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How to Migrate your Website to a New Web Host?

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t ever have to worry about switching web hosts because our website would continue to be contentedly located at the current facilitating supplier’s office with exceptional load times, affordable costs, and 100% uptime.

Sadly, that is not the case, and this ideal circumstance only occasionally, if ever, occurs.

If your current web provider isn’t providing what you need, switching to a better one can be the best action. Relocating your website to a different web host can be less exhausting than moving to a new home. If you take the appropriate steps, it could be relatively straightforward.

The best way to migrate a website to a new host is bit by bit.

Get the best web hosting for WordPress using WP Engine

WP Engine is a hosting platform for WordPress that provides various services, including web development services, tools for optimizing your websites, and many other services. The main focus of WP Engine is providing fully managed hosting.

wp engine

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Computerized Relocation by WP Engine

If you transfer your website to WP Engine, WP Engine Computerized Relocation can simplify the process. Everything is covered, including copying your documents and database and transporting them to the new server. A few certifications need to be entered, and the module will take care of the rest.


Duplicator may be your best option if you want a module to computerize the relocation process. It deals with recreating your papers and information base and is compatible with any WordPress website.

migrate your wesite

However, there are still a few manual tasks you’ll need to complete to set up your website on its new host.

Relocation of WordPress

One of the most refined reinforcement and movement modules you can discover is WP Relocation. It enables you to quickly create copies of your website that you can import into another WordPress installation using the same module. As far as we can determine, it works best for small websites, even if it can contend with more significant introductions.

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Steps to migrate your website to a new host

Following are the steps you would need to follow in order to migrate your website to a new host.

1. At your new host, include your area name.

  • You need to add your site before you can start migrating the website. If you only have one location, chances are you typed in the domain name when you initiated your hosting search. 
  • However, if you have multiple websites, you’ll need to create an Addon space to accommodate them.
  • Additional space names or addon domains are what cPanel refers to; this term may differ if your host uses a different control panel.

2. FTP the files on your website.

  • After transferring your site to your new host, you’ll need to export all the files. This can be done with a simple FTP transfer, but it will take effort.
ftp your files
  • All you need is a working FTP application and your old host’s username, password, and FTP port.
  • If you can’t find these details on your hosting dashboard, consult your hosting provider for assistance. 
  • Once you have everything set up, connect to your current server using your FTP credentials and browse to the main folder for all your website’s content in Windows 1. In Window 2, you should see any entries from the new host.

3. Exchange your current host’s database of information for theirs.

Most websites have two sections.

  • The records on your website that you migrated to in the previous stage.
  • Your website’s database typically holds all of its settings and pleased users.

4. Transfer your website’s database of information to your new host.

  • Making a fresh information base at your new location is a good idea whenever you switch hosting providers.
  • If your server is hosted through cPanel, you can use the MySQL Data set Wizard tool to import your data.

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5. Revise any significant design details (relies upon CMS)

  • Although it may be challenging to provide specific instructions because the success of this phase depends on your CMS, you might need to make some adjustments to your website’s design documents or settings to highlight the new data you created (exceptionally if you choose an alternate data set name, username, or secret word).

6. Examine your site.

  • Your website must already be depleting the assets of your new host. Nonetheless, you ought to thoroughly test it to be sure it’s miles.
examine your website
  • Due to the fact your website’s location name refers to your previous hosting, you can not gain this by typing it (at the moment). This is critical to ensure you simultaneously have a touch of personal time as shifting.

7. Change the name of your area to reflect your new host.

  • The final step in moving a website to a new host is to update your domain name to reflect the new host once you’ve made sure the relocated version of your website is operating as intended. Visitors will be transferred immediately to the updated version of your website at your new host when you upgrade.

8. Repeat the test on everything.

  • You should wait a little while for the amendment you made for your nameservers to take effect. While it commonly takes a half-hour to an hour, this manner can absorb up to 24 hours.
  • While the flow takes impact, you ought to be capable of getting entry to the version of your website hosted via your new host via touring your area name.
  • Deliver the whole lot one more second to settle before continuing:
  • Browse a spread of pages
  • Check out your structures.
  • Make sure you can acquire messages (in case you’re using custom email addresses) and many others.
  • The approach to relocating a website is to ensure that the whole thing remains useful before asserting the whole of your painting. This is how a website can be quickly transferred to an extraordinary host!

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