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How to Fix Crawlability Issues: Ways to improve SEO

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Sometimes you work hard to see your website ranking on the top of the search page. You have incorporated all the essential keywords and compelling content into your website. But still, it is not found anywhere on the 1st page of SERP(Search Engine Result Page). This might be due to crawlability issues, and in this article, we’ll talk about How to Fix Crawlability Issues.

The main reason for it can be the low-grade crawlability of your website. Many website owners face this problem but do not know about crawlability and how to fix crawlability issues.

This article will help you understand crawlability and how to fix crawlability issues and improve your SEO. 

What is Crawlability?

Crawling is how any search engine chooses relevant web pages by analyzing data on different web pages. If your website has good crawlability, it will rank high on the search engine ranking, and else your website will not appear in search results.

website crawlability issues illustration

To accomplish this, your website should be easily obtainable by search bots. Search bots are the bots used to collect data by search engines. If your website is not accessible by the bots, your website will have a poor SEO score and low crawlability. 

What are major crawlability issues and how to fix them?

There can be various crawlability issues through which you will not rank high. Some common crawlability issues and the ways to fix them are given below:

Sitemap issue

XML sitemaps help provide the list of your website’s web pages to search engines, which is a blueprint of your website. If your sitemap contains the wrong URL or pages, it will confuse the search engine bot. 

If the search engine bot gets confused, it blocks the search engine from indexing your essential web pages.

How to solve it?

Frequently update your URLs with the correct and relevant information. Also, keep the domain and subdomain the same. Keep it to less than 50,000 URLs; without compression, keep it to less than 50MB.

Use of HTTP instead of HTTPS

When you talk about crawling, WordPress security becomes the primary factor. The HTTP protocol transfers data from a web server to a browser. HTTPS is the more secure part of the HTTP version. In this, ‘S’ refers to secure. 

http or https

Browsers generally give priority to HTTPS pages instead of HTTP pages. 

How to solve it?

Get an SSL certificate for your website and move to HTTPS so that google or any other browser can find your website faster.

Failure of robots.txt

Whenever the search engine bot drags your web page, it will try to drag your robots.txt file first. Robots.txt files contain the information on the areas of your website which you do not want to index. 

If the bot fails to reach your robots.txt file, the browser will delay the crawling of your website until it finds that file. 

How to solve it?

Ensure the robots.txt file is present and hosted on the domain name’s root. Every subdomain and domain must have its corresponding file. Also, terminate blocked resources so that the important web pages appear in the search results.

Slow loading speed of the pages

If your website contains multiple pages that load too slowly and provide a bad user experience, they will not likely appear in the organic search result. If your pages load faster, the crawler quickly moves to your pages.

Google pagespeed

Google has also updated its ranking factors of the websites. The ranking factor includes your website’s visual stability, loading speed, and responsiveness.

How to solve it?

Always ensure your web pages load faster and provide a good user experience. You can also measure your website’s loading speed using Google Lighthouse. Also, try to minimize using Javascript, CSS, and image file compression.

Duplicity of pages

Another major crawlability issue is the duplicity of the pages. It occurs when different web pages contain the same content load from multiple URLs. It makes it difficult for the search engine to decide which page should be given the first priority. 

For Example, one can access the homepage of the website by using www and without using www with the domain name. 

How to solve it?

To counter this problem, it is best to use URL Canonicalization. Use the rel=canonical tag. It is a tag that tells the search engine whether the page is canonical or original. 

If you use this tag among your website’s web pages, the search engine will not crawl on numerous versions of the exact page.

These are the primary and most common crawlability issues. Other than these, there are several other issues also.

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Crawlability issues are unavoidable and should be considered. This article will help you understand what crawlability is and how to fix crawlability issues. If your website has good crawlability, it will rank top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). 

And if your website possesses low crawlability, your website will not get noticed and will not give you any profit. Always try to improve the SEO of your website, as it will generate more traffic and provide you with better results.

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