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How to build an Effective dedicated Team

Software Development is important for businesses and it requires an effective dedicated team. This helps a company to have software working at optimal levels. This software helps a business to perform better in their specific activities. A software is cool for automation, record keeping, performing repetitive activities. Consequently, it plays the role of boosting sales, etc. For such an effective dedicated team is needed. This will ensure it is easier and faster to plan and implement great solutions.

A dedicated development team has many benefits. This makes them a great option for many companies. The benefits are cost reduction, better skills, and having great remote developers in the team. Unlike an in-house team, the dedicated team helps you get different skills when you need them.

This article will shade more light on a dedicated software development team. The factors to consider when choosing one. Plus, How to build a successful team. Moreover, we will look at the essentials for a dedicated team to achieve goals.

dedicated software development team

What is a Dedicated Team?

As the word suggest there is something to do with dedication and commitment. Therefore, a dedicated team is a group of experts from different regions that a client brings together. This is so that they can work on a given project. During this period the team only focuses on the projects. As a result, one cannot take on other job offers. 

For this case it is a group of software developers coming together to work on a development project. A dedicated team is way better when working on complex software. For example, building a custom WordPress Plugin. Moreover, it works best with long-term jobs. Hence, after finishing the project they can choose other projects.

The term dedicated team is closely related to the distributed team. This is used to mean developers and experts working from different locations. In this case, they use special communication tools. A similar concept is useful to get a dedicated development team that will work faster. 

What are the factors of an effective Software Development Team?

When coming up with a software development team the goal is to get the talent that will work. This will ensure your business gets the right tools. Teamwork is also important to ensure equal efforts are dedicated to the development. For this there are factors to help clients get a better team.

The moment you decide to hire dedicated development team to develop your software. For example, a content management system. You should ensure you do everything correctly. The following factors will ensure you meet all the essentials for a dedicated team. 

6 Factors for a good dedicated Team

  1. Experience on similar projects – The team of developers, designers, and the project manager should be experienced. They should have skills in dealing with similar projects. This will ensure they can deliver the best services to the team.
  2. Ability to collaborate with others/Teamwork – All that matters in a dedicated team is the ability of a team member to work with others. Consider how likely a developer or designer is likely to interact with others. Moreover, they should know how to use collaboration tools.
  3. Use of a common communication channel – For an effective dedicated team communication is key. Here communication is from the client to team members and also among the team members. A good example is a slack channel.
  4. Understanding the individual’s time zones – You will be dealing with individuals from different regions. Thus, you need to consider their time zones and check how effective they will be. It’s good to ensure that the decisions made consider all the time zones. This factor can limit hiring in some zones.
  5. Clear terms of service – Terms of service are key in the software development process. This is to guide the service providers and the client. You need to come up with these sets of guidelines.
  6. Elaborate the Project Scope – Having a project scope is one of the essentials for a dedicated team. This allows them to develop software that will benefit the business. Additionally, there are important development policies to ensure successful projects. Thus, a project scope is necessary.

How to build a dedicated development team

When building software, you need the right team to make the project a success. There are many ways to build this dedicated team up and start the production process. In spite of this, not all will be effective. Therefore, it is important to follow a process that will minimize the expenses.

Here is a step-by-step process that will help you get an effective dedicated team. 

Define your Requirements

The reason you need a software development team should be your goal. As a result this goals should help you come up with the requirements. For example, when looking for a team to deal with WordPress outsourcing activities. The requirements are WordPress developers with experience with themes and plugins. 

Similarly, consider the business model you use. Check if it a B2B, B2C, or both. Knowing this will help you get the essentials for a dedicated team right. Your company also has its culture and policies. Some of which are vital in the way you do business. You, therefore, want to be sure you choose someone who will fit in.

Some other key requirements to consider are

  • The level of skill – do you want experts or you can work with beginners
  • The period you need the team to work.
  • The goal for the software.

You need to define the requirement for every expert in the team. Have the requirements for the web developers, the project manager, the UI/UX Designer, etc. List all the requirements. This will be useful in the recruitment process.

Call for applications

After listing the requirements, you can now start calling for qualified applicants to apply. You can use the company’s website and social media platforms to attract experts. In the job description ensure you include:

  • The skill needed for consideration
  • The timelines of the projects
  • Years of experience
  • Skills qualification that you are looking for
  • Salary ranges
  • The documents you need from the applicant e.g. CV and Portfolio etc.

It may not be wise to start with the actual salary but, you can work with the range. This will give the applicants an estimate of your budget. This is better to avoid overspending.

When calling for applicants you can also use freelancing sites, job boards, and professional sites. This will accelerate the number of applicants. You want many people to apply so that you can choose the best. Moreover, you can come up with an ad to attract more customers. After getting the targeted number of applications, you can restrict additional applications. 

Interview Candidates

Typically to get the right team members you need to do some rounds of interviews. In the Interview, sessions consider the applicants that followed the application instructions. You can send an email scheduling them for an interview. Thanks to virtual platforms like Zoom you can schedule meetings faster. 

HR Managers are the people to conduct these interviews, but this does not limit people like the IT Manager or Project Manager from taking part. During the interviews, you need to make it clear that the experts will be working on a dedicated software development model. Meaning they will not be at a point to take on other projects during the period.

Getting the right dedicated software team may call for sample tests. This is to guarantee that the developers are experienced. Also, you need to explain any important information.

Launch the Team and Introduce the Project

After doing some rounds of interviews you will now have an effective dedicated development team. The next step is to start preparing the team for the project. Set up all that is needed for the team to start working. 

Set up the communication tools and the process for the team to work on their roles. Assign members with corporate emails for easier delivery of the work. You can use sites WordPress and GitHub for submitting the projects.

Then Launch the team and you should probably do a virtual onboarding session. Then introduce the projects to the team players. Ensure they all understand their role. After explaining and setting up everything, schedule the start date for the project.

Monitor the progress

To have an effective dedicated development team you need to monitor their progress. Be friendly and correct them at any point they make a mistake. You can also consider improving the project delivery during this phase. It is expected the team members should update their progress frequently.

The Human Resource Manager should work with these teams closely to ensure they build great software. They should also work as a team by asking questions through the communication channels. You need to ensure all this is done and monitor all other needs till the project is done.


Building a dedicated software development team is important to get good and flexible solutions. Our Agency Team has been engaging in WordPress Projects and this has helped us come up with great ways to manage our dedicated teams. The above are the ways you can build an effective team of experts dedicated to building your software.

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