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Questions that you Need to Ask Before Redesigning Your Website

As a business grows, so should its online presence. Keep in mind that trends come and go, and for businesses to stay ahead of the game, your website design ought to be regularly updated to project a modern look. Nevertheless, websites usually require complete redesigning. Even though your current design might not be outdated, it could be generating poor results or impeding the conversion of site visitors into customers. With that said, how do you determine when your business’s site needs to be redesigned? Below are several questions that will help you answer this question:

Does your Web site’s design reflect your business?

Enterprises regularly encounter large and small transitions. In fact, through growth, as well as merging and acquiring other enterprises, businesses have to rebrand themselves at a given juncture. It is highly essential for your website to run harmoniously with all your company’s rebranding endeavors. In case your offline branding does not correspond with your website, you might end up confusing your website’s visitors. In turn, they might not want to participate in any business-related activities with you.

In case you expect your company to go through a rebranding phase or transition, the best thing to do is to coordinate a site redesign alongside the change taking place within your enterprise. Launching these activities at the same time gives the targeted audiences a consolidated, omnichannel strategy for designing and marketing.

What makes your company different from the rest?

Running a website can make your business stand out from other companies in the same industry. Its design ought to portray the value you deliver to your clients, which your competition in the industry cannot match. Assess all your competitors not only by looking at what they do or don’t do but also using the information to come up with a preferable plan for your site. Focus beyond the design aspects that interest you and determine how you can showcase your brand’s potential, what’s more, leverage the redesign to distinguish your brand from other companies while staying in line with your branding and industry.

Is navigating your site a smooth process?

Navigating a website is more than just having an easy time finding the desired information. Simple and clear website navigation comprises of a properly thought-out strategy and design that transforms your site into a digital experience and resource for your visitors. The site should have buttons in place to help visitors/ users move to the next page or even scroll up and down a page. Furthermore, you need to look at how the site’s navigation and design perform on various devices and screens.

Is your website responsive enough?

Currently, many individuals consume digital content from a wide array of gadgets on the go. As such, online sites that are specifically designed and developed to run only on desktop computer devices may soon lack a place in this digital world. Also, your site should function perfectly across all mobile and desktop devices. By doing so, your customers can easily access the website at any time and using any given device. Bear in mind that for all this to be achieved, the site’s design has to be responsive.  A website with a responsive design gives visitors an exceptional user experience on both mobile and desktop devices as well as provides your company with an extra sense of authority while you begin to set yourself apart from the other competitors.

What budget do you have in mind?

redesigning budget

Redesigning is a business investment on its own. Hence, it is necessary for both you and all your staff to discuss the budget needed for such work. Different agencies offer different types of services at different website quotes, and it is essential for your business to have a good understanding of the project’s cost. Upon getting the desired quotes and consulting experts, you might get a clear picture of the amount of money your business may need to part with to get the project done.

What do you plan to achieve?

What targets do you intend on hitting with your new site that the existing one cannot?  Does the current design have complex issues that a new one could help fix? Or are you merely looking for a modern look on your company’s website? A redesigned site can indirectly or directly boost your enterprise by establishing an optimized digital user experience. Ensure that you have precise objectives in a bid to assist experts in meeting them.

How will you track your goals?

With the knowledge of the objectives you’d want your site to achieve, how would you like to track them in a bid to assess its performance? Various analytics platforms offer a comprehensive insight into many things, including how customers are converting.  Analyzing the behavior of your website’s users/visitors can play a vital role in understanding how your business can market goods and services to such people. Determine what you look forward to learning from the actions of your audience and how you can integrate the design aspects needed to gain that particular information. Gathering more information regarding your site’s user behavior and online traffic will help you make more progress when it comes to designing a new site.

What other features do you intend to incorporate?

You can integrate sophisticated aspects that were previously not present on your previous website. Feeds from social media platforms live chat features, video, and audio functionalities, and many others can be excellent additions when changing the design of your website. All these tools deliver a competitive edge and propel your company to the desired level in your industry. However, ensure that the functionalities you want to integrate into your redesigned website are beneficial to users. Give your audience features that will help in boosting their experience online.

The above are some of the questions that you should address before embarking on a website redesigning process. Look at what your current site is perfect in, and if there are areas that need to be improved. Furthermore, identify the objectives you look forward to achieving with a redesigned website. Contact us for additional information about the redesign.

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