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Figma to WordPress – How to Make the Transition Easy

Figma is a powerful design tool with many features, so moving all of your work over to WordPress can be intimidating. However, many devices can make this transition seamless, starting with the proper setup.

Getting started

Figma is a design tool that lets you create, collaborate, and share your work. It’s more than just a tool; Figma is a community of designers working together to create the future of design. By signing up for an account, you can start building projects from scratch or importing your existing designs from Sketch and Photoshop.

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the planet — powering over 30% of all websites on the internet. It’s also an open-source project with thousands of developers contributing code to make it even better daily!

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The setup

This section will explain how to prepare your Figma file for use as a WordPress theme.

figma design
Figma Design

We’ll start by setting up an HTML page that loads our Figma.css file (this is the file where your style is defined). Then we’ll import the Figma-theme-stylesheet library into our site and use it to load the content of our prototype into WordPress.

How to keep it organized?

  • Figma has several tools to make the transition easy. The first is folders, which allow you to organize your designs by client or project.
  • Labels are another valuable tool in Figma. They can quickly identify different versions of the same design, and they’re also searchable!
  • If you’re concerned about searching for items that haven’t yet been labeled, don’t be; you can always use the “search everywhere” option to find something quickly.

Design system for WordPress

To make the transition from Figma to WordPress as easy as possible, we recommend creating a design system for WordPress. It will allow you to import all your designs into WordPress and start building pages immediately.


If you’re not familiar with design systems or how they work, check out some resources here:

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  • [GitHub’s Design Systems Guide]

Prototyping with Figma

Prototyping is a term that you will often hear in the design world. It means creating a mockup of a website or application so that others can see what it will look like when it’s finished. You can prototype by hand, but most prototyping tools offer many advantages over this method.

Figma allows you to create your design system (which we’ll get into later) and test it out in real-time. It is helpful because Figma has all of the features of Sketch except for one: 

vectorization (turning artboards into vector images). So if you’re planning on using Figma as a replacement for Sketch, ensure that your team has access to Adobe Illustrator or another vector art program before starting anything from scratch!

It is possible to have a successful design workflow from Figma to WordPress; it just takes some time!

To make the transition from Figma to WordPress easier, we recommend having a design system. A design system is a set of guidelines that helps you maintain consistency throughout your website and brand. 

figma to wordpress
Figma to WordPress

By creating a consistent design language, you can make an experience that is both visually appealing and user-friendly. Your team members must understand how the interface works and their role in creating it.

A prototype can help test out ideas before they’re implemented into code or put into production. It is especially true when working with clients because they can give feedback on any changes they want to be made before building them into their site’s codebase—significantly if this change impacts multiple pages across multiple areas within your site! 

Prototyping also allows anyone involved (whether internal or external) to make decisions about what goes where within this new project space; whether it be developers or designers themselves who may not necessarily know how specific components work together yet but need some idea beforehand anyway, so everyone knows which direction things should head towards next if anything needs changing later down the line after all initial needs have been met first hand through prototypes being created first hand before even getting started on anything more comprehensive than just simple mockups done beforehand instead like wireframes would do.


The transition from Figma to WordPress is quite complex, but you can do it. The key is to ensure that your design system is set up correctly and that you can use prototyping as a tool for thinking through the user experience before opening up any text editor.

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