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Migrating a WordPress website to AWS

It’s evident in the world of web development that WordPress is one of the best software that powers most websites. The platform has plenty of users that Range from small medium enterprises to big corporations. The result of this is that WordPress powers at least 65% of CMS-based sites and 30% of e-commerce websites. This makes it one of the sought-after web service providers. On the other hand, there is a huge increase in cloud computing. This has seen companies like AWS provide 30% cloud hosting of the share, and thus, a company can consider migrating a WordPress website to AWS for better operation.

There are many things to know when doing a migration from WordPress to Amazon Web Services. The process has many advantages, but we can’t ignore the few challenges that arise. Our team at Web Help Agency has come up with this article to help you know more when migrating your site.

Migrating a WordPress website to AWS

Why you might consider migrating a WordPress site to AWS

Many reasons can make AWS be a better option than WordPress. If you are wondering if this Amazon platform is for you, let’s look at some factors.

  • Increased web traffic – When you start well over a thousand visitors daily, it’s about time to migrate to ensure efficiency to the end-users.
  • Frequent returning visitors – When the site gets changes (increase or decrease) in the visitor’s tally this is a great time to migrate.
  • The rise in Demand – If you use your site to provide different products or services and the demand is on the rise. Then AWS can be a good choice to ensure steady operations.
  • Increasing the Integrations – For adding themes and plugins to achieve the site’s functionalities, AWS works well without using the WP admin panel.
  • Worldwide presence – If you own an enterprise that has its presence across the globe. AWS can be a perfect tool to host all your media, content, and files.

The Benefits of Migrating a WordPress to AWS

In terms of scalability, flexibility and speed AWS is a perfect choice for the web hosting needs of the WP site. This will give you better performance in moving your site to the cloud. Here is a list of benefits.


When you increase the plugins or any other feature this reduces the speeds. This is a great limitation to your business or e-commerce site. It causes a poor user experience that lowers the rate of service delivery. The best solution is to increase the performance. For this cloud computing is the perfect choice proven by many web experts. In this case, the better option is the leading cloud service provider, AWS.

Flexibility & Cost-efficacy

Previously, companies needed to set up their server infrastructure. This was expensive to maintain and secure the databases with users’ data. For that AWS came to fill the gap. This Amazon-based platform is cheaper to operate. Moreover, the site assures flexibility. With this, you can customize the needs that are specific to your business model without worrying about having a physical server.

More Control

One thing with WordPress is that it makes you have lesser control of your site. The more features the lesser the control you have. This can make it difficult to achieve the enterprise’s objectives. Having full control is vital and this is why AWS is better. Here you have full access to the servers and all functions of the server. Isn’t this a great deal? This helps you to have 100% control of:

  • Mailing Servers
  • Domain Name System
  • Run your Backups
  • Faster File Transfers
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)


With the frequent occurrence of data breaches, many web experts are encouraging companies to ensure high data security. This is why a majority of the budget goes to securing the databases and user data. For that, you have to go with cloud computing that limits access by hackers. When few people know where your business servers are the better and the more secure it is. So this is what you get from AWS. The company has up-to-date security features that nobody can manipulate.

Other benefits include
• Increased Sustainability
• The best tolerance to faults

Challenges of the WordPress to AWS Migration plus Solutions

Cost Changes

When you add services and features to your site on the cloud there are costs involved. This cost can increase when your organization expands. While this is a benefit, the challenge comes in the management of the books of account.

The solution to this is:

  1. Setting clear goals and cost estimates
  2. Have a clear budget that is achievable
  3. Continuously check on your spending

A complex process of migrating the Database

Moving to AWS from WordPress is not a one-button click process. There are many steps involved that need great expertise. Your Tech team needs proper preparation and training to avoid being overwhelmed. This migration is even worse if they have no experience with cloud computing.


  1. Do proper planning on the data size
  2. Equip the team with all the tools they need
  3. Ensure proper training before the process begins.

The Solution to other Challenges is

• The difference in security strategies from WordPress – The solution is to list the security needs and research how to undertake them on AWS.
• Need for new skills – This challenge can be solved by training the team on the basics of cloud computing. Moreover, you can outsource for experts.


So migrating a site to AWS is a great deal. Nevertheless, some challenges arise in the process. But, the truth is that the process of migration is worth it, and it will offer great solutions to your enterprise’s shortcomings. In case you encounter challenges, Web Help Agency is here to help.

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