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6 Best WordPress Plugins For Customer Support

Best WordPress plugins for customer support: A successful company places a high priority on its customers. Customers will not care if you treat them poorly and will leave your business to do business somewhere else. There has never been an exception to this rule, whether we’re discussing traditional stores or e-commerce sites.

It’s more crucial than ever to offer the kind of customer support that will not only motivate your customers but also encourage them to spread the word about your company, products, and services to the people closest to them in an era where millions o people are connecting to the web daily.

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WordPress users have a wide range of options to better service their customers, including fully integrated support management platforms or simple-to-use free live chat solutions that let you start chatting with visitors. 

It will enable members and site visitors to open support at any time. On your WordPress site, you need not make customer service difficult. This is why you need to know about the best wordpress plugins for customer support

Best WordPress Plugins For Providing Customer Support

Keep in mind that attentive service is expected from your customers. That they want their issues fixed before they come to you for help. For this to occur, it is necessary to monitor the situation before it becomes a problem.

Tawk To Live Chat

This plugin will allow you to embed a Tawk widget without downloading the entire app. After that, get a chat plugin for WordPress and put it on your site. You can modify the appearance of the widget, select which sites it displays on, and insert it anywhere using the shortcode that is provided.

tawk to live chat

There is also a convenient scheduler that is included, which shows the widget just when it is appropriate for your business’s running hours. As an added perk, you may use the service’s mobile app to respond to inquiries from any location you happen to be in. This is why it is one of the best wordpress plugins for customer support.

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Knowledge Base For Documents And FAQs

You may construct a support area for your website relatively quickly with the help of a free plugin called Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs.

knowledge base for documents and faqs

Use up to three layers of categories and subcategories, choose from several predefined designs, and add an AJAX-powered live search to your website. Premium add-ons give users access to features such as hosting several bases from the same website and creating bespoke layouts.

ProProfs Live Chat WordPress Plugin

This integration enables organizations to provide proactive customer support, generate high-quality leads, and collect constructive feedback on their products/services/support. 

proprofs live chat

You can keep your visitors interested and ensure their issues are handled quickly using live chat.

When clients or site visitors approach an agent, that individual can offer them customized answers. Also, they can utilize IDs to categorize customer service inquiries and dispatch them to the relevant team.


  • Real-time surveillance of visitor actions and activation of live chat
  • Proactive and immediate assistance
  • Chat greetings to improve the client experience


Pre-chat forms you can personalize to learn more about your visitors and gather worthwhile leads

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LiveChat is a WordPress customer service support plugin that can enhance your company’s online presence. Your website visitors will appreciate the ability to ask you questions in real-time with the help of a live chat function. 

Live chat is a simple add-on that may profoundly affect sales and client relationships. Also, talk to your audience and adapt your project to their needs.

LiveChat’s primary functions include site visitor monitoring, predetermined chat responses, user feedback, detailed reports, and cross-channel conversation. 

livechat plugin

You can rest confident that your users’ messages will always be safe in LiveChat’s ticketing system, even if you have to go offline temporarily. 

LiveChat’s default web design can be altered to match your site’s look. It’s already easy to implement, but LiveChat makes it much simpler by supporting 45 languages.

Zendesk Chat

Timely responses to inquiries have long been a foundation of good customer service. The more we can respond to our consumer’s wants and requirements, the more likely we will sell to them. 

However, using Zendesk’s Live Chat solution, you can easily keep track of how many people are currently on your site and invite them to have a conversation with you through the chat window.

zendesk chat

Yep, you guessed that correctly. You can start a conversation with any visitor to your blog by opening a chat window and inquiring as to whether or not there is anything you can do to clarify your business’s purpose for them. 

Learn more about your site’s visitors and how effective your live chat widget is with the help of an integrated analytics tool. 

It’s mobile-friendly, with a created trigger to initiate a live chat with each visitor to maximize your lead generation potential.

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If you use WordPress, you should consider the WPHelpDesk premium plugin. As it is hosted on your WordPress site, you have complete authority over the help desk.

wphelpdesk premium plugin

It integrates easily into your site and works with any WordPress theme. Agents, emails, tickets, attachments, media, and user-defined fields are all limitless. Also, the plugin’s homepage features a demo version of the application that allows you to experiment with the plugin’s backend and frontend features. 

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How Can WebHelpAgency Help?

Over the years, we’ve contributed numerous highly-rated plugins to the WordPress plugin repository, sharpening our ability to provide dependable WordPress plugin development services.


Make Use of a Custom WordPress Plugin to Boost Your Site’s Functionality.

Through the development of a new WordPress plugin or the modification of an existing one, we may quickly and effectively expand your site’s functionality.


The above plugins are great since they give you various assistance options. To assist clients, a large and complex system is not always necessary. 

Some problems can be solved with a well-written, frequently-asked questions section. It’s lovely to have a backup plan, but it’s much better to know that a more powerful option is available if you ever need it.

Assisting individuals in helping themselves is the key. This will decrease the number of support inquiries you get, and if they need to contact you for more help, you’ll be better prepared with these materials already posted on your site.

No matter what you decide, try to find answers that will make things simpler for everyone. The options presented above will undoubtedly provide a solid foundation from which to build.

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