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IT Project Manager and Their Role in a Company

Project coordination is a key element in every department of an organization. This ensures high standards of operation from the beginning to the final product. This is why the role of a Project Manager is of great significance to any business setup. They ensure that every step taken in a project is the right one. Thus, if you are building a website or an online store, having an IT Project Manager is the perfect idea to ensure everything is well.

The good thing is that getting an IT Manager for your projects is not a great deal. You can get one by outsourcing or hiring a full-time expert. But, to do this you need to clearly understand the role and services of an IT project manager and their importance. This article will discuss this to help you get the right person to steer the web development projects in your organization.

IT Project Manager

What is the Role of An IT Project Manager?

Whether you are developing a WordPress site or a cloud computing service the PM is an important person. They have several roles under their job description. This entails undertaking some activities and overseeing others. They must understand the scope of the project and the business model a company uses. Moreover, they have to consider all the departments to ensure proper service delivery. Here are some common roles of a Project Manager in Information Technology.

Undertaking the Project Analysis

Before starting any project it is important to evaluate all the phases that will lead to a quality final product. This is useful to determine the resources, skills, tools, and softwares that the team will need. It is the role of the Project Manager to undertake such analysis. This analysis is important in preparing the client on the budget estimates, a model of the expectations, etc.

It is through the analysis that the team can choose a web development model. Furthermore, the manager will ensure the design is ready and how the employees in different departments will interact with it.

Planning the Work Strategy

The project manager must come up with a workable strategy for any development. This is to ensure from the beginning, the team has a plan in place. This avoids wasting time on activities that have no benefit to the project. In the case of a system or a website, the IT project manager is the person to make this plan. Because of their skills in project management and computing. They have the best chances to come up with a better strategy.

What this plan does is reduce costs and help in time management. Moreover, it ensures that the project begins and ends at the right time. With a good work strategy the PM is able:

  • To note the areas that need more time than others.
  • Decide the time frame as to when the project will end.
  • To ensure all the phases of software development are done.
  • Come up with an alternative plan, in case any issue arises.

Outsourcing for Different Talents

Any development process needs to have a team that will achieve the objectives. This can be either physical or remote workers and in some cases both. It is the work of the PM to decide which talent to work with. They also determine the type of team members to hire. This can involve dedicated development team, outsourced experts, freelancers, etc.

Depending on the project complexity, the manager will determine the type and the number of experts. For example, for a WordPress or WooCommerce site, the IT expert will decide the level of skills the WordPress Developer should have. If any plugin is going to feature on the website the developer should have the skills to incorporate it. So after the hiring process, the PM will facilitate the training and allocate duties to all the team members.

Configuring and Installing Website Tools

Another role is to ensure the correct tools are available for use. In this case, the manager may oversee the configuration and installation, or do it themselves. But, the bottom line is that they must be involved to ensure everything goes on well. In a web development project, some tools must be available. These tools are best known by the Project manager.

Furthermore, communication tools will be a great resource when working with a distributed team. Some common tools that are needed are:

  1. Figma is for creating a draft and custom templates for the development process.
  2. Editors like Vs Code and Sublime to write the code.
  3. Sketch for designing the logo,
  4. Adobe XD for creating the website design (the user interface)
  5. Debugging tools for troubleshooting errors

Other roles of the IT Project manager are:

  • Updating the Client on the progress
  • Checking on the Security Measures

Importance of an IT Project Manager

The PM in the Information Technology department is an important person. Here is a list of the benefits of an IT Project Manager.

  1. The financing of a project is done on time
  2. The company gets a better system, website, or store
  3. Figuring out of problems is done at an early stage
  4. Spotting and removing bugs is easier with a PM in place
  5. They help improve profits through better customer services on the website.


Finally an IT Project Manager is an important person to any enterprise. So their role is key to ensuring the success of any web development project. At WordPress agency we know this and that is why our WordPress services are the best.

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