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Custom Website Design vs. WordPress Themes: What’s better? 

What should you do now that you’ve decided to create a new website design to take your business to new heights? Making a new website demands some planning and making decisions. 

One of the most important choices is making a custom web design for your business or using a ready-made platform like WordPress. Many businesses use WordPress because it lets them make a new website without hiring a web designer or writing any code. 

But is this the right thing to do? This article will discuss the pros and cons of using custom website design vs. WordPress themes.

Custom website design vs. WordPress theme

Deciding between having a website that is custom-built and using a WordPress theme can be a minefield. A developer or a web development team has constructed custom websites from the ground up. Custom websites feature unique designs for the company and do not impose any limitations on the website’s functionality. 

On the other hand, WordPress themes offer pre-built solutions that are simple to install and customize. If you need a live site soon or have no technical skills in-house, your best bet may be to use a WordPress theme as your website’s foundation. 

Before you answer the question of custom website design vs. WordPress theme, here is the information you need to have about both of the available options.

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What advantages do WordPress themes offer?

These are some advantages of WordPress themes:

wordpress themes
  • Significantly less expensive – When it comes to price, using a theme is impossible to beat. Most paid themes range in price from $10 to $100, making them an excellent fit for companies of all sizes.
  • Although it may seem like these are one-size-fits-all solutions, they are remarkably adjustable. You’ll probably be able to customize your website according to your demands by changing text size, layout, colors, and more.
  • No coding or design expertise is necessary to use WordPress themes.
  • Faster – Setting up a WordPress theme only requires a few clicks. You can start using your theme immediately after customizing it.
  • Scalable – WordPress themes are simple to scale because they are made to operate rapidly and with various websites. You can effortlessly add additional pages and content without generating brand-new designs.
  • Last but not least, most themes (incredibly premium themes) have free long-term developer support. Therefore, you won’t need to be concerned about WordPress upgrades or modifications detrimental to your website.
  • SEO-friendly – The majority of WordPress themes include pre-built SEO tools. 

Additionally, there are many excellent SEO plugins for WordPress, even if the theme you select isn’t entirely optimized for SEO.

What drawbacks are there to utilizing a WordPress theme?

These are some disadvantages of WordPress themes:

  • Not customized – Although there are many modification options, you are, in many respects, restricted to the theme’s components and design. You must carry out any customization or advanced features that you require.
  • Initial support – Because these are do-it-yourself solutions, you’ll need to hire someone to install and customize the theme or be comfortable doing it yourself.

What are the advantages of custom website design?

Most of the time, indie someone does it because creating a unique website from scratch involves significant expertise.

custom web design
  • A custom website is distinctive. Your website will be any other in the world (unless someone rips you off). This one is advantageous to many consumers because many businesses consider uniqueness an essential quality.
  • Custom websites can be easily modified. In terms of style and functionality, you may customize them to suit your company’s requirements.
  • They work well for SEO. An optimized site can also be optimized, but when you start from scratch, you can make it more streamlined and search engine friendly. In reality, SEO is more than just using keywords; it’s about designing your website so web crawlers can propaganda each page.
  • Custom websites are quickly scaled more quickly. Your website will need to expand and change as your business does. The process will be seamless if you or your web developer implement the appropriate technologies to support that growth. Future significant investments shouldn’t be necessary either.

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What are the disadvantages of custom website design?

These are some disadvantages of a custom website design:

  • Custom-built websites cost more money. 
  • The labor of a web developer and designer is extra for a good reason. The costs associated with a custom website are far more than those associated with buying an inexpensive WordPress which you often have to pay for once.
  • Building custom websites takes more time. When constructing ate from scratch, it can often take months to complete and perfect, which makes sense given the amount of effort involved.

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Individuals, as well as businesses, can benefit significantly from using the WordPress platform. People can avoid wasting time with programming by using WordPress themes instead. Individuals have access to these themes. 

When running a successful business, you require the services of a Web Development company that can create a personalized WordPress theme and personalized WordPress plugins.

Suppose you are in the position of having to choose between a bespoke website design and using WordPress themes. In that case, we strongly suggest you consider all the complexities involved before making your decision. 

Without a speck of doubt, these choices come with their share of benefits and drawbacks.

If you are serious about conducting business, a customized website design will make running your online presence more efficient. You might want to look at WordPress themes if you are thinking of developing a simple website. It is up to you to decide.

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