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Build a Business Directory Website with WordPress

how to create a business directory website


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A business directory lists all the businesses in a specific niche. Area, industry, types of services provided, etc., can be the different niches. Users and consumers want to know which businesses serve their purpose in the blink of an eye, and they end up using business directory websites. A business directory website can be an excellent source of additional income, and eventually, you can earn enough to make it your full-time business. With this article learn to build a business directory website with our WordPress services

A lot goes into creating a business directory website, but with WordPress, it doesn’t have to be a chore anymore. Talking a little about WordPress, it is the world’s most popular website and blog creation platform, enabling you to manage your website’s content without formal programming knowledge. 

Why Create your Business Directory Website With WordPress?

Before explaining how to create a business directory with WordPress, let us first tell you why you should use WordPress.

Free of cost

There is no need to explain this. You don’t have to spend a dime to get your website up and running. Make it look professional, add all types of media and content, and choose from various themes and tools for free.


To make your website, you don’t need to be a coder or programmer. WordPress does all of that for you and more.

user friendly
User Friendly

It simplifies content management, organizes the content using sidebars and menus, and you can tailor it to your needs.


You can customize themes and control the level of sophistication by using various plugins and plugins.

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Employs SEO techniques

WordPress websites rank higher than other websites on search engines because they are made for SEO. Moreover, they also provide you with plugins so that you can optimize your content for keyword searches.

No safety concerns

Another business directory use for WordPress is that it protects its websites against malware and viruses.

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Create a business directory website using WordPress

Now let’s get on with how you can create a business directory website with WordPress.

This post will cover the two routes you can take to build your business directory. One is the direct method, where you create the directory in-house using WordPress. The other way requires working with a white label partner, a website development agency that will build your website for you.

We will discuss what entails both of these methods and why we think that working with a white label partner will be more beneficial for you.

Building a directory on your own

You can create a business directory with WordPress by following these 5 steps-

build a business directory website with wordpress
Building a directory

Install a Directory Theme

WordPress offers many pre-made themes for creating a directory. Browse these themes, download them on your device, and install them on your WordPress website. 

Install the necessary plugins

Another business directory use for WordPress is that it simplifies your work by providing plugins. Plugins are softwares that expand the functionality of your website, and specific themes work well only when you install a plugin.

Follow the same steps used to install a theme to install a plugin. Plugins provide you with the option to create pages for your directory automatically. Find the Best WordPress Plugins for your website.

Add your listings

You can add listings to your directory either manually or by importing a CVS file, a type of file that stores data in the form of a table.

Use the various fields available in your plugin to add different types of content and media. You can also create custom filters and tags for listings in different niches.

If you choose to import your data, you can get help from various WordPress resources on how to format your files correctly. After importing all the data, you can edit it as per your requirements.

Edit and customize your theme

Edit your theme’s colors, fonts, and sizes to make your website look how you want it to. Click the Edit Page option in the admin bar to make the changes.

You can also use the plugin and theme’s built-in features to change your directory’s layout and add custom fields.

Finish the settings and publish your page

Some themes also give you the option to accept front-end listings. Customize the settings to finalize your process for getting such listings. Connect your payment gateway and configure your administrative settings.

You are now ready to publish your directory!

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Working with a web development agency 

We suggest working with a web development agency for all our readers. As a budding business, time and resources are limited. Instead of focusing on learning to build a website from scratch, you would be better off directing that effort to a more critical function. 

Partnering with a web development agency will mean that they will build your website for you, provide you with technical support, customize your website and improve its functionality according to your needs.

Web Help Agency uses WordPress to build your website for you. We understand your requirements, get you in touch with the right developers, and ensure that the selected team meets your standards. 

With our Custom WordPress Development package, you will get customized solutions for your business directory. We will tailor it to your needs and ensure that you get the maximum number of listings. Users, these days, also focus on the visuals of websites. We help you leverage the latest business directory trends by designing the perfect front-end pages for your website. We can also use the BuddyPress plugin for your directory. Use its features to create a community on your website to engage users and businesses alike. 

buddypress plugin
BuddyPress Plugin

Get in touch with us to learn more about what we can do for your business directory.

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Get Started

Now that you know how to create a business directory website with WordPress, what are you waiting for? Start your business directory website today!

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