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8 Problems That Can Make Your Website Down & Their Solutions

We all have come across the quote that slow and steady always win the race, but it does not imply in websites. In the case of websites, a second delay may lead you to lose your website’s traffic and revenue, and the visitors will lose their trustworthiness towards your site. So, you need to fix your website issues as soon as possible.

8 Problems That Can Make Your Website Down & Their Solutions

There can be several causes that can damage your website downtime and slow down its speed. But you should fix them quickly and optimize your website for higher speed, as speed plays a significant role in your website’s success.

Among the various issues for the website downtime, we came along with the most common issues that most developers face and need help finding a solution to. You will know about website problems and how to fix issues by reading this article, so continue reading it.

What Does Website Downtime Means And Why You Should Take It Serious?

Website Downtime is when a site fails to respond to the users and cannot be accessible by the users. When it fails to perform its main tasks, it leads to disruption and blackout.

Website Downtime

Taking website downtime seriously is necessary as it will create your site’s poor image among visitors and disappoint them. The company’s site is the critical factor and the top priority of their business website, and you must fulfill it to retain your potential customers. Your top priority should be your availability to satisfy customers

Common Website Issues And How To Fix Website Issues

Among the various issues, the most common websites issues that lead to your website downtime and solutions to it are as follows:

Problem 1: The Server Gets Overloaded Due To Heavy Traffic.

Heavy Traffic

Whenever the host of your website hosts it on a shared server, and there is massive traffic on your site, the host will take off your site to protect further sites. Several times, it may discontinue your website. The same is true with other sites; if there is traffic on other sites, it will also affect your site. In this case, it may crash your site and will make you unavailable to the users.


Hiring a CDN, i.e., Content Delivery Network, is the foremost way to eradicate this problem. CDN acts as a layer between the server and the user of a website which provides speed and ease of use to the users.  

Problem 2: Rise In The Number Of HTTPS Requests

Http Server requests

Another problem is that, at a time, there are various HTTPS requests in the browser. This problem occurs when your website has many JS and CSS files. When a user visits your site, the browser immediately sends multiple requests to the server and asks it to load all the files. This problem also leads to website downtime, and the website will take more time to respond to the user.


To scrap this problem, you should decrease the use of CSS and JS files on your site. Also, you should use only a few images and files that take time to load when someone visits your site. 

Problem 3: Issues With The Hardware And Software

Software trouble illustration

When there is an issue with the hardware or software, this problem occurs. If you do not maintain your hardware occasionally and do not keep your software up to date, i.e., you use old version themes and features. The users will be unable to access your website because of this problem.


The way to fix the website issue given above is to have your hardware maintenance a timely and use newer versions and features instead of the older ones. If you cannot do so, you can hire a web development company that monitors and maintains it.

Problem 4:- Insufficient Use Of Caching Approach

Caching approach illustration

Another problem of slowing down the website occurs when you need sufficient caching methods. Caching refers to a method in which the web browser stores your details in its memory when you first visit the website. Next time you revisit the same website, it will load faster as your details are saved in memory. Else, the users will have to wait till the site loads. 


The solution is to use server-side and browser caching on your site. Doing so will improve the site’s loading speed and provide a smooth user experience.

Problem 5: Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks illustration

Sometimes, malicious users or attackers suddenly send heavy traffic to your site to break down the services. Just to outage your site, they send fake traffic. Cyber attacks are DDoS attacks, i.e., Distributed Denial Of Service attacks


To avoid this, you should update your safety protocols and take the necessary steps when looking at hasty site traffic. Also, you should only host your site on a trustworthy hosting platform, not elsewhere. 

Problem 6: Advertisements In Bulk Amount

Advertisements settings illustration

Some developers or site owners have more advertisements to drive more website traffic. Although it is the best way to get more traffic, it also affects the site’s speed. The advertisements block the main content from loading faster, as when there are more advertisements, there will be more HTTP requests


You should use a CTA-based design which means Call To Action based, to fix the website issue mentioned above. Small web content influences the users to perform specific tasks, generating more leads and reducing advertising spending. 

Problem 7: Using Old Content Management Systems (CMS)

CMS Content managemnet system illustration

Today most companies and users use a content management system as it is more reliable and easy to use. It is used for creating, modifying, and managing content. The most familiar CMS are Wix and WordPress. Some users use these CMS’s old versions and forget or avoid updating them. For those looking to upgrade, many choose to migrate Wix to WordPress for better features and flexibility.


You should always install the latest software version and keep it up to date. Look for timely updates and new add-on features so the CMS will be free from bugs and errors. 

Problem 8:- Other Problems

miscellaneous problems illustration

Other than the above problems, several miscellaneous problems caused by the users also lead to website downtime. The problem can be related to the code or handling of the server, and they all cause the website’s speed. 


The solution to fix this website issue is always to have the habit of backing up your data. You should back up your data occasionally, as this problem can occur accidentally at any time. 

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The performance and response time of your website is the key to the success of your site, and it would be best if you make an effort to improve these. Several problems which affect your website’s speed and performance are mentioned above. Other than these, there can be several other problems, but you should optimize the above problems and fix website issues. Doing so will help you a lot.

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