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How to Add a WordPress Custom Font on Your Site

The genesis of a new and creative website is a taxing chunk of work. The competitive environment is on just another level, and the methods of website creation are not hidden from public access worldwide.

In the cut-throat competitive surrounding with hundreds of new websites being created daily, only some individuals have the art or technical know-how of website development.

Whenever you intend to create a website for either personal or entrepreneurial use, it is easy to stray from the original concept and end up a long way down the wrong road. Custom WordPress development offered by Webhelpagency guides you in setting up and creating the best website design by helping you to unleash the untapped potential of WordPress.

What is a font on a website?

But one vital factor of website development that usually stays in the memory of novice developers is the integration of typography. The correct texture, size, and style of the words are essential for any website you examine with your eyeballs.

After all, will your words and messages be capable of delivering even a minuscule impact if the reader is unable to comprehend them easily? What is the benefit of penning down beautiful thoughts if the readability is impractical?


Fonts help the readers decipher the message you intend to deliver in an understandable text. The size and styles used by you to present your words and phrases can either build or demolish the flow you create in the readers’ minds.

Should you really use custom fonts?

WordPress is a great tool that, straightaway, many website developers are taking help of to generate their own websites. It offers some tremendous predesigned themes with suitable fonts.

But only some tongues like a similar taste. There may arise instances where you are not satisfied with provided font and are in search of appropriate fonts. In such situations, a simple google search will lead you to many custom font download and selection websites.

wordpress custom fonts

These websites are loaded with a plethora of fonts for you to use in your websites without the cost of even a cent. The most prominent of these are GoggleFonts, Font Squirrel, 1001 Free Fonts, and DaFont.

A font that you finalize to bring into effect on your website is suggested to follow the below-mentioned norms – 

  • The font must be clear to read for the reader. Some immature beginners integrate stylish and cursive fonts that, in reality, frustrate the reader despite their alluring style.
  • It must be compatible with the overall conceptual background of your website. Imagine making a business website with an unorganized and childlike font style. A complete disaster in the well-established task.

To fabricate a corporate-ready website that fits all the industry standards is quite a tedious ordeal. This procedure is made easy by the Woocommerce Development service made available to you. This not only integrates your website to various payment platforms but also tweaks the broken links and errors commonly occurring in commercial websites.

  • Mobile and desktop compatibility are vital elements. If the font size is appropriate for both of the two, it will indeed have an adverse effect on the click-through rates of your website.

How exactly can you add WordPress custom fonts to your website?

After you understand the fundamental work structure and importance of custom WordPress font, it is time to learn the implementation of the same. And even though there are predetermined themes available, a dire need for custom fonts persists. 

Typically there are two undisputedly well-known and constantly used methods for WordPress custom fonts. These are – 

  • Manual addition and uploading of the fonts using WordPress.
  • Employing WordPress plugins for the integration of fonts.

Manually adding and uploading WordPress custom fonts for the website –

Many veteran developers find that the addition of a font via manual upload is the best way to ensure the completion of the process without any hassle. Manually transmission of fonts allows the benefit of free reign to the user.

Manual coupling not only reduces the workload on WordPress but also acts as a catalyst for a smooth and faster refresh rate of the website. Stick with the following guide to ensure the successful manual upload of WordPress custom fonts.

google fonts
  • Select the font you are sure to add to your website. You can take assistance from Google Fonts to acquire an unpaid and extensive repository of fonts.
  • Download the font file on your desktop. It is advised to extract the .zip file for easy access and upload.
  • Log in to your existing WordPress account to upload the font files in the CSS file of the themes folder.
  • On WordPress, stroll down this particular path – wp-content→themes→your themes→fonts.
  • The following phase is to create a font folder if you still need one. Use WordPress outsourcing services by Webhelpagency for easy creation.
  • Head towards the Apperarance→Theme editor section of the WordPress admin. 
  • You might have had a code in the h-panel of the file manager earlier. Copy that code to the style.css file. 
  • Lastly, to apply the effects of the changes and assign the font style, you are demanded to edit the style.css file.

Employment of WordPress plugins for custom font insertion to the website – 

Adding a WordPress custom font, though enticing and necessary for new fledglings, may be a challenging task. Although manually updating the wordpress custom fonts is a reliable method, beginners should prefer the use of plugins.

WordPress offers a diverse scope of services and features which are readily usable by individuals. But if you are still trying to understand the numerous options available, WordPress Plugin Development offered by Webhelpagency redeems your queries.

google fonts topography
  • Before you can begin the affair of font addition, you must log inside your WordPress account.
  • Install the Google Fonts Typography plugin in your WordPress and activate the same.
  • Enter the Customize Fonts panel under the Fonts Plugins umbrella.
  • You will now be viewing the ‘ Fonts Plugin ‘ section of the WordPress theme customizer.
  • Click the ‘ Basic Settings ‘ sidebar panel. Here, you can opt for customized fonts for various uses, namely, headings, titles, buttons, sidebar, etc. 
  • After selecting the befitting fonts, click the back button and come out of the basic settings menu.
  • Now enter the ‘ Advanced Settings’ menu to calibrate the font setting already opted for. Here you can make the final tuning up of the fonts as per your website design.

I am confident that you now understand the fundamentals of fonts, their suitable use, and the methods to add WordPress custom fonts to your webpage.

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