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Quick Guide on Hiring WordPress Developers

Hiring WordPress Developers


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The massive growth seen with WordPress is one of its kind. This software currently powers almost 40% of websites. This makes one of the best and commonly useful web development tools powering different web apps. Though WordPress is such a gem on the Internet, you need professional WordPress Developers for your WP site to help you get the best.

Getting the right web developer for your site can be difficult, especially when it’s your first. Luckily, you can choose a web help agency to make the process of getting the best developer simpler. There are millions of experts for WordPress development ranging from designers to developers. All you need is to choose the right one from the market and make your dream website a true venture. For that reason, we have compiled a quick guide to help you in hiring the best WordPress experts.

Hiring WordPress Developers

Make the design for the WordPress Developers to use

  • The objective of the site
  • The target audience
  • Your financial plan for the project
  • Specific goals you will need to achieve
  • The time frame for the development period (deadline)

As the project owner, you know better what you expect at the end. This is from how the site will help you, the key features you need, how it needs to be to fit your business, and many more. You cannot just tell the developers you need something cool without a clear view. So you need to have a design that will show the web help agency you choose for the development task. Some key highlights to include in the design are:

This will help the developers deliver what you need, and a site useful to your business. Moreover, it will act as a tool to determine the experts you need for the project. We can call this a vision for your project, and this will help the WordPress developers figure it into the vision and actualize it.

Be sure to mention elements, animations, and the number of pages you need the site to have. With a good editing tool, you will easily create a good design. It shouldn’t be complex, a simple design will work. Finally, remember to add important info and plugins you will need on the site.

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Evaluate the Kind of WordPress Developers you need

Before you start looking for web development experts for your site you need to know the kind of developers you need. In most cases, this will depend on the size of your project. The larger the project the more freelancers you will need. A Freelance web developer can be a good option for a short-term project, but for long-term & complex projects choose a team of professionals to deal with. Depending on the design you created, make a list of experts needed to achieve every objective.

Let’s have a look at common experts, and why you might need them for your idea to work.

WordPress Backend and Frontend Developer

Recruiting a frontend developer is a must to ensure your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes are professionally done. The front-end developers will deal with the outlook of the site. So, they work closely with the WordPress designer. (How to hire a Web Designer? For the database and security features, you will need Backend WP developers. Moreover, they will work on getting the right themes and plugins. If a need arises for creating new plugins or themes they will also do it. You may consider a Full Stack developer for both the front and the back ends.

A UI/UX WordPress Designer

In your project, you will need a professional to do the design of the website CRM. In simple terms, he will turn your design into a professional model. The UI/UX designer will mostly use Figma or Adobe XD to come up with a great page-to-page design. Moreover, they can design animations. The designers are important for the landing page because it needs to attract more visitors to your site.

A Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is another important expert you need. They are responsible for providing content for the site. This includes several blog posts, web content e.g. about us, policies, etc. Though they are not necessary, they will be helpful to ensure your site starts on the right track after the launching.

If you need more developers choose one model from these three options.

  • A dedicated team – You can choose a web development team that will solely work for your project.
  • Project-based services – This is cool if you know of a web help agency that offers good WordPress services. Instead of hiring individuals, you can hand the project to them.
  • Outsourcing is great for additional tasks like Logo Designs, web hosting, etc. It will be cheaper.

Start searching for the WordPress Developers

Up to this point, it’s already clear on what you need and the kind of experts to work with, and now it’s time to dive deep into the hiring process. The traditional method was majorly on asking candidates to send to your email. While this is a good way, the truth is that we are past that, because of the great technological advancement. That’s why almost 65% of hires are done online, and this is where you should head to hire your web developers.

Three ways to do this are through freelancing websites, job boards, or by a partnership with outsourcing agencies.

Finally, for hiring on freelancing websites, you can check out Upwork, WordPress jobs, Fiverr, etc. Here you will find freelance developers that offer WordPress services. Post your job and then choose the developers with the best rates and reviews. You can also post a job vacancy notice on different job boards and wait for replies. Lastly, you can partner with a subcontracting company to work on your project.


The above guide will help you get you a great professional site. So, it’s good you do it right from the designing part to the final phase of launching. Here our team is committed to giving you the best WordPress services.

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