consumer and the versatility of desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

e-commerce website

However, with the rise of e-commerce comes the rise of failed e-commerce websites. In this article, we’ll explore the nine most common reasons why e-commerce websites fail and are unsuccessful.

The most important cause on the list of reasons why eCommerce websites fail is poor market research. One of the most essential things you should do before starting your online store is to prepare yourself for success by performing thorough market research. You’d be surprised how many businesses dive headfirst into the e-commerce game without first investigating what’s already out there.

Lack of planning 

One of the most common reasons why eCommerce websites fail is because they didn’t take the time to plan their business correctly. Includes things like failing to research the competition, not having a clear niche, and not having a solid business plan.

For keeping this under check, Woocommerce development is a great option.

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Not enough traffic 

Another common reason for failure is that businesses don’t generate enough traffic to their site. The reason for the lack of website traffic can be due to several factors, including poor website design, not being active on social media, and not investing in search engine optimization (SEO).

not enough traffic reasons why ecommerce websites fail

Your eCommerce primarily relies on website traffic, and it ensures how many visitors you have through web traffic.

You also determine your leads through website traffic. Sometimes, word of mouth, primarily through sharing web links, determines how many sales a brand will generate.

Poor website design 

A poorly designed website is one of the surest ways to lose customers and ultimately fail. Make sure your website is user-friendly, visually appealing, and easy to navigate; otherwise, customers will quickly click away.

Not only does poor website design counts as one of the big reasons why eCommerce websites fail, but poor user experience also does. If your website is challenging to navigate or doesn’t offer a good user experience, customers will quickly leave and take their business elsewhere.

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Not mobile-friendly 

In today’s world, it’s essential to have a mobile-friendly website. More and more people are using mobile devices and tablets to browse the web, so if your site isn’t optimized for these devices, you’re likely to lose out on many potential businesses.

reasons why ecommerce websites fail: no mobile friendly website.

Most work-sharing and personal sharing are done through phones because of the ease of user experience sharing apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

Lacking customer support 

 If you don’t offer some form of customer support, you’re practically guaranteed to fail. Whether it’s live chat, phone support, or email assistance, ensure you’re there for your customers when they need you. Continuous lack of customer support is one of the significant and most common reasons why eCommerce websites fail.

Failure to track data and analytics 

Data analytics, OKRs, and KPIs are essential for any successful business, yet many eCommerce companies fail to follow this critical information.

data analysis

By monitoring things like website traffic, conversion rates, and customer behavior, you can learn what’s working and what isn’t so that you can make necessary changes.

Not being active on social media 

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can help promote your products or services and build brand awareness; if you’re not utilizing it, you’re missing out on many potential businesses.

If your sales aren’t working, this might of the reason why your eCommerce website fails.

There are only several brands that have generated their income from social media. Most small businesses have made their sales increase dramatically by using the power of social media.

Masoom Minawala is one of the most significant examples. She has empowered several eCommerce businesses to grow using social media. 

Even if you consider just using Instagram and through organic growth, you will need hundreds of businesses using the power of social media.

Not invest in search engine optimization 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for ranking your website high in search engines so potential customers can find you. Without SEO, your chances of success in eCommerce are slim.

Ignoring international markets 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your eCommerce business only needs to focus on domestic markets; if you want to succeed genuinely, you need to take advantage of the global marketplace by catering to international customers.

Now that you have seen the problem, you might want solutions too.

ignoring international markets 

Each problem is a new window for opportunity. If you have read problem-solving, it tells you to get obsessed with solutions, not problems.

You can maintain a listicle like the one above to avoid getting the problem list messy. You can keep a checklist, too, for striking out the problems you have resolved.

One of the biggest reasons why eCommerce websites fail is the lack of WordPress services that keep the maintenance in check. Luckily, we offer reliable WordPress outsourcing services to help brands incorporate WordPress.

If you keep all the above pointers under regular maintenance and supervise them, your website will have no reason to fail.

Make sure to make your eCommerce business boom avoiding all the points.

Happy growth!

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