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Company’s Website that is not Delivering on Leads or Sales

There is nothing bad to a business like having a website that is not begetting on leads and sales. This is even worse when the traffic to the site is high but few visitors make purchases or subscribe to your services. At this point, the IT department can quickly point to the website design. This can also cause a company to review its marketing strategy or the SEO of the website. While one of these could be the problem. The truth is that you cannot get the solution to the problem if you don’t come to the root cause. Thus, it is important to investigate why a company’s website isn’t delivering leads or sales.

The problem can vary from one website to another. Thus, it is good to dig into the specific problem your website could have. Pinpointing these issues will make the next step of solving the problem to be easier. Because at Web Help Agency we have worked on many WordPress sites we will share the solution to such websites.

Company’s Website

Steps To Revive A Company’s Website that Isn’t Delivering on Leads/Sales

A website should help you achieve the goals of the business. The following five steps will help you to get a remedy for a website. This will help you identify the problem and formulate a successful solution. Are you ready to start making sales? Here are the steps to follow:

Get straight to the problem

Many reasons cause a company to have few sales. This is why you need to narrow it down to the unique problem in the corporate website. Outsourcing for a system auditor is one way to achieve this. In this case, you mandate them to go through the website and its resources. This includes the databases, the source code, and the website design. After that, they will come up with a report that will include the recommendations.

Another way to get the cause of these low customers is to get the user’s feedback. This is through reviews or surveys. This will help you know why the visitors to the site are not buying your products or services. Your IT department can also compare your company’s website with other successful sites in the same niche. From this list down some key differences that your site lacks.

Some common issues you are likely to find are the website design, typos, poor representation of information, lack of call to action, forms with poor link to the backend, erroneous policies or a complex contact form, etc.

Formulate the Solution for the Company’s website

After getting the list of problems, list down a solution to each. This is better if you know what caused the issue. The solution can range from simple edits, editing the source code, or redoing the website. Be sure to choose the best and the cheapest solution.

When you use a system auditor this process is easier. This is because you will only need to use the recommendation in the final report. Also, your web development team should suggest what to do.

Get the Right Tools and Development Team

To ensure this time you don’t make any mistake that can limit the level of sales, you need to change some tools. Furthermore, you may consider adding tools that you were not using before. This will ensure you get better services. The tools we recommend at Web Help Agency are:

  1. Analytics tools
  2. Designing tools like Adobe XD and Figma
  3. Recommended Plugins
  4. Marketing Tools
  5. Social Media Management Tools

These are the common tools to use. You can add many more from different enterprises. At least as you solve the issues ensure you use these. You also need to re-adjust your development team. This will ensure the services that were not there before are now included. An alternative to this is to train the team to be more vigilant to avoid previous problems.

Implement the solution to the Company’s website

After crafting the solutions you can know how to implement them on the company’s website. Whether you redo the whole website or make a few edits, ensure you do not change the domain name. You should only change if there are clear reasons. As you implement the changes don’t interfere with any feature that is working well.

In some cases especially when working on complex issues. You will need to inform your customers in advance that the website will be under maintenance. This will avoid inconveniences when they visit the site.

Change the Marketing strategy and check if the problem is solved

The final step is to change the marketing strategies. The reason for this is to avoid targeting the same audience that was not buying your products or services. This is because some of them may have lost interest. Retargeting a new market will ensure you get new customers that will trust you.

After that, now check if the problem is solved. In most cases, this will work well. The website will now start delivering sales and leads.

Final remarks

There is always a lot to do to ensure a company’s website gives the business more profits. This is especially when something is not working well on your site. At Web Help Agency we have proven the above steps to help a company’s website to start making sales. You can get in touch if you have any questions.

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