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Factors that make Small and Medium-sized Web Companies Perform Exceptionally than the Larger Ones

Potential clients rarely contract small and medium-sized web companies to help them with their website needs due to several reasons including the following:

  • Most of them lack an online presence,
  • They have a small number of customers,
  • They are unreliable,
  • Limited experience in their line of work, or
  • A limited number of employees

Wait a minute! The reasons stated above are simply business-based stereotypes that pose no effect on the final product that web companies provide to their customers:

  1. For starters, having a limited team of employees does not necessarily translate to having few possibilities – expert web developers and designers prefer working in small or medium teams as opposed to big ones. As such, they are in a better position to concentrate and work harmoniously with other team members.
  2. Lack of vast experience like the big agencies means that they have a concerned perception towards customers’ projects. Finding them on the Internet may be a daunting task mainly because they tend to channel their attention into technology and professionals as opposed to large companies that put most of their money into marketing.

Bear in mind that all the existing large web companies were once small and they had to go through various things to achieve their current status. However, as most of these agencies grew, their standard of quality declined.

Situated in Ukraine, web development agency WHA is well familiar with the ins and outs of the web industry. Here is an outlook of what we have experienced in this space since we started and several reasons why medium and small web companies succeed more than their larger counterparts. We will also look at the general impact of such agencies on customers and the market at large.

  1. Expect High-Quality Services from Young Agencies

This case is evident in virtually every industry, particularly the web industry. We have noted that technology giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft among other industry players on the same level delivered high-quality services during their early stages. Furthermore, their initiatives at the time were geared towards providing better user experience as opposed to generating more profit. Their focus on profit was not as obvious as after they achieved a breakthrough to become leading global tech companies:

  • Amazon received a lot of love from many customers before extending its service range,
  • Google did not have any involvement in public scandals,
  • Facebook only introduced useful features to its platform until 2012,
  • Windows 7 was the most preferred operating system

On average, companies and agencies spend around 10-12 years to deliver top-notch quality services, even though there are several exceptions. Hence, it’s either you already have an outstanding agency supporting you, or you have to start seeking for a medium or small web agency. In case you want to save time on research work, why don’t you give WHA a try? We have been providing unmatched web services since we entered the web industry back in 2015.

  1. Small Expert Teams Deliver Exceptional Results

What’s the ideal number of personnel required to complete a web project irrespective of its size? From what we’ve seen in the industry, a team made up 3 to 10 individuals is enough to handle all the activities at the same time. The same group can deliver the expected results for the largest web design and development project that an agency can take up without compromising the accepted terms and conditions.

So, what are the advantages of working in small groups or teams?

  • Have direct and smooth communication without any bureaucracy or overhead managers involved,
  • Small teams work in a synchronized manner,
  • They have improved focus on projects and can complete them fast, allowing their customers to save a lot of money

Try comparing a web design & development agency with over 10 experts with another entity featuring a team of more than 20 professionals. You will notice that the former will not only save about 40 percent of the customers’ money but also deliver the task 30 percent faster than the latter. In the case of WHA, you will be in a better position to save your time and money, which you can use to boost your business growth. Now that’s a smart move!

  1. Increased Business Development Opportunities and Solutions

The role of many web design and development companies is mainly to deliver websites as well as other related services. As such, they give you a tool to help your business grow. Even though that’s an awesome thing, it is not sufficient to support your enterprise.

For the case of large companies, all you have to do is assign them whatever project you have and they will work on it. Alternatively, expect them to not only “milk” you for extra services but also make you their hostage. I hope you get what mean?

Medium or small web development companies provide business consultancy solutions that are not only efficient but can also assist you in delivering things that were not previously available on the market. In short, the project is linked with marketing plans and built to serve the customer and the market at large.

Small and medium agencies will do all they can to persuade, deliver, and set themselves apart from the rest of the companies in the industry. Yes, you heard me right! As such, expect to secure a good business partner that provides you with an exceptional marketing plan. What’s more, in case you have a change in mind while the project is underway and require having several functionalities altered, included or removed, it is possible. The reason is that turning a boat with 10 persons on board is more comfortable compared to one with 30 people.

Finally, there are sufficient arguments available to back your decision, regardless of what it may be. However, ensure that you do not convert them into excuses, especially after you complete your project. According to WHA, make sure that you make your choice cautiously and keep in mind that all large web companies are not necessarily leading web agencies.

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