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How WooCommerce for WordPress has Simplified Online Shopping

What does Online Shopping entail?

Today, the Internet and its immense potential are increasingly changing society as we know it as well as transforming the manner in which we conduct our everyday business. With the massive amount of information available to us, we are individually relying more on our smartphones to act as personal assistants that influence (in one way or the other) our daily life. Whether it is for entertainment purposes or interaction with other people on social media platforms, we are each using the Internet to link us to all our beloved services on a daily basis.

Online shopping marks one of the most cherished services, which have become part of our daily routine. Aside from being an efficient and convenient shopping method, it has given way to an entirely new world of lucrative businesses opportunities globally. You can take a look at one of our well-performing eCommerce sites here.

In recent years, stories of online retail success and the online shopping space, in general, have been on a steady rise. Initially, this was seen as a reserve for big companies where they would venture, especially when the demand for their goods or services could not be managed within the hours set for opening their retail stores.

With the Internet becoming increasingly intuitive and flawlessly connected with our daily lives, small enterprises and sole proprietors have seen the need to join the e-commerce space by starting to sell products globally through the Internet.

Despite various retailers having concerns regarding the drop of sales in their physical stores, one thing’s for sure, online shopping is here to stay, primarily due to the many advantages associated with it. Aside from convenient shopping locations and hours, online shopping offers simple search functions, including flexible delivery, customizable options, and multiple choices. Furthermore, most stores can deliver your order the next day, free of charge.

Customers are not the only ones who enjoy these benefits but sellers too. How? You may ask, well, operating an online store comes with lesser overhead costs, simple card transactions, a 24/7 open shop, and an automatic inventory check just to highlight a few… Who wouldn’t want such a business?

In case all these positives are compelling enough to make you contemplate jumping on the eCommerce bandwagon, but you don’t know what you need to do next, read on!

Involvement as a Seller

Over the last decade, the growth of online shopping has played a critical role in molding the present digital economy as well as improving digital technology. To meet our daily living requirements, the demand for simple to use and professionally designed online store sites has been increasing by the day.

Do you want to begin selling your products online? Well, here is how simple the process is:

  • First and foremost, you have to use a website platform as the foundation of your entire online operation.
  • The next step involves downloading the WooCommerce Plugin, which is designed to integrate flawlessly with WordPress.
  • Lastly, begin selling your products. Yes, it is as simple as that!

WooCommerce and what it entails

Established back in 2011, WooCommerce is currently the most well-known, global e-Commerce solution that provides developers and shop owners to complete freedom and control to create and customize shops to their preferred website specifications. The WooCommerce plugin is fully open source and can be utilized in meeting your e-Commerce requirements.

With WooCommerce being integrated into WordPress, you can select the desired template from the wide variety of template options as well as modify them with time. Most of the standard templates come at no cost, which means you can create a shop to fit your requirements as opposed to spending a lot of money to get a fully customized website.

How to Begin your WooCommerce Journey: The Practical Bit

You can download the plugin by clicking here or…

  • Register or sign up to WordPress
  • Click on the plugins selection and then Add New
  • Look for WooCommerce
  • Make sure you check the descriptions and ratings
  • Select install and click enter

In case you are uncertain about how to progress from here and you are somehow not sure which ideal practice guide to follow on the Internet, then maybe you ought to try leveraging the in-built Quick Set-up WooCommerce wizard that enables to create a standard shop setup comfortably and quickly.

In case you fail to keep such settings for future versions of your particular online shop, WooCommerce will provide you with an insight into both the configuration and set up of a normal shop as well as help you familiarize yourself with navigating the website using the WooCommerce plugin.

Quick Set-up Wizard for WooCommerce

Normally, the wizard automatically goes through these aspects:

  • Location screen for the store (comes with both pre-calculated tax & shipping details)
  • Page set-up (intended for my account page, checkout page, cart page, shop page)
  • Product dimensions and weight
  • Store currency (automatically synchronizes with the location of the store even though it can be altered)

These are the core aspects of an online shop. In case you do not have adequate time to customize the site, then this is an excellent place to start selling your products.

Enabling Online Payments- The Easy Way

PayPal is the best and easiest way to make and receive payments online. WooCommerce gives you the opportunity to choose a PayPal plugin that can be integrated with your online shop at no cost. In fact, PayPal is the most secure, best-rated and broadly used (by sellers and buyers) online payment selection. In case you need more details, check out the PayPal integration information on the WordPress page here.

In case you are not certain about creating an e-commerce site, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are a web development agency situated in Ukraine, with several professionals who are eager to help you launch your WooCommerce shop.

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