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Unlock the Surprising Truth: What Custom WordPress Development and Plugins Really Cost?

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WordPress is the powerhouse of nearly 33% of the world’s websites; it is obvious to know how to build a WordPress website. But another essential question that arises is how much will it cost to build a WordPress website? Although the core WordPress software is free, other various factors make a massive difference in the cost. 

Bloggers have simply embraced the open source content management system that WordPress has released; it has become a reliable source for any website you want to build, regardless of size and type. WordPress is trustworthy, so you might doubt yourself before questioning its capabilities. And even more, is Web Help Agency. 

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If you are looking forward to building a custom WordPress website, then let WHA help you with it. Web Help Agency’s WordPress development services maximize the functionality of the content management system. Work with us to augment the development teams for customizations of WordPress themes, web development, and other projects. 

But how to keep the web development price minimal? Know it all here. 

Why is WordPress not entirely free? 

WordPress is free to download and use, just like any other open-source software. But if all that is free, where is the cost involved? 

The cost of WordPress can be classified in the following way: 

  • WordPress Hosting 
  • Design and front-end themes 
  • Security 
  • Plugins and extensions 

The above-mentioned WordPress features are what add to the cost entirely. 

Where does the cost go? 

Web Hosting 

All the websites on the internet need web hosting to store the files. If you are building a self-hosted WordPress site, you also need it as it acts like your website’s home on the internet. 

web hosting

But one crucial choice is which web host to invest in while creating the website. Different web hosting plans are available for your websites, and you need to pick the right one with ideal bandwidth and the one that doesn’t burn holes in the pocket.

Web Help agency can help you find a WP engine that offers to manage web hosting and capture about 5% of the internet traffic. Not just that, it will also enhance security, increase response time and decrease downtime. 

Domain Name 

Website names are often found attractive, but one fails to get one. What they realize is that names ending in .com or .in are paid. So that adds to the cost. A domain name is a name that the users will type in the search box to get to your websites like or and more. 

When you build a website and register a domain name, you are buying the site URL or the address that no one else can use but be used to view the content of only your web page. Some excellent and cheap websites to purchase domain names are GoDaddy or Namecheap, which will cost only $10-$30 per year. 

Tip: If you want people to believe your business and not take it for granted, then do not use WordPress’s free domain name, making it look like ‘’ 

Designs and themes 

There are hundreds of thousands of free website templates available on WordPress. Free templates are good if you are a beginner but miss out on features you need as a business. Hence, if you are looking for an advanced or intermediate one, try buying a premium or customized template, but do not forget that it is meant to raise the expenses and even might exceed the set budget. 

What’s Better for Your WordPress Website: Custom Website Design vs Theme ?

Custom WordPress Development Cost with Web Help Agency

WHA believes having a fantastic design is necessary to survive the competition and continue to be in the race for online users and customers. We have designers who can optimize the UI/UX look for you while incorporating the company’s brand value and vision into the website. Give it a try. 

When you choose Web Help Agency, you will receive a project manager, business analyst, and UX/UI designers, all with years of experience in the field. Here are some estimated costs for different types of websites based on the length of time it takes to create:

Type of WebsiteEstimated TimeEstimated Cost
Landing Page401400
Corporate Website601800
Simple Web App1204000
Average Web App2008000
Complex Web App30010,500

Web Help Agency charges $35 an hour for website design, while there are various other pricing models which you can consider. Flat Rates can allow you to focus on the final value of the deliverables, however, accuracy in estimation of time is also important. Meanwhile, Monthly Rates are best when you are looking for recurring work. As you rise above in experience levels, you might want to switch to other pricing models providing more value for the design cost.

Factors Impacting Website Design Costs Having outlined the key elements influencing the pricing of website design, let’s delve deeper into the analysis of each determinant.

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Plugins and extensions 

What are WordPress plugins? They are codes that can be added to the website, and some are free, but premium ones operate anywhere. 

With WHA’s cost of custom WordPress development, you can unlock WordPress to its full potential and develop custom plugins and API integrations. We have elite developers who know the best of current trends and can build from scratch or integrate with existing ones to create first-class websites. 

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Is there any lowest cost of custom WordPress development? 

The minimal cost can be $100 for a fully functional WordPress website. A domain name can cost nearly $15 annually, with web hosting at $8/month. After installation of WordPress, you need design as they enhance the beauty of your website. The design cost depends on you and the appearance you select. 

what is the effective cost of custom wordpress development

Once that is done, you can certainly add features to the website like contacts, photo gallery, slider, and more using any plugin from a variety of 59,000. 

All in all, the total cost might be $40 to $100 every year. 

Summing Up

The final cost of custom WordPress development can totally depend on how much you allow to spend on the website. If you can, then the price can even go to $50,000. It depends on what you want your website to do, how fast it works, how secure and safe it is, how much traffic it can handle, and more. Nonetheless, the money you spend will show how capable the website is. WordPress is capable of doing a lot, like driving traffic, conversions, and more, only if it is in the hand of the correct user. 

If you don’t believe in WordPress, know that some of the most compelling websites use WordPress. If they can, then you can. Don’t let the cost stop you. 

Well, it’s all said and done, and all of the above will loosen your pockets. But add to your growing career and success, so it is all worth it, and the money is well spent. 

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