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Process of Creating a Successful WooCommerce Store

Taking your business online is a great step for a business and the best way for this is to learn the steps for creating a successful WooCommerce Store. This is one of the best ways for revenue escalation. Moreover, starting a WooCommerce store is a great strategy to ensure you are ahead of your competitors. You need to explore the opportunities the platform will benefit your business.

There are many eCommerce platforms out there, but, WooCommerce stands out to be the best. The platform has an estimated 30% market share. Hence, making it the best platform ahead of Squarespace, Shopify, and many more. Thus, there are more chances of success here than anywhere else. The platform is fully open source. Moreover, it allows you to customize your site effectively.

At times this bold move to explore online possibilities can be overwhelming. But this should not worry you because the WooCommerce store development process is recommended by many eCommerce experts. You only need the right approach when creating a successful WooCommerce Store. This is the goal of this article. We will help you create that successful store.

successful WooCommerce store

How to Setup a Successful Online Store with WooCommerce?

The following are the steps to create a WooCommerce store that will be fruitful.

Pick a Suitable Niche

The first step for a successful WooCommerce store development process is to choose your niche. If you are already in business then this should be simple. If not then you will have to choose the business you want to start. You can consider choosing a niche in the area you like most. This will ensure you can customize the store to be the best. 

Here are quick ways to generate the perfect niche idea for your store:

  • Look at the trending areas and choose a sub-niche in it
  • Consider a Niche in areas of interest
  • Choose a niche in which you can access the products/ raw materials
  • Consider your area of training/ your course
  • What business model do you intend to use
  • Who is your target audience and what products do they prefer?

All this will help you to come up with a convenient Niche. Don’t choose a broad topic that will be a tussle to navigate. Consequently, don’t limit yourself to available opportunities. This is especially for complementary goods and services.

Get a Unique Domain Name/ Store URL

Success with online stores needs the store owners to be creative, you need to be creative from the start of the WooCommerce store development steps. The start for this is to choose a great domain name. This is generally your business name that is unique and is usable for the store URL. There are many Domain name generators out there to help you simplify this process.

The first thing users interact with when visiting your site is the URL. It needs to have a friendly domain name. A name that gives the customers a hint of the products and services of your store. Moreover, the domain name should be short to help customers recall it when they need something from your store.

Features for the best Domain Name:

  • It needs to be short
  • It should be memorable
  • It should have a meaning
  • The Domain name should be unique
  • Should be relatable with the products and services

Purchase the best Hosting Plan

There are many hosting service providers on the internet. From all these providers you need to choose the best. This will ensure you get the best experience. A good hosting provider will ensure you get consultation on the best plan and also ensures you get after services. In the article on building a website from start to hosting the part of hosting is important. This is the step that will showcase your store to the world.

If you do a good job in the WooCommerce store development and choose a horrible hosting service. The store will not achieve the objective. But when all these are in check. Then you are ready for a good time in the online space.

In the process of Creating a Successful WooCommerce Store, we recommend you choose the hosting plan before the development. This will provide the opportunity to download the WordPress platform where you will then add the WooCommerce store. With the best WordPress hosting service from a good website agency, all this will be in check.

Note: Remember to link the Domain you will use for the site. This is from the admin’s dashboard of the hosting page.

Customize your WooCommerce Store

Setup and Customize your WooCommerce Store with WordPress

In our WooCommerce store development services, this is the process we follow. Consequently, this is to ensure we configure everything correctly for our customers. You can check these WooCommerce services here. The following are the steps to proceed with the installation process:

Step 1: Install WordPress 

WordPress is the superset for WooCommerce. You need to install WordPress to use the WooCommerce platform to set up your online shop. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Add using the click functionality – This is done from the admin dashboard; you will see the installation section. From there click the WordPress icon to start the installation.
  2. Add WordPress Manually – Moreover, you can choose to add the files manually. You will need to visit the official WordPress page and download the zip package. Then extract the files and create the database with your username. Finally, upload the files from the file manager section. 

Step 2: Install WooCommerce

To start customizing WooCommerce Store you will need to do the installation. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Log in to the official page and download the zip file.
  2. Through downloading the plugin in the WordPress plugin store. After installing ensure you activate it.
  3. Lastly, to add the platform. Search for WooCommerce from the admin dashboard and select the WooCommerce option. 

The setup of the WooCommerce wizard. If you choose a good development team this will be faster to accomplish.

Step 3: Choose a Theme and Install Plugins

After installing and configuring the settings. You can now start the customization by adding a theme. Consequently, choose a theme that aligns with your business. Use the collect colors that blend. Additionally, you can use the free or the premium themes. For the start, it is good to use the free themes. But, if you get a cool, user-friendly design under the premium category. Go for it and purchase the theme. 

You can use the demo features to choose the best theme. There are many WooCommerce Designs that are for different niches. Thus, you don’t have to install a theme to know how it works. Check the one that matches your business idea. Here are tips for creating a successful WooCommerce store design:

  • Use a theme with the latest updates
  • Ensure the theme supports the latest WooCommerce features
  • Ensure the theme is responsive across all devices
  • The reviews should be full of a positive vibe
  • Should support SEO operations

After creating a good-looking store design now install and configure the right plugins. Consequently, plugins will power your store. In the article on the top tools to manage a WooCommerce store, we looked at the best plugins and tools. This will help you have a successful online shop.

Step 4: Adding the products to the Store

Depending on the niche you want to start selling. Add the specific products to your store. WooCommerce has no limits to the number of products to market. Thus, you can add the number of products you need. But, be sure you are not overwhelmed by choosing too many. Moreover, consider starting with a single niche store before adding another niche. 

Here are the products on WooCommerce:

  • Simple Products
  • Downloadable Products
  • External Products
  • Grouped Product
  • Virtual Products
  • Variable Products
  • Grouped Products

To add the products, go to the dashboard and click on products. Then click the add new product label. After that add the product details including title, description, data, etc.

setting up an online store

Step 5: Customize Payment Options & Setup the Shipping Settings

Receiving payments effectively is the core of every successful business. It would be best if you allowed customers to make payments faster. Thus, a favorable payment gateway is necessary. Choose the best gateways and make the configurations. Add your details and activate the payment method. Consequently, you will easily add multiple payment options depending on your preference. 

You may consider the WooCommerce Payment Gateway for faster processing.

Finally, customize the shipping settings. This is for all the products that are not virtual or downloadable. Choose the right shipping options. This will affect how quickly customers will purchase from your store. The faster the delivery rate the more customer satisfaction rates. Configure all the details for all the shipments. In case there is an additional shipping fee, ensure you add it to the math.


Creating a successful WooCommerce Store will help you get more sales. Moreover, it ensures you create a trusted brand in the specific spaces your business operates. Doing this requires a keen WooCommerce Store Development process. The above steps will help you come up with a great store. Consequently, you may consider our WooCommerce services to help you get a cool online store.

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