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What Are Broken Links? And How Do You Find and Fix Them?

Fix broken links: Broken links are one of the most common errors we encounter while searching various websites on Google. Even though these links do not affect our search results, they can cause ultimate abandonment or neglect of the website.

fix broken links.

However, as long as we detect and fix broken links constantly, the search quality of our website will be top among others. What are Broken links? How can we detect and fix them? Let us learn in detail.

What are broken links?

A broken link is a web page that we cannot access. Even if we try to access the website, the servers will return with an error message displayed in a dialogue box. Moreover, they are also called dead or rot links that we can never access unless we fix broken links.

fix broken links.

Moreover, only by identifying and fixing such links at the right time can we help our website to reach our targeted audience. How can we detect a broken link? Here is how.

How to detect a broken link and fix them?

We can detect and fix broken links with the help of WordPress agencies like Web Help Agency. Moreover, with the help of their SEO Audit report. Through this report, they will fully assess our website and analyze our SEO approach in detail. Further, the SEO audit report also helps identify and fix broken links and remove them immediately. 

fix broken links.

Moreover, the broken link check services are beneficial in quickly locating such useless or dead links and fixing them quickly. Apart from Broken link check services, Web Help Agency also provides other SEO audit services like Domain Analysis, where we help analyze the PPC and SEO goals of our website. 

We also provide Mobile optimization services, an organic search technique that helps optimize the web page for mobile phones by building mobile-friendly web interfaces and content. 

Ways to fix broken links

To fix broken links, we have to calculate the number of content we produce each week. We must dedicate time to identifying broken or useless links and fixing them each month. What are the different ways to fix broken links? Let’s learn in detail.

Check for Google crawl errors.

Checking for the Google crawl errors like 404 errors is the first way to fix broken links. Further, they will help us identify the broken link, and when we remove such dead links and fix a new active and accessible link, we can easily visit the website, ensuring there are no crawl 404 errors. 

Avoid too many anchor links.

Most of us believe that anchor links are essential to a website. Further, end up including unnecessary anchor links, and this, in turn, can result in broken links. So, we should include only the most essential anchor text while creating our website.

fix broken links.

Moreover, we can keep a constant tab on the website every month to ensure that there are no broken or dead links. 

Request fixing broken links by reaching out to the linking website in case of external links.

In the case of external links, we can fix the broken links by contacting the linking website and requesting to fix the same.

fix broken links.

After all, “to err is human,” and if we happen to come across an accidental linking of a website with our website, then we can request them to fix the external links. 

Fix broken links by using a redirection mechanism.

Another way you can fix broken links is by using the redirection mechanism. This way, you can redirect the users to a new page depending on the programming language we have used.

Fix broken links

This way, we can get a positive response to our website even if our website and fix the broken link.

Replace or recreate the content of the broken link or URL.

The following best way to fix broken links is by replacing or recreating the content of the broken link or URL. Identify the actual content of the broken link and recreate a better link.

Fix broken links

This will help your website stay on top of the Google search. 

Redirect the broken page to another active page of the website.

Redirecting the broken page to another active and valid page of the website. For instance, if the broken web page is about “how to become a millionaire,” then we redirect the link to another active and valid page, “Tips to become a billionaire,” on the same website.

Fix broken links

This way, we can ensure the attention of more audiences than we thought of gaining with the previous link.

Keep the broken link as a 404 page.

One of the most straightforward ways to fix broken links is by leaving the broken page as a 404 page. By doing the same, we can create a fresh web link and ensure that there are no broken links.

Fix broken links

Also, by leaving page 404, we can avoid the unnecessary stress of recreating or redirecting it. 


Thus, broken links are the most crucial factors that influence the SEO of our website. Moreover, having many dead links on a single page can make websites be abandoned or ignored on Google searches. By identifying the broken links and fixing them, our websites can be at the top of Google’s search engine. Furthermore, companies like Web Help agencies can help us understand the downfalls in the SEO of the website. 

Further, through their SEO auditing report services like Broken link check services, we can quickly identify the errors in the website link and rectify them. Lastly, we can boost our website by checking for crawl errors, avoiding too many anchors, redirecting the web link, and replacing or recreating the link’s content or URL. And nothing can stop our website from being on the top of the search engine and reaching the target audience. 

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